Sales and (another) price cut

84 Pecksland

84 Pecksland

Two more sales. 11 Will Merry, for $2.235 million ($3.650 asked, 2011) and 84 Pecksland, $2.205 ($3.195 asked in 2008). Will Merry backs right up to the Merritt and needs a lot of work – new kitchen, reconfigured master bedroom/bath, etc., but it sits on two very nice flat, level acres, with a tennis court and a pool and with renovations, will be a nice house again. I wouldn’t personally want to be in for more than, say, $3 million on this street and I’d feel even more comfortable at $2.750, but there’s room to do that here at this price.

I never saw 84 Pecksland, so I have no opinion (although when did ignorance stop me from voicing an opinion before? Must be Christmas.), but with the exception of that poor old house in a swamp further down, $2 million on Pecksland can’t be all bad.

A tree grows in its Brooklyn-style living room

A tree grows in its Brooklyn-style living room

And up north in the Al Gore Polar Bear Sanctuary, that old abandoned Antares project at 3 Cherry Blossom Lane (no, Virginia, this was not a road named long, long ago by Anya Seton), has cut its price again and now begs someone, anyone, to pay $4.495 million for 10,000 square feet of unfinished bad taste, velvet Elvis paintings included. That’s down from the $5.495 the lender/owner asked this past January, and down considerable from happier days in 2009 when the Antares Boyz still owned the place and were foolish enough to expect $7.995 million, but really, who wants a house that’s sat empty for so long? I see a bulldozer in this one’s future. Two acres of land on the Banksville border? Maybe an even million.


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20 responses to “Sales and (another) price cut

  1. edgewater

    O/T… received notice in today’s mail [december 18] from tesei, about a meeting with FEMA at town hall on december 17 [yesterday]. our highly effective first selectman’s notice was dated friday. so with the effective work of the post office and our town government, we lost the chance to learn how yet another government agency might help us.

  2. Accolay

    Wasn’t there a lot recently available (meaning in the last couple of years) on Cherry Blossom? What ever happened with that?

  3. Anonymous

    I think they finally finished the guard house
    However, I don’t see two tenants splitting 3 shifts round the clock for 365/yr

  4. AJ

    The knotty pine woodwork looks bizarre in that type of house. Where’s the early American knotty pine funiture with the plaid upholstery?

  5. Anonymous

    Come on Dude. Yes, the location sucks, but are you seriously claiming this house is a teardown? You just sold the putrid Frankenstein monster 47 Doubling and have the nerve to call this place worthless?

  6. Townie

    What’s the history on this? Outwardly, it looks passable, nicer than the Indian Chase house certainly, so what’s the rub?

  7. Anon

    Rather a huge lie on the listing sheet for 3 Cherry that year built is 2012/UC. How can the listing agent get away with such a fabrication?

    • I suppose because it was never finished so it’s still “under construction”. Not saying that’s proper, but it’s an explanation of sorts. Hey, Jake, it’s Chinatown.

      • Anon

        By never finished you mean it hasn’t gotten a CofO? If a CO has been obtained, then finished it is. Looking at the slideshow, nothing seems missing or undone. Pretty underhanded, if you ask me. But then again, Time Magazine just named Obama Man of the Year so what’s a little fibbing in the world of real estate?🙂

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve been in and around this house. It’s a tear down.
    The walkway down to the dungeon from the backyard, and you can see the cement already cracking. The interior layout is mind bogglingly idiotic. You can’t look anywhere but away or down, and when down you see the lumber liquidators flooring. It’s beyond appalling. Light a match someone please.

  9. Artie

    You guys are great. Huge house, looks fine, but a couple of hundred in renovations calls for a teardown? You guys must be made of money…

  10. Anonymous

    New homes shouldn’t need a couple a hundred in reno’s
    And yes, we are doing ” better than most”

  11. Anonymous

    The photos in the listing for cherry lane are the originals.
    The house has been trampled through, spit on, gagged at, and warped sideways from 5 years of stale air.
    Not really sure what the price is for this place, but the lender won’t be happy, especially with this house being so far removed from….everything.
    Unless you are a member at stanwich cc and only eat out at la Creme.
    But that crowd tends to hail from the old rosensteil estate. Ie: CYNFRM