Last activity before Christmas

101 BrooksideI think the MLS has shut down until next Wednesday or will close early Monday, but here’s one more accepted offer that came in at the closing bell, 101 Brookside Drive, $4.995. Great old (1903) house on 2 acres close to town, it sold for $5.995 million in 2008.


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7 responses to “Last activity before Christmas

  1. Anonymous

    Obama’s last activity before Christmas:
    “Preview of Obama remarks at 5pm: Narcissistic diatribe followed by casting blame, false statements of unity, then taxpayer paid trip to HI.”

    from the Professor

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I am going to the J tonight. I think we can milk this Mayan, end of days, free for all sex romp for a few more days. We can say they were off by a week!! They were ancient wet backs, so who expects accuracy?

    I think women need an excuse to have guilt free monkey sex. Why is that? I really don’t care, and I am happy to oblige, but I don’t understand it. Why do they need a doomsday scenario to let themselves go and act like the sluts we so adore?

    I can understand why a hottie wants the world to explode after she nailed you, but do they feel that way with the normal guys as well?

    Anyhows, who cares? They are all horned up over this end of world scenario. We might as well capitalize on it. Right?

    How is the wing? You listening to the therapist? You GOOOD Boy!!

    I will be at the bar. Dress like an Elf so I know it’s you.
    Your Pal,

  3. The Governor

    What – no comments on the NRA Statement?

    • Anonymous

      Nah, we’re going to demand that the LGBT community do something about Penn State, and demonize millions of innocent, productive, law-abiding LGBT folks for the actions of Jerry Sandusky.

      • Babylon Sister

        An estimated 21.8 million people (most of whom, according to CDC, are homosexual men) have died of AIDS since the epidemic began.

        It’s time for the government to take meaningful measures! We should ban sodomy and blood transfusions! And drugs with needles!

    • Anonymous

      If the gays don’t do something about predators like Sandusky, then we’re going to demand registration of all poofters, their prohibition from academia, teaching, business, and the military by creating Gay Free Zones on the way to an outright ban. After all the Founding Fathers never envisioned citizens who enjoyed show tunes. Anyway, who needs a devilish sense of style when Brooks Brothers will do.

      As far as that goes, we can still preserve the Bill of Rights by letting sodomites like Anderson Cooper continue reporting on CNN, and also that man on MSNBC Rachel Maddow.

  4. Central Gwich

    What a gorgeous home in a convenient location. The interior updates are really nice, I like the floors. I think the only change that could be possible made to increase curb appeal would maybe be to put on a wood roof and maybe change the colors of the shutters to a deep green.