Come and take them

Come and take them

Scrambling to exploit the Newtown massacre, politicians are rushing out proposals to ban guns, as usual. New York State is not unique in this grandstanding, but here’s Governor Cuomo anyway, as he joins the effort to redefine and limit the Second Amendment;

“No one is talking about making guns illegal,” Cuomo said Monday. “No one is talking about legitimate hunters and sportspeople. We’re talking about illegal guns. We’re talking about abuse of guns. We’re talking about guns that have no real hunting or sporting purpose.

So if it’s not a “hunting weapon”, as he will define it, he wants it confiscated. and he just said it:

“I don’t think legitimate sportsmen are going to say, ‘I need an assault weapon to go hunting,’” he said.

Cuomo continued, “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it.”

Michael Bloomberg makes the same deliberate conflation of the two topics, bear hunting and the right to bear arms, calling for a ban of all semi-automatic guns, including pistols.

But if he had his preference, Bloomberg said he would go farther than the 1994 ban and outlaw all automatic ** and semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. The mayor said magazines shouldn’t be allowed to contain more than five or six rounds.

“If you haven’t hit the deer with three shots, you’re a pretty lousy shot. The deer deserves to get away,” he said.

As I’ve mentioned here before, my deer hunting rifles are either a single shot (Ruger No. 1 .308) or four (Ruger M77 .270, bolt action) or six (Winchester 1894 lever action .30/30). Those are hunting weapons, and they’re just fine for their intended purpose. But the Second Amendment is about self defense, against both tyrants and, more likely, criminals intent on causing harm, and a single shot rifle isn’t anywhere nearly as suitable for that purpose as a semi-automatic weapon, rifle or pistol – if you miss a deer, “the deer deserves to get away”, as our armed-guard-protected mayor from next door observes. But unlike deer, criminals keep coming, and only a liberal believes they deserve to get away with it.

Liberals prefer to leave their self defense to our police and are rewarded by scenes like that in Cheshire, where the cops waited at the foot of the driveway for half-an-hour while two scum suckers beat, raped and burned alive a doctor’s wife and his two daughters. That split: reliance on government vs. oneself, gets at the very heart of the liberal – libertarian debate in this country.

There’s no question that faced with danger, I’d prefer to have a single shot rifle than no weapon except a portable phone to call for help, but I feel safer with one of my semi-automatic pistols (“semi-automatic” means that for each pull of the trigger, a bullet heads for the bad guy ). The point is not what I prefer, however, nor is it what Cuomo and Bloomberg think I should be permitted to have. What I do have is the right to own what I decide is necessary to protect myself and other people.

Cuomo et als want to terminate that right and confiscate 300 million weapons. The pretense that they’ll stop at just limiting the right of gun ownership to thee-shot hunting rifles is just that: an opening salvo, and in unguarded moments they slip up and admit that.

Which is why the NRA  resists the movement for still another “common sense” ban on guns. Gun owners see what’s coming, even if others, unfamiliar with guns and whipped up to a frenzy by an equally ignorant press (just yesterday the New York Times, which employs only low capacity reporters, called for a ban on  “high capacity” ammunition) and politicians**.

So there.

“Come and take them”  ” [E] xpression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.”

**automatic weapons, which Mayor Blumberg wants to ban, fire a steady stream of bullets as long as the trigger is depressed and the ammunition holds out: they have been pretty much outlawed since 1934, though that hasn’t prevented their presence in this country, just as laws against murder haven’t ended, you know, murder. Duh).


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  1. Babylon Sister

    What’s the point of limiting magazines to 5-6 rounds if you ban semi-automatic weapons?

    Hey Cuomo – show me a NON-semi-automatic weapon that uses magazines!

    That’s like banning marijuana, and then imposing limits on the size of bongs.

    A semi-automatic weapon, by definition, is one which fires the round in the chamber, extracts it, ejects it, and loads a new round from the magazine into the chamber each time the trigger is pulled. One trigger squeeze = one bullet ejected… until you have no bullets left in the magazine.

    I’m trying to find an example of a non-semi-automatic weapon. A musket? What gun doesn’t use a magazine?

    Even Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera, who are pro-NRA gun owners and therefore purport to know what they are talking about, themselves seem utterly ignorant to the basic distinction between a fully-automatic and semi-automatic weapon… and what constitutes an assault weapon. The other night O’Reilly was ranting about restricting “heavy weapons”. Huh? I’ve heard him toss around the terms “mortar” and “Howitzer” when talking about weapons we *should* restrict. Bill, Google those words and tell me what you see. Rivera described an “assault weapon” as one that “sprays bullets”. Really?? These guys are so lazy about their “fact-checking” that they don’t even know the difference between a 16,000 pound cannon and a slingshot. Do your homework fellas….

    You’d think the folks this fired-up about gun control measures would actually do a little research before rushing to conclusions. Utter ignorance on BOTH sides of the aisle.

    What IS a semi-automatic rifle/pistol? What IS an assault weapon?

    I agree, these terms do *sound* dangerous and intimidating, and they’ve been thrown around in heated debates a lot lately. But if you ask the talking heads to define these things for you, they haven’t a clue.

    Folks, we just can’t count on these “experts” to give us basic facts. It’s up to us to educate ourselves.

    • FlyAngler

      BS – Search for “Ruger Gunsite Scout” and you will find a very capable bolt action rifle that takes magazines up to 20 rounds. It is chambered in the very effective .308 caliber (7.62 NATO) and a skilled handler can fire a round every three seconds with it. Styer also makes a similarly configured Scout. Both are designed around Cooper’s Scout Rifle theory.

  2. Peg

    I’m a fairly big moron when it comes to guns. Neverthless, I am aware that the purpose of the 2nd amendment isn’t so much for people to go out and bag a deer …. it’s to protect themselves against an armed government. (Hello, Nazi Germany?!?!)

    Of course, liberals think that this could never, ever happen in America…. Just like Jews in Europe thought it could never happen in Germany.

    What was that quote about being “doomed to repeat”?!!?

    • Babylon Sister

      Hey Peg – you’re correct about the 2nd Amendment. I’d like to think that could never happen here.

      At the same time, when I hear folks like Harry Belafonte say on MSNBC that Obama should incarcerate anyone who disagrees with him, it’s unsettling to think that anyone living in a “free country” would say something like that. Joking or not.

      P.S. Does anyone else find it odd that Belafonte refers to the President as “Barack”? I don’t recall anyone in the media calling his predecessor “George”.

      • Belafonte is a communist and a close personal friend of Fidel, so it’s not surprising that he advocates imprisoning his political enemies and is a confidant of Barry. Not surprising in the least.

  3. D

    I hope these guys keep up with the comments. The crazier they show themselves to be, the more likely whatever gets proposed is extreme and won’t get passed. No gun laws would have stopped Newtown.

  4. AJ

    Watch the movie “Defiance” with Daniel Craig about how a handfull of armed Jews fought off the Nazis in occupied enemy territory and survided World War II — a true story that happened just a few years before I was born. If you can read the writing on the wall, you’re delusional if you think it can’t happen here.

    Innocents betrayed — the second amendment explained:

    • John Wayne

      AJ – the amount of video posts you put on this blog shoes how much hollywood has impacted your view of the world. You are becoming completely out of synch with reality and seem to be having a delusional brainwashing effect on the niave women like Babylon, Peg and others on this site.

      • AJ

        JW, a picture is worth a thousand words, but I post videos for the “…21% to 23% of adult Americans were not “able to locate information in text”, could not “make low-level inferences using printed materials”, and were unable to “integrate easily identifiable pieces of information.” ” Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literacy_in_the_United_States.

        But name calling — “You are becoming completely out of synch with reality and seem to be having a delusional brainwashing effect on the niave women like Babylon, Peg and others on this site.” — is the last resort of those who have no valid point to make.

  5. coronel de beers

    a da revolver is an ‘assault weapon’ by characteristics described above.

  6. GPD Folk

    During the last week I stood in front of my daughter’s elementary school in uniform and carrying the gun GPD gave me. I wonder if the parents would have preferred to see a table set up with moms and dads asking them to sign a gun control petition……don’t know….. I didn’t ask and they didn’t tell.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      GPD Folk. Did arriving parent’s appear relieved to see you there?

    • Jane Wayne

      If the guns were not so freely available and in circulation, those paranoid parents at the school would not want you there.

      • Well John, there are 300 million guns or so “out there”, so let’s move on to something more useful. More children will die of flu this year, swimming pools and even the cars their mommies drive them to school in, by a factor of 100 (? – far greater than that, probably). Nothing interesting for the media to feed on with those kind of boring deaths, but you could at least ponder it.

        • Jane Wayne

          What a ridiculous statement you make. At least with the gun problem, there are clear opportunities for minimizing the further circulation of an epidemic cause of death.

      • AJ

        “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
        — Benjamin Franklin, 1759

        In Norway, where they have some of the strictest gun laws in the world, 85 (mostly children) were killed in a shooting spree at an island camp last summer. Thank goodness that up until the point of their deaths there were no armed guards around to put them in fear for their lives.

        • Peg

          Jane W – what exactly are these “clear opportunities for minimizing the further circulation of an epidemic cause of death”? I do think that altering our abilities to hold those with psychotic mental illnesses would help … Still, I am sure that there would be instances where such horrors could not be prevented.

          And “an epidemic”?? Of course, just a few children murdered from an insane killer is a few too many. Nevertheless, as Chris has mentioned, more children die from many other causes than a madman with a gun.

  7. I’m Pro-Choice… when it comes to guns.

  8. Could not these political lifers at least let the funerals all happen before bloviating ?
    We are supposed to respect them ?

  9. GPD Folk

    L.A……….I think they were happy/relieved to see me there.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the parents have much say in the matter. Seeing armed guards is causing kids to ask why armed police are necessary and leads kids to think they’re not safe at school. It’s a terrible environment for a child to be in, surrounded by guns.

      • Exactly why we must disarm our police. Walking down Greenwich Avenue is a simply terrifying experience for any sensitive child.

      • AJ

        We wouldn’t want the kids to think the world’s not safe? Then you better turn of the TV and keep them away from the neighbors — they might just have “violent” video games. Just keep the blinders on and when they hit twenty one, you can roll them off the back of the turnip truck. When I went to school we did duck and cover and got to hide under our desks for a few minutes while we waited for the imaginary a-bomb to blow the glass out of all the windows and melt the paint on the wall, and in New York the “Mad Bomber” was randomly setting off bombs all around the city. In 1960 there were fallout shelters on display for sale in the Island Beach parking lot and every new home being built in Riverside was having them installed.

        But talk is cheap; why not one of you quit your job and home school your kid, or is that extra Beemer in the driveway or spending time at the club more important?

  10. FlyAngler

    For anyone who thinks banning semi-automatic pistols will reduce the ability of a determined killer to throw significant lead down range, you should check out the guy in the video below. Jerry Miculek may be the fastest shooter in the world but there are many who can shoot at least half this fast and even a rank amateur can shoot six rounds from a double action revolver in ten seconds. Control types will say “sure, but revolvers take a long time to reload” but that shows a complete ignorance of speed loaders or moon clips. With a little practice, those devices can reload revolver almost as fast as a mag swap in a semi-auto pistol. But if you want to see the fastest reload around, see the end of the video linked below. AMAZING!

  11. AJ

    ‘Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama: Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters’

    “…You may have already noticed the Mayan calendar prophecy was a hoax. The universe didn’t end. We’re all still here, and we must face our future rather than writing it off.

    The Sandy Hook shooting outrage reaction is also a fear mongering hoax. You have been manipulated by Obama and the mainstream media into invoking an irrational, hyped-up response to an event that poses virtually no risk to the American people. How’s that? For starters, 116,000% more Americans die each year in motor vehicle accidents than were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. You are far more likely to be killed by a deer in the road than a psychopathic mass shooter. And you are WAY more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a gun: An astonishing 784,000 Americans are killed each year by their doctors.

    Approximately one-quarter of all Americans have been emotionally manipulated into worshipping a false prophet: Barack Obama, one of the world’s great mass murderers of children….”


  12. Artie

    “But the Second Amendment is about self defense, against both tyrants and, more likely…”

    I think the second amendment is about militias, or today, what we call an army. I see militia mentioned while I don’t see anything about self defense mentioned. Why don’t I see self defense mentioned? Because there was probably very little armed robbery in the 1700’s. They did have duels, though. I’ve seen the pistols used by Burr – pretty cool – miracle someone was actually hit.

    Look, I’m conservative. I’m against guns. I didn’t grow up hunting, I grew up being held up on my way home from high school, so it is difficult for me to understand why anyone would need or want a pistol other than to hurt someone else. They are designed to kill. Please don’t make the argument that cars kill more people, or that heart disease does. Those are separate discussions and topics. Cars are not manufactured to kill. Guns are. Any other part if that argument is simply a smokescreen.

    I don’t mind that you hunt. Why do you need your hunting rifle in the off season?

    Have you seen any statistics about homes with guns in them? Problems happen much more frequently in homes with guns. Violent problems.

    I don’t think your right to own a gun supercedes the publics right to safety.

    Please also stop the ludicrous argument that communist Harry Belafonte and his buddy, the President of the United States is interested in squashing your liberty. Harry Belafonte is a bitter old man who lived most of his life as a victim of racism. Our, yes I said it, OUR president has bigger fish to fry, and a system of checks and balances to work his way through. It’s tough to be a tyrant with that system in place. That system, btw, that was outlined in our constitution.

    The second amendment needs an update.

    • The Supreme Court, among others, has explicitly rejected your interpretation of the Second Amendment – even the dissenters in Heller.
      Criminals don’t only arrive during the three week hunting season in November.
      If I can make as much money as Harry Belefonte has being a victim of racism, where do I sign up?

      • Artie

        I’m certainly not a constitutional expert, nor am I legally trained, but I think if you put the second amendment wording in front of most reasonable people, without prejudice, they would say that it gives the right to a well-armed militia. Prior to the 1960’s, I think that was the common interpretation, and I don’t see how we can be expected to read more into it, than that. The framers of the constitution were very careful with their choice of words. It really is quite a document. I really think, though, that it needs an update.

        If you ( the generic you, not you specifically) are claiming that you need a gun to hunt, let’s not try to sugarcoat it – if you need it for hunting, there is no other reason to have it in your home the other 49 weeks of the year. Why not sign it out from an armory one week before the season and return it one week after? If it is used for shooting deer, quail, whatever, how is it useful the rest of the year?
        Harry Belafonte may be we’ll off, but that gets him no respect from me. Just because he can afford his bully pulpit, doesn’t mean what he says has any value. (Btw, I seem to recall people calling George II ” W” in the media.)

        • The Second Amendment is not about recognizing the right of citizens to hunt bears, Artie, despite gun foes’ best efforts to make it so.

          • Artie

            Of course it’s not about hunting bears, it’s about a well regulated militia. Are you, or anyone you know, in a well regulated militia? How are those meetings going? Still meeting every other weekend?
            It needs to be updated. Regardless of the massacre in Newtown, it needs to be updated.

      • AJ

        Well, tally me banana. Update the second amendment? Dat aint so easy, boy. We’ve been waiting since 1923 for them to pass the Equal Rights Amendment which finally passed both the House and Senate in 1972 but failed to be ratified by the States (you need 3/4s to vote yes). But they pass laws that are unconstitutional anyway. We don’t need no stinkin’ constitution: we’ve got Executive Order.

        ‘Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment’

        “…Don’t let the dearth of attention fool you — this is a scandal. Congress has turned its back on safeguarding a core Constitutional protection and a centuries old requirement of Western justice….”


        How many armed conflicts are we involved in right now (openly and covertly)? Maybe it’s time to consider disarming government: they seem to be the ones who do everything at the point of a gun.

    • AJ

      If you didn’t see anything about self defense mentioned, then you must be blind.

      “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” — Jefferson’s “Commonplace Book,” 1774-1776, quoting from On Crimes and Punishment, by criminologist Cesare Beccaria, 1764

      — Thomas Jefferson

      “[A]rms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. . . Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.” — Thoughts On Defensive War, 1775

      – Thomas Paine

      “Are we at last brought to such an humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense? Where is the difference between having our arms under our own possesion and under our own direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?”

      – Patrick Henry

      “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” (Thomas Jefferson Papers p. 334, 1950)

      “Forty years ago, when the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised…to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia…” (In Virginia’s Ratifying Convention, Elliot p.3:379-380)

      “Arms in the hands of citizens (may) be used at individual discretion…in private self-defense…” 1788(A Defense of the Constitution of the Government of the USA, p.471) — John Adams

      “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” — James Madison

      The above taken from: http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/RKBA/2ndQuotes.php The list is not exhaustive, and with very lttle effort you can easily find dozens more.

      Militias have nothing to do with standing armies, but are armed citizens prepared to answer a call to duty. As for not much crime in the 1700s, apparently Thomas Jefferson disagrees as he mentions it in the first listed quote.

      • Artie

        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        As I said, nothing about self defense.The framers may have discussed it in other places, but specifically chose their wording.

        Then the question becomes, what was a militia in 1791?

        In 1791, state run militias were akin to the army, or divisions in the army, to be more accurate. Today, we would call it the National Guard.

        I’m not against hunters owning rifles to hunt, but let’s be honest, do we want armed guards in every school? We can’t even arm our embassy’s, how are we going to arm every school in America? And how is your pistol going to protect you from “tyranny”? C’mon, you’re not being realistic.

        • Artie

          I included the video to show how ineffective people can be even when they are armed and trained. How do you think you would do during a home invasion? How quickly can you get to your safe, open it in the dark, load your weapon, and be ready to go with your heart pounding out of your chest? Then you need to make sure that all are present and accounted for in your family, again, in the dark, and then go find the crook, and hope it’s not one of your older kids getting a snack, or coming home late.

          The way I’ve gotten around this in the past, is with motion lights and an alarm system. They still make both of those, don’t they? Hardly anyone has been hurt with either.

        • Militias were comprised of armed citizens, Artie. And while I share your skepticism about the ability of rifle-bearing patriots to defeat tyranny in this day of predator drones, you never know – the Syrians seem to be at least holding their own over there in the desert. If the Second Amendment is silent on the precise issue of self defense (and the majority of the Supremes say it was not, that the right acknowledged by the Amendment was a right held by individuals, not the state), perhaps it was because no one dreamed back then that any government would deny its citizens the right to defend themselves against, say, phony Indians who wanted to establish a casino on those citizens’ property.
          Armed guards in every school, aside from being a boon to unionized policemen,is a pretty silly idea, I agree. If schools are hardened, madmen will simply shift their attention to softer, less protected targets, like movie theatres and shopping malls. The answer, obviously, is a well armed, well trained citizenry on our streets and wherever people gather. If you’d like to participate in that movement, I’ll pay for your gun instruction classes!

          • Artie

            C’mon, Chris, the armed citizens were organized, that is a very large distinction to every person in Riverside having a gun and acting as they please.

            The Syrians (there are the Syrians again), don’t forget, are fighting the Syrians – they aren’t up against the likes of the USA!

            As I said earlier, I think prior to the mid 60’s, the justices thought otherwise. we don’t want to define what is right simply by looking to the Court, do we?

            I’m up for the gun class, though – I’d probably be better trained than 99% of the gun owners. Let me know your availability…

            (I did see the explanation, now that you mention it, but became distracted trying to keep up with the comments…phew)

          • By law, anyone who wants a pistol permit must attend a state-certified class, which includes instruction on gun safety, applicable laws (they’re myriad in CT) and range time, with both a written test and demonstrated proficiency required. Armed with a certificate of the successful completion of that class, an applicant must then report to the local chief of police and consent to be fingerprinted and have a background check, state and federal, conducted, pay lots of money and wait 6-8 weeks to be granted, or denied, a permit. It’s my guess that most criminals intent on armed mayhem don’t bother with any of this. So, while your completion of a gun safety class would certainly make you better trained than 99% of all armed criminals, you’d be at best on a par with licensed owners.
            But really – I’d be happy to escort you t a range and show you the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting. You’ll almost certainly discover that it’s fun – certainly my daughters did, and you’ll at least gain a little knowledge about guns. You may probably still want to ban them, but at least you’ll know what you’re trying to ban.

          • Artie

            You’re on – I’ll buy lunch! I’m sure the ammo is too expensive…

          • Artie, let me get my left arm working again (that bit of minor surgery I mentioned last week) and let’s go. Ammo and (registered, properly permitted) pistols included, as well as ear protectors and shooting glasses. I have a semi-automatic .22 with a 10 – shot capacity – don’t tell Mayor Mike, and my late father’s .45, which has a 6-shot magazine. You’ll discover that .22’s are tiny little beasties with no kick but certainly capable of killing someone, as Mafia hit men have demonstrated, while the .45 cartridge really goes boom. I introduced my 25-year-old daughter Sarah to shooting by starting her on the .22 and she was mildly interested, but when we switched over to the .45 she fired off a couple of magazines and said, “this is really cool!”. Indeed it is. And, at least as as practiced by me – I am, or was, a hunter safety instructor for years, entirely safe.
            I figure maybe two weeks before my arm heals, but then let’s go. I’ll even provide an NRA baseball hat you can take home with you to horrify your friends!

          • Artie

            You’re on!

        • AJ

          The greatest and most technologically military in the world was not able to defeat or even get control over a handful of sandal wearing Arabs running around with nothing more than AK-47s, grenade launchers, and cell phones until we paid them off (those Benedict Arnolds).

          If Iraq proved anything, it proved that small band of dedicated fighters armed with nothing more than small arms can prevail. We would have bombed Afghanistan back to the stone age, but they were already there. We’ve been fighting cavemen for ten years, and victory is still nowhere in sight.

          You don’t seem to get that you can write all the laws you like and ban whatever you like, and criminals could care less. That’s why they call them outlaws. Hows that drug war going? Just a few dead-enders left to round up? The guns for drugs (yes, the US government runs drugs — google it) plan known as “fast and furious” — of course you can trust the government — is not what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind. And what’s with all those hollow points?

        • AJ

          Yes Artie, they wrote about it in other places, and that shows intent. The founders were very much against standing armies; the militias were ad hoc groups under the control of the States, not the Federal Government, not the Army and are nothing like the National Guard. As for ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, it’s all about how a small dedicated fighting force can stand against impossible odds, aka, don’t tread on me.

  13. Jane Wayne in Petticoats

    These antiquated laws will be updated. The tide is changing. It’s just that the dinosaurs on this site can’t see it because they spend all day posting about life instead of actually living it.

    • AJ

      The second amendment is not a law it is part of the Bill of Rights. Oh, that antiquated Constitution, especially that most annoying Bill of Rights. Why just the second amendment? Why not throw it all out, and give absolute power to Obama? Why do you need rights and freedoms anyhow when you have government to look out for you? When’s Obama giving up his armed protection? A messiah doesn’t need guns.

      “…they spend all day posting about life instead of actually living it…” So tell us, after you’ve killed the Bill of Rights, or at least the portions you don’t like, how does one live life — please tell us what to do. What makes yours worth emulating, other than the pink nail polish and petticoats — I think I’ll pass on both of those.

    • FlyAngler

      First, Jnee Wayne sounds like a troll.

      Second, Jane, I am your neighbor here in the north east, I consider myself civilized, highly educated, partially sophisticated AND I have more than a couple of firearms, including several evil black ARs that I use for hunting and competitive shooting. I have taken defensive rifle and pistol courses and can hit center mass even when winded.

      Third, I am not sure if it was you or another who made the comment about relying on their motion-detecting lights and alarm system for their home’s (and families) protection. Possibly, but with a airgun or silenced 22 pistol, I can defeat those lights by shooting out the bulbs abd you would never hear it. I defeat your alarm by cutting both your land line and cable coax from the street before I shoot out the lights. I then break through the front door and I am in and out of your house in under five minutes taking what is easy to carry and sell on the street. However, if I think you have real valuable, then I find you and work it from there. So how’s that security system working now?

      As for the comment about running to the safe, working the dial, etc if there’s a break-in, that person is not thinking.simply Bolt a finger operated Microvault to the inside of your bedside table or nearest closet. Keep your flashlight equipped pistol in there loaded with hollow point bullats and have one in the chamber ready to go. Then, should a wimdow break at O Dark Thirty, you are 10 seconds away from being armed and you don’t have to abaondom your sleeping family. Same can be done with a closet rack for a shotgun or AR.

      But to all of Chris’ regulars, don’t be baited by this troll. Leave them to their delusions and higher propensity to become a crime victim statistic.

      • Artie

        It was I who pointed out that the odds of most people protecting themselves are nil. I also provided a video, as I know you like videos.

        Have any children? Leaving guns out is probably not a good idea.

        • Under Connecticut law, Artie, guns must be locked away even in a residence. If you’d take that course I mentioned, you’d know that.

        • FlyAngler


          Everything we own is secured in safes, including his and hers 40 S&Ws in the bedside Microvault, mine with light, my wife’s with light and laser. Two mags each loaded with Hornady Critical Defense JHPs. Molon Labe.

          As for my kids, they have all undergone training by me and others and are not bad shots themselves. My 15 year old took a defensive pistol course with me over the summer in fact.

          Where yoy see a problem, I see an opportunity to teach our kids the right and wrong of guns. Makes them better prepared to argue with those with no experience and nase their opinions on heresay, etc.

      • Artie

        These new fangled alarm systems now have a battery backup, in such event that power is lost. The police would be notified that the power has gone down, and you get a call to your cell.

        • FlyAngler


          You are one of those types who reads too quickly and ends up interpreting what they wanted to read, rather than what is written.

          To wit, go back and re-read what is typed. I said nothing about cutting your power so that you backup battery would allow your system to dial central alarm who would then call your house to verify your outage and then might or might then call GPD to report a power outage. We are talking about Greenwich where power outages are a regular occurrence and most alarm companies don’t call LE for power failures because their clients complain about paying the fee for the local PD to turn out.

          I said suggested some professional would cut your phone and able lines (in case you are foolish enough to run your alarm dialout over VOIP), your system’s means of calling anyone, before a signal could get out. Then, unless you have a cellular back up system (my house does, does yours?) your alarm system is cut off to the world. Even your panic button won’t work at that point.

          But forget all that Artie, let’s assume your Zeanith motion-detecting lights work and you actually set your alarm while you are home. I kick down your door and while the alarm is squawking I have you take me to your bedroom and hand over all your jewelry, expensive watches, etc and I am out the door inside of two to three minutes.

          Artie, believe what you want. Choose not to do the “gun thing” if that suits you. But keep your liberal desires the frack away from me and mine. Keep telling yourself the Constitution is a living and breathing document. But don’t complain when some future conservative SCotUS decides some aspect of the Constitution in which you do believe is gutted and reinterpreted for the “modern times”. Keep telling yourself that when our freedom of speech is furerhr encroached upon. Keep telling yourself that when government sticks its nose deeper and experience into your private life and personal communications.

          See, the anti gun types like to suggest that the Second Amendment is open to interpretation but how will they feel when some future majority conservaticpve court starts to decide in ways that are antietical to their views. How living and breathing will the document seem then!

          • Artie

            So you break in and take my jewelry. Big deal, take it away, I’m over insured. I couldn’t care less. What am I supposed to do, shoot the guy? Are you an eye for an eye guy?

            The odds of me being robbed are extremely low. The odds of me being robbed while I’m home, is significantly smaller. The odds of me being robbed while I’m home AND I’m within reach of my gun? Infinitesimal!!!

            The odds of you being shot by the drug fueled guy who is robbing you because he needs a fix and sees you going for your gun, or better yet, grabs your daughter? Probably even money.

            If you had read what I wrote, you would see that I said I am not liberal at all, but conservative. I have never voted anything but the Conservative party line. My wife votes the Right to Life ticket. I have been involved in both national and local elections. I have been the treasurer of my states right to life convention.

            You are a fear monger. “Everyone wants to take my rights away.” Please, no one gives a crap about you or your rights, they’re worried about themselves and their families and getting through until next Christmas. Of course the constitution evolves, as does the world. You can stay in your fallout shelter and wait for the apocalypse like you have since the Cold War. In the mean time, I’ll stay out here and try to work something out.
            Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

  14. Peg

    Jayne W still hasn’t offered plans that are going to stop attacks like Newtown’s. And she also doesn’t seem to recognize that we do have a 2nd Amendment, and we do already have a myriad of gun laws on the books (many of which have not been enforced by the Obama administration).

    Cory Booker (DEMOCRAT) is knowledgeable about this:


    • Jane Wayne in Petticoats and wearing pink nail polish

      Peggy – the country has changed since the days of your and AJ’s prime. It’s no longer the Wild West. If you want to keep the guns and go out in a blaze of glory, why not take a little trip over to Syria and blast away until your heart is content. The civilized population here on the East coast, with kids in school no longer want it your way. Happy Travels.

      • AJ

        Why don’t you put on your best threads and finest jewelry and take a walk through your intellectually superior east coast neighborhood of Bedford Stuy (CF’s ancestral stomping grounds) at two in the morning and see if you make it out alive. You might want to leave a note as to where you want your body sent, or you may just soothe the beast with your pink nail polish, much as the fool at 0:30 in the following clip tries to do with his copy of the King James Bible.

        Syria, by the way, is a shooting gallery because the US has backed Al Qaeda in order to destabilize and overthrow its government. Of course, we did bring human rights to Libya, again with the help of our friends, Al Qaeda (google it). So answer me this: why does the government need guns?

  15. Peg

    Jane – I keep on waiting to find out how you are going to deal with the FACT that we have a Second Amendment – and – with or without it – how you are going to make it safe and sound. You ARE aware (are you not?) that places like Newtown and Chicago have some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation? So – let us know your plan.

    Why do have this continuing feeling that you are simply going to badmouth gun owners and tell them they oughta head to Syria, instead of proving the Jane Wayne plan for America? BTW – I have no guns, don’t like ’em, don’t know much about ’em and have no plans to get one. Nevertheless, unlike most liberals, I am both a realist and someone who believes we don’t all have to make the same choices and live the same lifestyle as one another…..

    Looking forward to your post, Jane, with the Jayne Wayne Gun-Free America!

  16. Artie

    And what the heck is “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ *”?????

    • I explained it for you in the footnote at the bottom of my screed, Artie (pays to read the whole thing, eh?), as well as provided a translation in the photo caption. “Come and take them”, said by the Spartan general in response to the Persian’s demand that they surrender their weapons if they chose to live. The modern equivalent is probably General McAuliff’s (sp) response to the German’s demand that he surrender at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge: “Nuts”.

      • AJ

        Poor Artie has yet to discover the meaning and usage of the asterisk — look for a footnote.

        • Artie

          If you werre quick enough to notice, I did apologize for my error. I was trying too hard to find the common sense in your writings…

  17. Got here from Instapundit. Nice blog. A comment —

    It seems that some of your commenters don’t quite get that the Supreme Court has spoken on what the Second Amendment means. It turns out that it indeed means that I have a right to own an ordinary firearm if I so choose. The argument is over, absent a new constitutional amendment.

    It’s strange that your commenters miss this — after all, the Supreme Court found, via an emanation of a penumbra, that abortion is legal and therefore can never, ever be questioned again. Gun ownership by individuals is explicitly conveyed in the Second, and yet your commenters think that the issue is still on the table.

    To borrow from the abortion debate, one should notice how vigilant the ‘pro-choice’ folks are about anything, anything proposed that would limit the the right to an abortion. It seems that there is a ‘slippery slope’ there: if one begins to limit abortion in this way or that, then pretty soon abortion will be completely illegal. That’s why they are so vociferous about any new law or rule that would limit abortion in any way.

    Yet they intend no slippery slope at all with firearms ownership, do they. No sir Senator, they just want to ban semi-automatic weapons. And large magazines. And ‘assault’ type weapons. Pretty soon they’re banning deer rifles out of season. And shortly after that Governor Cuomo has the SWAT teams going door to door.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say certain commenters were being intellectually dishonest. Or that they are just progressives, which is about the same thing.

    • Artie


      From what I hear, the Constitution is a living, breathing document. According to you, our Supreme Court (who’s opinions can change in a short time, as new justices come in) is the moral authority of the country. I disagree. Everything can be questioned again, and should be. Our wonderful country was founded on compromise, and compromise will continue to get us through. How many people lived in the US during the Revolutionary War? I tried to find out, but don’t have the time today. I did find that 25,000 were killed in the war. that’s a little more than 1/3 of Greenwich’s 61,000 current residents. The times change, and we need to keep up – if we didn’t, we would still be beholden to the queen.

      • AJ

        You’re right, you can get it changed, or amended. All you need to do is write your amendment, get the House and the Senate to pass it, and have the legislatures of 3/4s of the states ratify it. Not easy, but it was designed that way on purpose.

      • Sorry, Artie, you heard wrong: the Constitution is not a living, breathing document. Then again, I’m an originalist. Words mean what they mean, not what someone can twist them into meaning.

        The Supreme Court is the final interpreter of the Constitution. Who says so? They do. See Marbury v Madison (you did hear about that in your American Civ class, right?).

        But if everything can be questioned again, I have a list, though you might not like it…

        • Artie

          If you’re an originalist, you must love the mention of “militia”, because in the late 1700’s, they were the show. I don’t know one person still involved in a militia, so how do you justify Marbury?
          Also, what does your wife/girlfriend/mother think of you and your thoughts on their right to vote? Know any black people? Do they realize that you want the original document back in place & that you think slavery should be back in vogue?

          I need sleep, little kids get up early tomorrow.