5 Sale prices reported

Link to all five here.

7 Wynn - best two acres in Greenwich

7 Wynn – best two acres in Greenwich

Most important would be 7 Wynn Lane $4.145. (original price, $4.8 million, bought for $4.5 in 2003).

The other four were not bought by my clients and so really, who cares? But here they are anyway:

21 Cat Rock, Cos Cob, $1.550 (original asking price, $1.985)

99 Londonderry, $1.7 million ($2.9, original)

77 Pecksland Road, $9.5 million ($9.9, original)

17 Wynn, Riverside, $3.850 ($4.195, original)


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17 responses to “5 Sale prices reported

  1. G'wich Transplant


    How much money do you think the house on Wynn needs to “refresh” it? Just wondering what the all-in on Wynn would be.

    • I wouldn’t discuss my clients plans, naturally, but a very thorough inspection showed the house itself to be in impeccable condition so any changes would be more along the cosmetic / updating line. I might redo the master bath, possibly refinish the kitchen cabinets, which are dark cherry – etc. all in, I’m sure you could still be a little under its 2003 price with an entirely modern house. So no bottom feeding went on here, but a solid house at a good price.

  2. Mickster

    congrats, don’t forget that $20 u owe me..

  3. pulled up in OG

    7 Wynn assessment ~57.7%

    Not a free ride, but 18% error close enough for horseshoes.

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t forget to budget the removable of that ridiculous curly q on the top.

    • Meh – that one’s a matter of taste, could stay or not, depending. I’ve got another sale scheduled for Friday that really could use an unfortunate facade/design reworked but the fact that it’s there probably prevented the house from being sold for as long as it did and my people ended up getting what they, and I, think is a great deal. My prediction is that they’ll get used to the feature – it allows great natural light into the home – but I did caution them that they’d probably want to redo it if and when they decide to sell so that they don’t suffer the same fate as these owners.
      But the Wynn Curly-Q? I’d leave it – no harm, no foul.

  5. Guest

    Welwyn Road house is spectacular.

  6. anonymous

    The broken pediment on the house’s facade, which you refer to as a curly q, is curious at best.


    Of course they could have gone for broke:


  7. Anon

    7 Wynn house is a disaster. The land is A but he house is a C. I considered it a tear down? It’s poorly constructed.

    • Contempt before investigation is usually a sign of idiocy. You missed out on a good deal because of your rare skill in evaluating a house’s construction without examination.

  8. 77 pecksland video

  9. AndyD

    I have no skin in the Greenwich real estate broker market other than i find many many agents incredibly annoying with their shameless self promotion and very little in the way of real knowledge other than some generic comments about the school system. That is why it is absolutely, positively fantastic to see you closing so many deals. It is great to see commission dollars flowing to somebody with not only real market knowledge but valuable opinions on almost all aspects of the town. Kudos to you sir.

  10. anonymous

    You are so successful with your real estate site, maybe you should start a porn site. Think of the benefits of that.