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And this one’s for Walt

Having difficulty typing so I’m laying off for the night but I saw this on Instapundit and thought, “Walt”

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Squeezing breasts ‘can stop cancer.’ “A little squeeze may be all that it takes to prevent malignant breast cells triggering cancer, research has shown. Laboratory experiments showed that applying physical pressure to the cells guided them back to a normal growth pattern.” They haven’t done human trials yet, but I say: Why take chances?

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We’re back (sort of)

A bit lame (readers will ask, so what’s changed?) and sore, but should be back in operation by tomorrow. Greenwich Hospital was a pleasant surprise, given recent reviews posted here and elsewhere. At least in the ambulatory surgical unit the staff was very pleasant, efficient and made a so-so day much more tolerable. And they offer Starbucks post-op, served hot in a ceramic mug. I’m sure that will show up on my bill @$50 but it was a welcome surprise and one that will soon disappear under O’bamaKare, so I took advantage of the opportunity.

Two sales reported, One Highgate, off Indian Head in Riverside, $2,637,500, and 483 Riversville, $1.475.

1 Highgate Rd

1 Highgate Rd

Highgate was purchased for $3.225 million in 2005 and the owner put hundreds of thousands of dollars more into renovations, with new a/c, new windows, new master bedroom and bath and on and on (and on). I liked the result and said so here several times (so much for the power of this blog) as its price slowly dropped from $3.895 million to its final resting place at $2.750. In the end, despite all that work, it remained a 1960 house at heart, and those are not favored in our market. So an unwise investment by the owner, but the buyer has done very well, in my ineffective opinion.

Riversville is 5 1/2 acres, and without disparaging the now-former owner’s home – she lived here quite comfortably I’m sure, for many years – this would appear to be yet another land sale with a house thrown in for free. We’re seeing a lot of those these days as the housing stock ages.



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Vacation day

Unable to resist that player piano’s charms any longer, I’m off to Greenwich Hospital today for a bit of minor (minor to you, but it’s not you they’re cutting) surgery on my elbow. Should be back soon and posting one-handed snarky comments as usual but until then, … radio silence. Catch you when we reenter the atmosphere.


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