Three more sales today and mine was the lowest priced, but I can live with that



Nanny's quarters, 47 Doubling Rd (caption courtesy of Gideon Fountain)

Nanny’s quarters, 47 Doubling Rd (caption courtesy of Gideon Fountain)

Three pretty big price tags. Two, 15 Khakum Wood, $7.525, and 34 Meeting House Road, $4.975, weren’t active listings but their sales were recorded today “for reporting purposes only”. The money spends the same either way.

The third, 47 Doubling Road, was discussed here when contracts were signed recently but it closed today at $2.875 million. Doubling was custom built for the sellers in 1994 and was very well maintained since then so while there are some changes that could be made – I’d redo the master bathroom, perhaps, it’s ready as is. 7,823 sq. ft., one acre, close to town. I’m Riverside born and bred, but this is a lot more house than you’ll find for anything close to its price in Riverside. That’s not like saying, “you could get this for less than half in Minnesota” (sorry, Peg) because Doubling is Greenwich, and one of the nicest areas of Greenwich, too.

In any event, my clients are happy, I’m pleased, and everything’s done in time for Christmas. There is a Santa Claus.


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16 responses to “Three more sales today and mine was the lowest priced, but I can live with that

  1. Anonymust

    how are these high-priced transactions going through without being listed? is someone matching up both buyer and seller?

    • Nothing untoward going on. An agent can be working with a buyer and either the buyer or the agent might mention a house that’s not currently for sale. If it was once on the market but withdrawn, the polite thing to do is to contact the former listing agent and work with her but there’s no requirement to do so. However it’s done, if a price is arrived at that both parties are comfortable with, the transaction goes forward. There’s a risk that, by not exposing the property to the full market, the seller is foregoing top dollar but weighed against that is the avoidance of the inconvenience and intrusion of open houses, and strangers wanting to view the place on 2 hours notice. So if the price is a good one, it’s certainly understandable that a seller would go that route.

  2. D

    Wow Chris – Way to cap off a crazy year for yourself. Congrats!

  3. congratulations! This ought to make your elbow’s healing a little more palatable… Way to go.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Was there ever a doubt in your feeble little mind that there was a Santa Clause? Of course there is a Santa Clause. You dolt. But he is facing significant threats.

    Firstly, the elves. They got wind of what a sweet deal the teamsters got from Barry on the GM bailout, so they are thinking of unionizing. As part of the deal, they want guaranteed wages, and the right to outsource the entire toy making operation to China elves. Then they want to go into the movie business, and remake “The Wizard of Oz” and “Babes in Toyland”. If those aren’t commercial successes they will branch out into midget porn, where they already have some experience.

    Thirdly, the reindeer. Rudolph has a problem with the whole red nose deal. He said it makes him look like a drunken mick, when in fact he is a pure bred Hitler Youth. Which is why he won’t fly to Israel. Good thing they celebrate Hanooka….Chanukahh…good thing they don’t celebrate Christmas!!

    And the Grinch. He is happy Barry won, but he thinks the Lib’s are letting their guard down. He wants all nativity scenes gone, and the word “Christmas” banned. He wants it called “Happy Day of Peace for All Organisms”. Everyone has to get the same present, so all are treated fairly. Christmas stockings must be banned, because some people have no feet and don’t wear socks. Candy canes are outlawed. (That was mine actually. I think they taste like shit).

    Anyhows, enjoy Santa Clause while you can, my friend. He exists, but who knows for how long?
    Your Pal,

  5. Peg

    I can probably get it for less than half! But – why wail about me starving here outside of Duluth. Congrats to you, Christopher, for a nice present under the Christmas tree! You deserve it, kiddo!

    BTW – love the photo. I’m a contemporary lover myself!

  6. greenwich dude

    wife and i wanted to buy doubling almost a year ago, and were told by selling broker that an offer below $3 wouldn’t even be responded to… house needs work but someone just got a very good house in my view at a good price.

    • Unfortunately, that’s a common occurrence in real estate: an “unacceptable” offer one year is viewed much more favorably when reality sets in. We moved on to this house after a bid on another was rejected out of hand by its owner. That house will now start its third year of sitting vacant while the owners of Doubling can get on with their lives. And Doubling was the better deal.

  7. Rome fell too

    Peg is right. Greenwich will fall. Sure a few fools buy millions. But many dont get the millions. Once the sound starts flooding the tennis court, time to move to minnesota, dont laugh. greenwich HAD its heyday.

  8. Catch a Falling Knife

    47 Doubling seems like a good deal

    discount I guess due to being a contemporary (both inside and out) and kind of “cramped” area (lots of houses in a small area considering 1acre zoning)?

    • Nice back yard, lots of room. The front facade is unfortunate and I think that’s what hurt its resale, but that can be corrected. The contemporary design inside means it’s flooded with light – I liked it, as did my clients, others didn’t. But that’s not unusual – everyone doesn’t want the same house.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Bravo Dude!!!!! Will there be 04:00 hour dueling Fountain Jaguar races down Greenwich Ave in the near future?

  10. Peg

    Rome – not everything in the hinterlands of MN is dirt cheap. You just get a lot more for your $$$.

    Click the following URL to see the listings:

  11. Anonymous

    The buyer got a good deal on Doubling- a lot of house even though it’s not my taste. shared driveway.

  12. Guest

    Strange that they built the house on Doubling and not Wyngate. There would be no shared driveway on Wyngate. Anyway the Doubling house is beautfiul. Not sure what one with do with the facade. Probably nothing. You cannot see it from the street anyway.

    • It was set up to enter through Wyngate and the builder had second thoughts – he believed Dpubling to be a more prestigious address, which seems a bit silly, and went back to P&Z for permission to use Doubling. That decision made for a better back yard, facing Wyngate and not chopped up by an access way but also meant a shared driveway. Whatever, it is what it is.
      But the facade doesn’t have to be what it is – the architect was trying to bring a large, light-filled column into the design, which he achieved, but at the expense of creating what I termed a “blister pack” extrusion on the front. Russ Pruner, listing agent, wisely had that same architect sketch out a design that made the front more traditional and it could be done fairly inexpensively by extending the eves of the blister pack down maybe ten more feet, redoing some windows and … I’m obviously not describing it coherently but take my word for it, it can be done and as I noted before, I’ve advised my clients to consider doing it sometime before they ever put it back up for sale – given their ages and the age of their children, I hope that will be thirty years from now after a long and happy period of raising a family here, just as the original owners did.