Riverside sale


Overlooking Cos Cob Harbor

Overlooking Cos Cob Harbor

44 Carriglea Lane, $2.9 million.  I thought its original price of $4.250 was ill-advised and said so a couple of times, but Carriglea’s a good street, and an acre with water glimpses is worth at least $2 million and possibly more. Assuming these buyers intend to keep this 1972 contemporary to live in – and it’s a nice house – $2.9 makes sense, in so far as any Riverside price makes sense these days.


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4 responses to “Riverside sale

  1. Cos Cobber

    Congratulations with getting the caption correct. Its indeed Cos Cob Harbor, Riverside doesn’t have a harbor.

    • My good friend

      My good friend Bill Breck, departed now, sadly, was the only sailor that I knew at the Riverside Yacht Club who used “Cos Cob”, rather than Riverside as his home port on the stern of his yacht, a 60′ Swan. But Bill grew up in Long Meadow and Watch Hill, enjoyed the Breck shampoo fortune and had his own successful career on Wall Street so he was more secure than some other boast owners I know.

  2. Anonymous

    38 and 32 sold for $2.07 and $4.0million respectively this year. Given that, 44 sales should be mostly land and very little house value, which makes sense to me.

  3. vice versa

    it was bought as a tear down by an end user…..