No wonder the Postal Service is broke

Here’s the route taken by a small tin of leather dressing from Cherry Hill NJ to Greenwich*

*UPDATE, Saturday, December 22: In fact, it has yet to arrive.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 9.10.26 PM


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5 responses to “No wonder the Postal Service is broke

  1. I am speechless, how many people got paid to transfer the tin from N.J. to Mass. back to N.J. and on to Greenwich? It deserves to fail.

  2. Your Postman

    Dear Chris: Thanks for the heads up; we now have it completely under control. You will get your package Thursday July 17, 2014. Have a MERRY MERRY Christmas!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, I can top you on this one . . . I’ll have to see if it is still on line . . . but I had a package make it’s way to Greenwich, after several stops, THEN it was sent to Pennsylvania (!) before it finally made it’s way back to Greenwich, two weeks later.

  4. Santa Claus

    Thanks for the heads-up… I will be sure to send your coal FEDEX