And still more

Two sales.

Christmas party at Dwight's

Christmas party at Dwight’s

14 Dwight Lane, $2.9 million, asked $4.3 originally. Good house, but Dwight’s way north.

505 Indian Field Road, 3.7 acres, waterfront in Mead Point sold direct for $7.250 million. “Sold direct” usually means that the seller – in this case, the estate of the late owner – has an offer in hand before even listing it but tries a higher price on the MLS for a period of time (30 days, here) to see if they can do better. So this was priced at $8.750 million and after no offer came in that would justify paying a commission, the house goes to the first offer. Listing brokers hate that sort of arrangement, not surprisingly, because they go to the expense and the labor of marketing a property, only to watch their efforts go unrewarded. But sometimes that’s the risk you have to take to gain a listing. No one said real estate was (always) easy.

This is beautiful land, by the way, but it was also the scene of a brutal home invasion in the 80s. The armed thieves came in by water, thereby evading the 24-hour security guards and broke into the house, forced the owners into a closet and ransacked the place. An ugly business.

Two accepted offers have been reported, 610 Lake Avenue, swampland asking $975,000, and 5 Dawn Harbor, Riverside, whose last listing price was $2.7 million. Its last price is better than where it started 643 days ago: $3.195, but I’ve never been wild about this house. Still, it’s in a good section of Riverside and not particularly out of line with the prices of comparable houses in the Indian Head neighborhood, so I get it.


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10 responses to “And still more

  1. Catch a Falling Knife

    how big a house could be built on 610 Lake Ave (despite the wetlands, pond and brook)?

  2. Anonymous

    you could launch a houseboat on that lovely lake and live on it. maybe you’ll be able to deal with harbormaster instead of p&z. might be easier.

  3. Did you notice it was built by Ernest Thompson Seton?

  4. Anonymous

    In terms of allowable far, over 10k size
    But you might only be able to build it with a 2 to 3 bedroom septic…..very little room on that parcel for a new septic and reserve
    And the existing system is a bust…..

    • Guest

      There is a house there. I looked at it. The house is a masterpiece. It faces sideways and is a dark tan in color so it looks like nothing from the road. You go around at look at the whole house, and you can see its beauty. It is historic and very large and beautiful It is also crumbling. You cannot go into the house when it is shown. There is also very little ground that is not water around it. It is a little damp in the area of the house.

      My impression is that the house would be spectacular restored. It has not heating or airconditioning and the price mentioned to me by the broker to restore was I believe just over a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

      The reason to buy 610 would be that you want to combine it with its back neighbor that shares the same driveway The very lovely lady in back does not want to sell now, but is elderly. That house has an acre and a half of usable land and several ponds in front. It is also quite a lovely house. It also has a separate garage with a rented apartment above it.

      Both houses have plaques on them. They are sort of magical houses.

      The two houses together would be a very valuable lot ($5 million was quoted to me in the bubble years.) It is also breathtaking to drive from Lake Avenue through the parklike wetlands (about 8 acres in all) to the these two houses. which are quite close together.)

  5. Guest

    The person who bought the two houses would have to be very rich if they were put them back into a single lot, which they were originally. The driveway is about as long as a cul de sac and is not paved. It has to cost a fortune to pave and another fortune to plow each time it snows. Also the ponds need to be treated every year I believe several times so they do not have algae on them. You could take a little boat on these ponds by the way. This is all doable with lots of money.

    There is also nothing in back of the back house. A builder might be able to get three houses on the two properties combined.

  6. Anonymous

    Why restore? The systems are shot, the roof is leaking, outdated electical, compromised foundation, flood zone, and septic that cant handle normal current day flows. It will be much more than a couple hundred thousand to have a truely livable/health place….but no privacy given. shared driveway with neighbor and difficult to create a privacy zone with fencing or plantings given extent of wetlands

    Best option is to combine with neighbors lot….will be very expensive to purchase and cost to renovate combined lots will be huge. Not an investment property….only for someone who really belives in magic

  7. Guest

    If one could get both properties and knock down this house, the back property does not have the same problems of being wet. It is dry. As a single combined lot, would be a really beautiful property. Maybe 2.5 today to buy both properties and you have 8 acres off Lake Avenue in Central Greenwich in a very magjical setting. You could put a new house there for whatever amount you chose if the existing back house was not to your liking. You could to it in the high 3’s. .