Now they tell us

But I voted for Obama!

But I voted for Obama!

Expiration of Bush “tax cuts for the rich” which we’ve heard about ad nauseum for the past four years, will hurt poor and middle class the most. It’s never about the facts in our brave new world, only the narrative.

I say, bring it on.


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2 responses to “Now they tell us

  1. Balzac

    The Mother Jones article CF linked to perfectly summarized the main-stream media’s narrative: “The best-known result of the Bush tax cuts is that virtually all the benefits were conferred upon people who didn’t need them at all…”

    If “virtually all the benefits” went to the rich, why do the Democrats and the media claim that retaining the lower Bush tax rates is vital for the middle class?

    This stuff is crayon-simple, but too complex for the mainstream media…..

    • Inagua

      You can’t successfully argue these tax facts against the triumvirate of a charismatic politician, a compliant media, and an uninformed electorate. The simplistic narrative wins. Obama and the media know it is mendacious, but they consider it necessary to advance of their higher goal of wealth redistribution.