Accepted offer and a contract

133 Lake Avenue

133 Lake Avenue

133 Lake Avenue has finally found a buyer.  It once sold for $699,500, in 2003 and then resold during the height of the feeding frenzy for $1.050 in 2005, but those days are gone. Asking price for this now is $749,000.  My guess is that when the sale is completed that price will have returned to the 2003 price, or lower. It started at $1.250 in 2007 and although it’s been on and off the market for parts of each succeeding year, it was actively listed for 1,655 days as its price dropped. Moral is, don’t overpay for lower Lake Avenue, unless you plan on staying awhile.

81 Lockwood Rd

81 Lockwood Rd

81 Lockwood Road in Riverside is under contract (a stronger status than “accepted offer”), asking $1.195 million. Good house that needs work, but at this price,  there’s room for that.


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3 responses to “Accepted offer and a contract

  1. Anonymous

    Lower lake avenue is merely a place to slow down or speed up your Italian coupe. Anyone thinking its a good place live bc it’s close to town, shops, and the hospital is a sucker.

    • Well that seems to have been the consensus of those who viewed this place in the past 1,645 days, but some people must disagree with you (I don’t) because all the houses in that stretch are occupied.

  2. Anonymous

    you know, there’s some mighty nice houses within spittin’ distance from the edges of roads on stanwich, north st., etc.

    all of ’em get the same traffic, same noise, same this that & the other thing.

    in other words, you can pay $2MM or $700k to live 50-100′ from the road edge. take your pick.

    if you want quiet, live off the main drags.