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Bleeding heart liberal

Bleeding heart liberal

Authorities shut down mountaintop in Argentina, fearing mass suicides in celebration of the end of the Mayan world. Dollar Bill, ignore that free one-way bus ticket I sent you.


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  1. kc

    Apparently, based on a few articles I’ve seen, there is a town in France called Bugarach where pilgrims, new agers and others are congregating not to meet the end but to be first in line when an alien spaceship emerges from a mountain to save these believers by giving them a ride to an outer space utopia. I only know what little I’ve seen on websites so I’m not really sure what criteria it will take to get on the ship. I guess the closer you are to the beginning of the line, the better your chances although I would hope the aliens are a little more selective than that. This seems a superior way to welcome 12/21 in. If the day ends, the sun goes down and the aliens didn’t come, you just walk home. In your story from Argentina, the stakes seem a little higher.

  2. Balzac

    A propos, or not:
    Today’s silly NY Times has an opinion piece by someone named Reed. Reed observes that Tim Scott, an African-American, will be appointed a US Senator from South Carolina. Scott is a Republican, appointed by a Republican governor. He will be the only African-American in the Senate. From this, Reed concludes that…….Republicans are racist.

    Your media is busted, example #853,974.

    • The liberals are already calling him a house nigger and “not a real black”. They also dismiss the Republican Governor who appointed him as “not a real Indian” because, unlike Betsy Warren, she’s of India Indian descent and not Irish faux Cherokee. So a female Republican Asian Governor appoints a black Republican, thereby proving that the racist Republicans are continuing their war on women and minorities. It’s the narrative that counts, not the facts.

  3. Rivman

    Your tagline on that illustration is classic.