Brit insults vegetable family, forced to apologize

Mensa spokesman describes those with IQs below 60 as “carrots”; outrage in the turnip patch.


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2 responses to “Brit insults vegetable family, forced to apologize

  1. Fred2

    Snort. Ok, that was a little rude for a public venue. It might be close to true, but it’s unkind and little broad stroked.

    What ever happened to good manners? I think think of lots of ways to phrase that in a more delicate manner, as I would if I were speaking publicly, though if I were among friends having a beer I might be equally unfair and casual.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I would have preferred he called them retards, as that is more accurate and politically correct, but what exactly is wrong with carrots? Would they have preferred turnips? Why is that more acceptable?

    How about halfwits? Is that better? The short bus kids? The nimrods, the dense, the cabbage heads, the dim bulbs?

    Let’s just pick a frigging adjective we can all agree on and let’s just go with it.
    Balloon head.
    Your Pal,