But enough about me, let’s talk about you: what do YOU think about me?


God I'm pretty - for a Kenyan

God I’m pretty – for a Kenyan

Narcissist in Chief uses eulogy to Senator Inoye to mention himself 63 times.


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8 responses to “But enough about me, let’s talk about you: what do YOU think about me?

  1. Balzac

    What is Obama’s core mission? When he thinks about himself, he observes: 1. I have this very unusual background: Kenyan father, Hawaii, Indonesia, Columbia, Harvard, black skin but not black anger, lots of brains, adept at the tone and vocabulary of the Ivy league… Why did God put these unusual attributes together in me? 2. My destiny is to transform America, moving it toward liberal utopia. I am not a conventional politician or executive trying to carry out the turnaround of America after the financial meltdown. I am a unique, transformative aspirational leader setting out to change American society, and thru it, our world. 3. As a result, the financial intricacies of the massive deficit are irrelevant. Who cares if taxing those with income over $250,000 only reduces the unsustainable $1.1 trillion budget deficit by 9%? It’s more important that I intitiate the long-term transformation to socialism. 4. Next, I will initiate the transformation of our economy away from planet-wrecking carbon energy. I only have 3 years to effect this.

    Our economy will continue to be weak, because the President has deeper, longer and more profound objectives……

    • Inagua

      Balzac – We should be grateful if Obama’s top priority for second term is only an assault on carbon. I am afraid that he will focus on “comprehensive immigration reform” as a means of solidifying a national Democratic majority that can win without his unique charisma. Obama might leave us voting demographic where even a Dukakis or a Mondale can win.

  2. Babylon Sister

    He wrote his memoir (Dreams from My Father) at age 28. Most people that age are too busy working and trying to make ends meet to bother writing an flowery autobiography about having accomplished essentially nothing.

    Balzac, how about a little more compassion! Can’t you see, he’s got a 236 year mistake to fix.

  3. Peg

    He actually MENTIONED Senator Inoye? Well; sometimes you get lucky.

  4. Michelle

    Were you listening to L7 when you wrote that title?