Drinks 45 beers, burns down mosque, Business Insider blames Fox News

They really do.  I gave up looking to Blodgett for useful information long ago, but he and his clueless interns do provide an entertaining source of annoying stupidity.


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6 responses to “Drinks 45 beers, burns down mosque, Business Insider blames Fox News

  1. Al Dente

    The article does not name the brand of beer, nor does it specify if they were 12 oz. or 16 ounce “tall boys”. How am I, a carrot, to make an intelligent decision about what happened, who is to blame, and what I should do about my wife, who wants to bake me into a cake?

  2. FF

    Chris, with all due disrespect to the torcher, Business Insider did not blame Fox News for the crime, the criminal actually did. No doubt trying to get a soft liberal judge to forgive the consumption of 45 beers (!) to mitigate the sentence, but nonetheless the words are his and not Blodgetts. Why he didnt sue Budweiser I’m not sure

    • FF, as you know, it’s the headline that sets the story and the headline was Blodgett’s. What really astonishes me is that the guy could consume 45 beers and still drive for two hours, let alone set a fire when he got there. That’s a professional drinker, for sure.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    What I don’t get is why you give any traffic to Blodgett. Christ, in some ways he’s almost as bad as Noel. Guy should remain in discredited skunk purgatory another 10 years at least. Sending him traffic helps him claw his way back to viability, even with your comedic value qualifiers.