That was quick

114 Hendrie Avenue, that of the hanging GE refrigerator, quickly attracted numerous bids after it came on last week at $790,000 and on Sunday the seller accepted one of them – not my client’s, alas, but what can you do? I’m told that the winning family bid higher, probably because unlike the rest of those interested, they intend to live there. A few hundred thousand into renovations and you’re in an almost-new home in Riverside for around a $1 million. These days, that’s a deal.


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3 responses to “That was quick

  1. Westchesterer

    You’re saying they have an offer above asking? ZIRP and printing – wouldn’t surprise me at all. Nice little street with a lot of people jogging, walking their dogs, etc. In between a school and a park. Saw two agent showing the property on Saturday. Only problem was the wetlands. In some Westchester towns the P&Z thugs have taken people to the woodshed over wetlands. Don’t know about Greenwich.

    • Not necessarily above asking price, Westchester – I don’t know the exact winning price – but higher than the rest all or most of which, I understand, were cash, no contingencies, immediate closing. The patch of wetlands on this lot will not interfere with building new or, as seems to be the case here, renovating the original house. There are wetlands, and then there are wetlands. Not a big deal with this property.

  2. Anonymous

    Easiest way to make sure your bid wins…
    Be the one that goes just above asking price. Works every time, and then you don’t have to explain to people why your bid wasn’t good enough.
    You get the house
    People think you have bucks to spare
    And cash for renovations
    Win win win