A million here, a million there, sooner or later you end up with a buyer


Indian Giver

Indian Giver

12 Indian Chase, whose price peregrinations we’ve followed here for the past year as it started at $4.250 million and made its way to $3.250, finally has a buyer: contract reported today. Nothing particularly wrong with this house except its price and once that was fixed, voila! This process really isn’t all that difficult.


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29 responses to “A million here, a million there, sooner or later you end up with a buyer

  1. Chimney

    Take a good look at the picture- we might not see it again.

  2. KMA

    Red brick chimney in front and house on a swamp and JC schools..PASS.

    • The Julian Curtis school district encompasses some of the most expensive neighborhoods in town but frankly, if you can’t afford to send your precious tot to private school, you can’t afford to live here.

    • AJ

      That’s not a swamp; it’s a tidal creek with salt marsh, terrapins (saltwater turtles) and pheasants (wild, not under glass). You could easily dock a small boat like a Whaler out back, or fish for eels or snappers from your backyard. You might even find an arrowhead if you start digging things up.

  3. Chimney

    I don’t know if KMA is just being flip or has actually seen it, but it’s a nice property, and not on a swamp- the tidal cove behind it backs up to Mead Point, and is not only beautiful with the season changes it has unsurpassed wildlife.

  4. Anonymous

    Off topic:
    279 Taconic
    6 Bed, 7 Bath
    5200 sq.ft
    7 acres

    The future is coming 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Fringe first
    You are definitely on to something there
    Like fringe towns in Fairfield county that scale their pricing off of greenwich.
    Got it chris

    Good call.

  6. Brown Eyed Girl

    Lovely and charming on the outside, wonderful location — but until I looked at the photos, I had not seen a hot-water radiator in years.

    • I love hot water radiators – no dust, no dry air, they’re great.
      But you’re right – they aren’t seen much anymore. I suppose Hydro-air systems are the modern equivalent.

  7. Indian Chase house

    The red brick chimney is in the back, not the front. And what is KMA’s issue with red brick chimneys?

  8. Greenwich Old Timer

    What’s so wrong with hot water radiators? They work just fine. This is a classic, charming residence, and once again I hope it is not torn down.

  9. Just looking

    Here’s another old-fashioned thing besides the radiators: more books in the bookshelves than gym equipment.

  10. Anonymous

    Peregrinations- had to look that one up Mr. Fountain.

  11. Must be missing something...

    I thought its final asking was 2,995?

    • “Last asking price” is a meaningless statistic used by the real estate industry to preserve the illusion that homes are selling for a high ratio to their asking price. By definition, a last asking price is “last” because the house finally sold. If it hadn’t sold when it was at $2.995 and the price dropped further before selling, then that last asking price might be, say, $2.095, and wouldn’t that be nice?
      The more useful number, I think, is where did a house start – in this case, $3.245 or so, and where did it finally sell a year, or two years or four years later?

  12. anonymous

    We lived next door when I was a kid. I remember smashing engorged ticks from the tidal inlet flat as they crawled up inside the wall paper (when we weren’t pulling them off the dogs), you can keep a boat out back as long as you only want to use it at high tide, and it’s great for kids as long as you don’t mind them being sick from the dampness all the time. Fishing for eels? No brainer. I do like the radiators however, and think they are healthier than forced hot air.

    • As opposed to living in horse country with deer ticks and huge bottle flies that crawl from the mounds of horse shit piled by the front door?
      And I hadn’t realized that back country homes had radiators in their privies – when did that innovation reach past the Merritt?

  13. whatever

    I live in Weston and this house would sell for maybe $850,000 here– ugh– way overpriced

  14. FF

    12 Indian Chase was benefitted by superb location and a charming but dated house. Someone either goes in there and guts because FAR is an issue, especially with the garage/office setup out back.

  15. whatever

    I don’t care where this house is– ugly, little and over priced

  16. Chimney

    Anonymous- I’m curious what house you lived in?

  17. Anonymous

    Any body know why builders stopped using hot water radiators, given they do not dry out the air in winter? I guess because you still need ducts for a/c in the summer?