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Greenwich Time: School shootings far too common


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  1. Anonymous

    Of course Pearl, Mississippi story where an armed principal stopped a school shooter doesn’t make the GT article, doesn’t fit the narrative.

  2. Central Gwich

    Of course it’s too common. I grieve for the victims/families/community. I really, really, really am not trying to sound callous, and I know that the loss of life was by far the most tragic thing possible. That said, since it is a real estate blog, to what degree will we see negative ramifications of this tragedy in the Newtown housing market? For example, if I moved to Colorado, I would consciously avoid buying in Littleton/Columbine school district because of the painful past.

    I hope the school/community and our country will recover from this, and people will come together and give each other strength. I do wonder though if potential Newtown homebuyers will instead purchase in Monroe, Ridgefield, Oxford, Brookfield, Easton, Trumbull or Bethel instead because this tragedy will still resonate in their subconscious? If, God forbid, a similar atrocity happened in Greenwich, to what extent would it depress property values for the next 5-10 years? Sad, sad situation all around.

  3. Anonymous

    How come we can’t have armed principles and guards at every school ? Also impenetrable doors. Maybe even razor wire to keep the armed lunatic populace out ?

  4. I love this country, but time for a serious second amendment debate. You will never eradicate lunatic behavior but you can reduce the potential damage of this type of incident. How many more of these need to occur before serious action is taken. May all those little angels and their selfless teachers rest in peace this Christmas.

    • Sorry, but Timothy McVeigh increased the “potential damage of this type of incident” by making a fertilizer bomb. Results? 168 dead including 19 children, more than 800 wounded.

  5. Milanese

    I blame gun owners for what happened in Newton, people like you.

    • Milanese

      Pls erase. People like you. I’m mad at whatever is guns, most gun owners know how to handle them but the few who don’t cause daily tragedy.

    • That’s as good a way to pretend to order our universe as any, I suppose. Do you feel better now? Snow = global denier’s fault, cancer = big Pharma and plastics, “childhood leukemia = Sally Fields, and on and on. In older days, acrificing virgins and burning witches slaked the thirst of humans to understand their world – your’s is the modern version. Hope it soothes you.