We’re back (sort of)

A bit lame (readers will ask, so what’s changed?) and sore, but should be back in operation by tomorrow. Greenwich Hospital was a pleasant surprise, given recent reviews posted here and elsewhere. At least in the ambulatory surgical unit the staff was very pleasant, efficient and made a so-so day much more tolerable. And they offer Starbucks post-op, served hot in a ceramic mug. I’m sure that will show up on my bill @$50 but it was a welcome surprise and one that will soon disappear under O’bamaKare, so I took advantage of the opportunity.

Two sales reported, One Highgate, off Indian Head in Riverside, $2,637,500, and 483 Riversville, $1.475.

1 Highgate Rd

1 Highgate Rd

Highgate was purchased for $3.225 million in 2005 and the owner put hundreds of thousands of dollars more into renovations, with new a/c, new windows, new master bedroom and bath and on and on (and on). I liked the result and said so here several times (so much for the power of this blog) as its price slowly dropped from $3.895 million to its final resting place at $2.750. In the end, despite all that work, it remained a 1960 house at heart, and those are not favored in our market. So an unwise investment by the owner, but the buyer has done very well, in my ineffective opinion.

Riversville is 5 1/2 acres, and without disparaging the now-former owner’s home – she lived here quite comfortably I’m sure, for many years – this would appear to be yet another land sale with a house thrown in for free. We’re seeing a lot of those these days as the housing stock ages.



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10 responses to “We’re back (sort of)

  1. Anonymous

    Woah! Hope you heal up fast. What was it?

  2. Anonymous

    Glad to hear it went well. Rest up!

  3. Anonymous

    I looked at Highgate. The owner clearly loved the house and maintained it well. The problem was not the house, but the renovations. The renovations were not high end enough to justify a 3.8 asking price. Sadly, much of the money was not spent wisely. Many of the new windows lacked true divided lights. The layout remained old fashioned and every room was segregated, resulting in poor flow. The kitchen, while updated, was to a very specific taste. The bathrooms were clean and fresh, but super basic and mid-grade. The new front bays made the house look like an 1980s spec colonial. Improving the improvements will be expensive. (Not to mention the house had no basement AND more than half of the backyard was swampy and under an inch of water last winter.)

  4. Anon

    These are some ugly dated houses. I can’t believe Highgate went for that figure. The only positive is the low taxes…but how dated.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. If you got rid of the wallpaper, painted some modern colors and got a high end painter to paint the kitchen cabinets clean white the house could look great. Not a new new house but at that price seems very good to me, in my humble opinion.

      • I agree with you, Anon, my point was that the selling price was just about land value, so someone was getting a free house, if they wanted it. I’ve been pointing out that phenomenon on a number of listings for some time now – buyers on a budget can get a perfectly livable home at no cost above the cost of the land it sits on. Of course, that land doesn’t come cheap, but it makes things a bit more affordable.

  5. Anonymous

    I guess the swampy land was the cause especially after Sandy’s hit. Still maintaing mid 2’s is amazing..RS

  6. Peg

    Location, location, location. You don’t wanna know what these homes would go for here in the frozen tundra!

    In the meantime – congrats on success with the body parts. Speaking of which, you’re doing pretty well pecking away, you 1 armed bandit!