Counting one’s chickens even before Christmas

Some of us have been predicting the Greenwich Reform Synagogue faces a long slog through the zoning process before gaining approval to build on Caravella Acres, if it ever does at all. Randy Caravella is more optimistic.

"Mine, it's all mine!" Randy Caravella accepts down payment from the GRS

“Mine, it’s all mine!” Randy Caravella accepts down payment from the GRS


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8 responses to “Counting one’s chickens even before Christmas

  1. Anonymous

    197 sheephill road, closed Saturday. Price?

  2. Concerned Citizen

    The only folks making out in this deal are the Caravella’s and the GRS attorney Heagney! WTF were they thinking?

    By the way, here is a link to the aerial of the land GRS bought: I count 10 or 11 neighboring houses on small lots. There is a rock ridge that separates the houses on Bote from the houses on Orchard, so the houses on Bote will have a nice aerial of anything that goes in there. And Chris, one of the neighbors appears to have a nice BUILT IN POOL, I know you will find that extraordinary for Cos Cob🙂

  3. Central Gwich

    This might be crazy, or even potentially sacrilege, so please excuse me if I’m misinformed or offend anyone’s religious beliefs. There are 2 large, beautiful Congregational churches in Greenwich. One at corner of Rt 1 and Maple, other in OG. Mainline Protestant branches of the same denomination in town may be potentially a little redundant with no actual theological differences. There are 3 Presbyterian churches, and 3 Catholic churches in town. Perhaps the GRS would be well served by purchasing an existing, potentially redundant house of worship. There would be no impact of neighborhoods, no contentious P&Z debates, would seem to make a lot of sense. I couldn’t imagine buying Sacred Heart in Byram would be all that expensive from the Diocese. Something to consider.

  4. Central Gwich

    All over the world we can see religious buildings change creeds as they change hands. Some of these are amazing world heritage sites like Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Spain’s Cathedral of Cordoba, formerly a mosque. It could be a really cool, community-unifying thing for the GRS to buy an existing house of worship, and not add to traffic congestion or hurt property values.

  5. Central Gwich

    You’re likely right. It just seems that we have so many houses of worship in town, I would guess that maybe one may be having a hard time raising tithes and could possibly be amenable to a change of building ownership. My hopeful (naive) guess that it wouldn’t bee too great of an imposition for the parishioners to consolidate St. Roch and Sacred Heart, for example. I worry that Cos Cob residents could be negatively impacted by the construction of this site, and bad feelings that are not rooted in religious intolerance could harm the perception of our town, which is actually a progressive and caring community.

    I think the Cos Cob residential neighborhood idea isn’t a great one, but it would be great if two churches within a mile of each other of the same faith could consolidate and solve the issue with a minimum expenditure of environmental resources, minimal interference of town bureaucrats, and a positive resolution for both GRS adherents and our neighbors in Cos Cob.

    • I don’t know the exact joke, but there’s something along the line of needing two synagogues in town so that a worshipper can attend one and “the other one I hate!” Funnier in Yiddish, maybe, but I like it in English too – like all Jewish humor, it captures some part of essential human nature.