So much for that nonsense

Couples who believe in soulmates 150% more likely to get divorced. Sorry about that.


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11 responses to “So much for that nonsense

  1. That soulmate stuff is malarkey. Ask any happily married woman (me!), the secret is marrying your best friend. Someone with whom you can laugh until you pee, someone you respect, and someone with whom there are no secrets or lies. Hurdles happen but are never insurmountable when you have a better half.

  2. AJ

    It’s the doubt not the belief that’s doing them in. Or maybe someone just woke up and decided to believe their lying eyes.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    EOS knows the secret to a successful marriage. When one’s spouse is one’s best friend as well, the marriage is likely to last a lifetime.

    Believing in a “soulmate” sets the other person up on a pedestal from which, sooner or later they will either fall off of, or, far more likely, spitefully jump off of.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Doctor Helen is a moron. Of course there are soulmates. But you never marry them. Unless you are like that Travis Gump guy, and you know it’s a short term marriage. He and Jenny were soulmates, but knew their marriage would be fleeting. Hold on – gotta go honk my horn.

    BACK!! I had a soulmate. Want to hear about it? OK THEN!!

    Her name was Tracy Ward. She lived down the block from me and I met her well before either of us sprouted pubes. She was a gangly little strawberry blond with a cute little freckled nose. We hit it off right away, becoming close friends and doing everything together. I fell in love with her before she grew fun bags. She went to a different school from me – an all-girls Catholic School. She wore the plaid school girl skirt with librarian glasses, a weakness of mine to this day!!

    Anyhows, we hit puberty, and she started dating jocks, and then moved away. I hadn’t seen her in years, and yearned for her. But we still talked, and wrote long letters to each other, and were always comfortable discussing the most intimate details of our lives. She got married, I got married, but we always stayed in touch. And I think we both always wondered if we should have married each other. I spent many a night thinking of her, and what she looked like as a mature, full busted plaid skirt dressed woman.

    So then, a few years ago, around Christmas time, I bumped into her in Rockefeller Center. She was as big as the tree. But she still had her inner beauty, and we had a soulmate connection that could never be replaced.

    So what is the moral of the story? Old friends are best friends. Expecting perfection can only lead to disappointment. Marry for money, because looks fade.
    And yes, Virginia, there are soulmates. But don’t marry them.

    Your Pal,

    • Anon

      Well said Walt. Old friends are the best even when they get to be as big as a tree! You sound happy! I’ll add to this conversation by changing the lyric to an 80’s song that said “marry a pretty woman to be happy the rest of your life” to “marry a happy woman and sit pretty the rest of your life.”

    • Tracy


      We were never soul mates – you were the creepy kid on the block who kept on looking up my Catholic school skirt. Sure, I started dating jocks – those boys knew what I needed.

      Those letters of yours – I had my little sister reply to you – some of your letters were pretty graphic – didn’t know boys could actually do those kind of things to themselves – wow.

      Glad to hear you’re doing well still living with your Mama – hope you both enjoy Christmas together.

      Thank God for caller ID.


      • Walt

        Tracy –
        I didn’t know you knew about me and your little sister!!

        It is the only thing I have ever kept secret from you. She has been giving me blumpkins since she was in the 7th grade. She said she learned it from your Mommy. I always assumed she learned it from you!!

        So now we can go back to being totally honest!
        Nice to hear from you.

  5. Anonymous

    EOS, You describe my understanding of ‘soulmate’.

  6. Peg

    EOS described a love that lasts. Some call that a “soulmate”. For others, however, “soulmate” is some dreamy, high school image of the perfect partner. THAT ain’t out there – at least not after the first few months!

  7. Westchesterer

    I blame Disney.

  8. Anonymous

    J House ought to adopt that as an advertising campaign, with a Dudley Moore imposter doing the speaking.

    “Come meet your soulmate. For at least a few hours, anyway.”