End of year, sales are happening

Here are five more

3 Loughlin Avenue, Cos Cob, $450,000. Listing says “engineer’s report available” and cautions that the sale is “as is”, so you know what that means. But Loughlin’s a decent street with the park, a Starbucks and your choice of 15 banks nearby to stash the money you saved by buying here.

67 Nearwater sold for $950,000 and I think that’s a very decent price for both parties. There’s a community beach in this association providing access to the Mianus and this house in particular is in great shape. A couple of odd decisions in bathroom layout and design, perhaps, but as long as the plumbing is where you want it and you don’t have to relocate it, redoing bathrooms doesn’t have to be a crushingly expensive job.

14 Buckingham, the short sale discussed here last week, closed at $1.196 million. Seems like a good house for this price, this location.

Conyers FarmThe gate house (on ten acres) up at 2 Conyers Farm has sold for $5.350 after originally asking $7.995 in 2009.

And bringing up the rear, 651 Steamboat Road has sold for $3.3 million. Its owners have had this on the market for a grand total of 1,516 days, having originally priced it at $6.4 million in 2008. I have no idea what possessed these folks to cause them to overestimate the value of their home so grossly, but there it is: a house is worth what someone’s willing to pay for it, not what you what want. If you must dream, at least do so in black and white, not glorious Technicolor.


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6 responses to “End of year, sales are happening

  1. pulled up in OG

    Loughlin assessment 97.4%

    Seller prolly one o’ them useless 47 percenters, eh, if he’s still alive.

  2. pulled up in OG

    15 KHAKUM WOOD 40.7%

    Fuck this town.

  3. D

    I can’t believe Long Meadow sold… I would say this is another great example of the out-of-touch market below $1M. After walking this house… I ran the other way. Cheap feeling with a crazy hill for a backyard… nice association, but not worth it.

    • That’s what makes a horse race but you’re right, it reflects the sparce inventory too. All in all, I liked it more than you did, though.

      • D

        Glad the sellers worked with the offer given the distance from their ask. I guess what really got me was… You’re going to spend the money to build a family room – and you put a GAS fireplace in it??😦

  4. Loughlin sale

    Loughlin is 485,000?
    Could rent parking spaces for Starbucks and My Place