Sauce for the goose or, home address and phone number of Journal-News publisher

White Plains newspaper The Journal- News, a Gannett publication, has published the full name and address of every licensed pistol permit holder in three New York counties. I don’t know whether the Journal’s publisher Janet Hasson is a permit holder herself, but here’s how to find her to ask:

(UPDATE: Uh oh – InstaPundit’s linked here. Hundreds of thousands of readers; Janet, you have a great Christmas Eve)

Janet Hasson, publisher, Journal News

Janet Hasson, publisher, Journal News

Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10534.

Phone number:

(914) 694-5204

Here’s a photo showing her Mamaroneck house – interior shots are on Zillow:

Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Rd, MamaroneckUPDATE: From reader RJS: Gannett’s CEO-

Gracia C Martore
728 Springvale Rd
Great Falls, VA 22066
(703) 759-5954

The reporter on the story is

Dwight R Worley
23006 139 Ave
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413        (718) 527-0832

UPDATE: Intrepid readers have come up with all sorts of contacts for these people:


Miss Royle’s married name is Lambert. She lives in White Plains and here is her Facebook page complete with pictures of her and her kids. Hello Sanctimony.

Cynthia R Lambert
17 Mcbride Ave
White Plains, NY 10603 (914) 948-9388

Work: 914-694-5001
Drives a red convertible:
Family photo:

Publisher, Janet Hasson,

3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck NY, 10543

(914) 694-5204


Reporter, Dwight R. Worley, 23006 139 Ave

Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

(718) 527-0832

The “Visual Editor” responsible for the map itself is:

Robert F. Rodriguez

(w) Stephanie Azzarone
Home (212) 222-4566
420 Riverside Dr, Apt 7A
New York, NY 10025-7748

Publisher: Janet Hasson (@janhasson on twitter) 3 Gate House Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10534


Gracia C Martore 728 Springvale Rd Great Falls, VA 22066 (703) 759-5954

Janet Hasson herself is married with one child, and her personal interests, as culled from her credit card records, are noted below:

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 2.17.22 PM



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513 responses to “Sauce for the goose or, home address and phone number of Journal-News publisher

  1. browbeater44

    doesnt the point of the sheer volume of registered gun owners actually work against here arguement (the arguement i assume she is making)…

    • So this is what journalism has turned to. Attack dogs for the left. Sad and pathetic what this profession has turned into. Useful idiots.

      • Duncan

        There are some that have not sold out our integrity. Unfortunately there are very few of us left. Mostly because the houses that used to be known for accurate reporting of facts have now become entertainment houses.
        Thankfully, I write for the Army and I can still write stories without writing editorials.

      • If society collapses, the first people to end up in the cannibals’ stewpots would be journalists.

      • bunnyswanson

        Please do not generalize. The left is not the left we once knew. It has been hijacked by special interest group with an agenda that is vague at best. Look behind the curtain, and even another curtain may be behind it.

    • Larry wright

      I think this is great and they can add my name to the list. I bet the crooks will stay away from those homes that have an occupant with a carry permit. Maybe the ones not listed won’t be so lucky?

    • Sam Malone

      We who have been exposed by the National Enquirer of Westchester (a.k.a The Journal News) should apply en masse for FULL CARRY permits since we now can “demonstrate need”. If we are denied then a class action tort against Westchester County to demand issuance of Full Carry for all Westchester County Handgun Permit owners.
      By placing a map with our personal information on the internet, the Gannett rag has given a shopping list to thugs, criminal mutts, amateur thieves, teenage wannabes and terrorists. Each and every time we leave our homes we never know what we’ll find when we return. Am I going to get accosted as I enter or leave my home? Will I find a gun to my head as I try to open my door? Will I have middle of the night visitors? What about my Aunt, whose house is identified, and whose husband died over 5 years ago and no longer owns his handgun? How do we protect her?
      Boycott the JN, tell the businesses you patronize that you will no longer be reading nor buying that rag so they will be wasting their advertising dollars. It’s time for economic warfare against these “journalistic” whores.
      Last but not least call all the numbers given and wish them a Merry Christmas from a 2nd Amendment supporter, who protects their right to abuse the 1st amendment.

      • Eric

        Good piece; and let’s stop patronizing their advertisers and let them know why!

        • MerlinV12

          Somebody post a list of the advertisers so nobody else has to actually buy a copy of their birdcage mat to get the names.

      • Anonymous


      • Kevin

        The journal news has shown that they lack any common sense and have proven that they are nothing more than a low level paper. I cannot believe that buy “outing” honest, law abiding citizens and publicly announcing their name and address is nothing short of irresponsible. Their lame attempt will not bring back the poor souls that were lost in Newtown. In fact, they have offered the criminals a place to shop for a handgun. The list put out by the JN fails to show any “shotguns, rifles or ASSAULT WEAPONS”. With so much news that requires attention, this rag tries to compete with better known papers with this nonsense. I will never purchase this paper again and will work diligently to persuade other to boycott it.

        • Sam Malone

          To all of the outed and those who support us, I texted Worley and Hasson a very simple message, “Merry Christmas from a supporter of the 2nd amendment and as one who defends your right to abuse the 1st.” Let them know that we know who and where they are in the same manner in which they’ve exposed us.
          I have just received a message from the NYSRPA calling for subscribers and advertisers to boycott the Journal News. Talk this up in your community. If the Journal is not your local Gannett rag, find out which one is published in your area and boycott it. Start speaking to local businesses that sell any Gannett paper and ask them to stop selling it. Tell them you’ll buy any other paper but one published by the Gannett chain. Let them know how they’ve been endangered by this monumentally irresponsible act. I am prepared to fire the first shots in this economic war against Gannett. Will I be standing alone? There are 16,000 handgunners that were outed if we can get 20% active that would have a huge impact.
          Think about the message we can send to the political hacks in Albany if we can organize a major boycott. Take charge of your future as a firearms owner in this state.

        • Czgrace

          Sign me up.
          How can we organize?
          Thank you,

        • Jeff

          It sounds like 16,000 permit owners need to create a petition to albany to make that kind of info non-public.

      • revsnoopy

        Tell the “journalistic” whores for me, I know some guys up there (I’m in Texas) that will take them for a motorcycle ride – they’ll get a better thrill out of that than trying to play the cock of the walk – the Idiots sure thought they were being smart – I think they’ll end up thinking (like Japan did) “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

      • Tena

        You should also sue this rag for invasion of privacy and anything else you can think of! It is unconscionable to have printed all this private information, INVITING robbers, either to these specific homes to attempt to get guns, or to their unarmed neighbors as a safe alternative! Either way, they have now put innocents at risk, and all for the name of “journalism”~

      • Anonymous

        down here in florida I couldn’t believe this when I saw it so more power to you guys up there. I will do my part by canceling my subscription to the local gannett owned rag and tell them why I’m doing it.

      • Great commentary. I notice that Ms. Royce has taken down her personal FB page. Feeling the intrusion into her privacy, I assume.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t worry to much, the folks that sold you out are now posted. Everyone knows those idiots don’t have guns but do have other valuables

      • Terri

        Link to all things Gannett. I just cancelled all my gagett (intended spelling) rags. Good luck y’all. You have supporters here in Texas!

      • The lawsuits that are being generated around this even as we speak will bring about the bankruptcy and demise of this paper. And with that kind of rogue editorial judgement, they will have earned it.

      • Anonymous

        Your’re so worried? I bet your ‘thug’ would more likely use your own gun against you- as you stumble around attempting to figure it out.

    • I would say it does. shows that most gun crime are not because fo gun owners.

    • Any bad guy can now focus on the homes that did NOT show up on the map, knowing full well they will not be opposed by anything worse than a baseball bat. I think people should be scared that they’ve now been identified as NOT having a gun permit.

      • Anonymous

        My point too. If I didn’t have a dot on my house, I’d be worried.

      • SANDY

        may still own long guns, remember it was the journal that posted the lists not innocent non gun holders

      • What planet do you live on? Certainly not Earth. People are not just banging down doors and mowing people down with AK-47’s. I know that sort of hurts your “well i need an assault rifle to protect myself from other assault rifles” argument.

        • Twenty minute response time for Newtown. 15 minutes for the Luby’s Texas massacre (22 dead, all shot by a pistol, one-by-one, while police clustered outside the diner), 30 minutes in Cheshire, cops waited at end of driveway while the perpetrators raped the doctor’s wife and two children one final time then burned them alive.
          That’s the world we all live in, that’s the world you want to turn your protection against over to the police in your town. Which is fine by me – I won’t miss you, but I won’t join you.

        • James T

          Greg, *your* fear is not relevant to a discussion of *my* safety.

          What you ‘think’ I should be allowed to use to defend myself is equally irrelevant.

          Once you believe you are entitled to decide what I may and may not have, you’ve made the case for the 2nd amendment.

          Think on that.

    • Sam Malone

      To all fellow defenders of the second amendment,
      [1] Watch or contact the New York State Rifle and Pistol Assoc. (NYSRPA) for notifications of actions or meetings
      [2] Encourage your local gun club exec officers to look toward NYSRPA for notifications of actions or meetings
      [3] Spread the word among fellow firearms owners.
      [4] I walked into a deli in Sloatburg, informed the owner about what the JN did and then posed the question, “Where do you think the bad guys are going rob once they steal firearms from law-abiding citizens, that’s right your little store”. I asked them to stop selling the JN, they were thinking about it when I left. I advise all who read this to do the same everywhere they see the Gannett chain rags being sold.
      [5] Contact your local Assemblyman and State Senator demand the following:
      [a] legislation to prevent the reproduction in any media form of the lists obtained by FOIA requests. Demand both civil and criminal penalties.
      [b] demand that personal information, address, telephone number be excluded from FOIA requests.
      [c] demand legislation to provide for protection from civil and criminal liability by firearms owners whose homes have been burglarized and firearms stolen and who report the burglary immediately.
      [d] demand a tax deduction for up to $1000 for the purchase of a safe for firearms owners in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.
      [6] Contact relatives and friends in other parts of the country to cancel their subscriptions to their local Gannett rag and to let them know why. (Thanks to Anonymous from Florida for that great idea)

      As much as I hate to say this, I’d rather read the most liberal NYT than the Gannett rag, at least there is some integrity there.
      Remember there are over 16,000 affected in Westchester County alone.
      We need to get everyone informed and active.

  2. cf

    Atta boy!!

    Yes, it looks like she does enjoy her food and wine!

  3. Anonymous

    good on you, mr. fountain. after all, everything’s worthy of public record, right? we have a right to know if our neighbor is part of the media.

    • Especially if that person publishes the home address of every legal gun owner in Westchester and Dutchess County so that criminals can break in, steal those guns and get them out on the street, where they belong. The lady is a danger to the entire country, not just your neighborhood.

      • Babylon Sister

        Actually my first thought was, if I were a burglar, this would eliminate some of the guesswork for me. Household with a gun? Might not make it out alive… better not risk it.

        I’m sure the “gun-free” neighbors with the “Hope and Change” bumpersticker on their Volvo have just as good – if not better – plasma screen TVs.

  4. browbeater44

    she will seated next to michelle for the state of the union address

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  6. Anonymous

    Hello Janet.

  7. Al

    Looking for a good supplier of “Gun Free Zone” stickers for all of my neighbor’s houses.

    • Some Guy in Wisconsin on AceofSpadesHQ most days... :) can make up any kind of sticker you would like…. just thought I’d help out…. 🙂

  8. Jeffersonian

    Nice house. Wooded lot, too. Lots of places to hide.

  9. Jim Vogel

    Does Janet have a twitter account? Maybe she could be asked to be as dillivent looking into Fast and Furious, or Bengazi. Does the map show if she lives in a safe gun free zone?

    • ves

      And it’s worth ove a million bucks. She must be one of those rich 1%ers. Just the place to rob rich and gun free – unless that is she’s a hypocryte.

    • Wow, nice house. A LOT of glass there; easy access should an intruder want to get in. And you know, when seconds count, police are only minutes away! NOT that I would want poor Janet to worry, just as I’m sure she didn’t have any malice toward the people whose addresses she allowed to be exposed.

    • Anonymous

      Chris: Check out the price history. Looks like she could use the advice of a real estate professional.

      • Paul K.

        She’s clearly part of the 1%. And where is hubby? Is she like Lanza’s mom living in a million dollar house with an unstable kid? The NEIGHBORS have to know!!!! It’s a matter of “public safety”.

  10. James Breed

    1.3 mill? For that shack? Glad I live in Kansas.

  11. NEFloridaGeek

    Well Played Sir!

  12. Bobby

    It would be terrible if her child was harassed and teased by Schoolmates for her Mom being a domestic terrorist now wouldn’t it?

    What about her relatives and friends? She started this witch hunt, but I suspect her loved ones will suffer as a result. Stupid, arrogant lady… She deserves a life of shame and ridicule.

  13. Jeffersonian

    It’s a good-looking place on the inside, too, but the furniture just screams “trailer trash.” One can get a good idea of the floorplan from that, too.

  14. Mario Gabelli is listed. Maybe he’s a former Belle Haven Buzzard, too! Perhaps not.

  15. Anonymous2

    Gee, Janet. Aside from your arrogance and idiocy you really have an appalling low-budget nouveau taste in home decoration. Rather common, wouldn’t you say?

  16. browbeater44

    dont mess with mario

  17. Joe

    Fantastic,thanks so much for this. It is time to fight back every time the crazies attack. Thanks again.

  18. Walt

    Dude –
    This woman is despicable, irresponsible, menopausal and psychotic. Jackie Chiles Dude!!

    How do they trust her with publishing a newspaper? Not that anyone actually reads newspapers anymore, but this was highly unprofessional.

    She is a liberal retard, who will employ Gestapo tactics to force her will on others, and stomp on the constitution. She will stop at nothing.

    And she spent that much money to live in Mamaroneck? She really is stupid. Do they even have strip bars there? If so, can she do a PSA and publish the addressess?
    Your Pal,

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  20. RJS

    Gannett’s CEO-

    Gracia C Martore
    728 Springvale Rd
    Great Falls, VA 22066
    (703) 759-5954

  21. Anonymous

    What is her home number?

    • Update: Try (248) 594-2197. If that’s not her home number (it is a number assigned to her) then (914) 525-1923 might be it, but the area code was missing on the data I retrieved so ‘m just guessing that it’s the local one, 914.

      • Let’s turn the tables on the Journal and see how they like it!

        Journal News President:
        —Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 (914) 694.5204

        —Cyndee Royle, 1133 Westchester Ave., Suite N110, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-694-9300
        –Nancy Cutler 9 Woodwind Ln, Spring Valley, NY. (845) 354 3485

        Parent company of The Journal News Gannett
        —–CEO Gracia C Martore 728 Springvale Rd Great Falls, VA 22066 (703) 759 5954

        The reporter on the story is:
        –Dwight R Worley 23006 139 Ave Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 (718) 527 0832

        Copy and re-post this. Don’t let it get buried! Save a copy for when they re-set the comments.

  22. Outstanding linkage there Christopher…

    Have a merry, and peaceful, Christmas.

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  24. RokShox

    Three close neighbors of hers are on the list. Bet they’re happy. 11 in her small neighborhood.

  25. Anonymous


  26. Peg

    Y’all need to move en masse to the Twin Cities. We don’t do ugly like that here …. at least, not for ludicrous prices like that!

    • Sue Nahmi

      Unfortunately the Twin Cities are under the spell of collectivism and lots of snow.
      Why anyone would want to live in that parochial outpost of humanity, is beyond me. Ignorance is bliss.
      Peg, you need to get out more. Travel.

  27. RokShox

    Eleven homes in her elitist upscale neighborhood have pistol permits. What do you bet after Obama rams through his gun ban, these folks will continue to have their guns?

  28. Perhaps she will now feel as though she needs to protect herself and her home. I wonder how she will opt to do that. How ironic.

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  30. billygoat

    Tsk, tsk Janet…you evil 1%er.

  31. Obviousfakename

    Hope she enjoys receiving a bunch of free catalogs from firearms manufacturers.

  32. I stumbled across this EXCELLENT piece of work while looking for information on Janey hasson to make public. I would have gone farther and put up her kid’s name and school, if any, the license plate, make and model of her car, etc…
    This publication was the most irrational, counterproductive act by an emotional nitwit who is a frightened liberal.
    Then work your way down the list. Springfield Gardens is in NYC. Ain’t NOBODY got guns dere lessen’ they be gang bangers. RE:
    Dwight R Worley
    23006 139 Ave
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 (718) 527-0832
    Lets see what he reports about this.

  33. Warren Bonesteel

    The narrative is to demonize anyone of the right and make it acceptable to the rest of the public when you are harmed or imprisoned. The article in question isn’t a one-off affair. This has been an on-going narartive (meme engineering) for months, now.

    The history of tryants’ and dictaors’ ascent to power should be telling you something, people. You should be hearing alarm bells and seeing red flags, and flashng lights, here.

    Instead, you’re…laughing?

  34. AJ

    Time to get out the cranial calipers to measure this woman’s breasts to see if there are any signs of intelligence. Give the poor girl a break: she loves reading and subscribes to magazines; she may be human after all. Where are those sunglasses?

  35. I really dislike “outing” of people, but since they did it to gun owners first, I think turnabout is fair play.

    However, this will backfire if someone harms anyone on this list, as that portrays gun owners as violent nutcases. (Although if that does occur, 10-to-1 the perp will be a liberal agitproper).

    • Targeting gun owners by publishing their home addresses is pretty dangerous too, Brett – either thieves will focus on them and put the guns into circulation on the street or they’ll hit the neighbors who are not identified as gun owners, figuring they’re a safer target but either way, it’s dangerously risky for this publisher to collect that information and make it accessible with just one click. Dangerous to the neighbors, if the thieves go that way, dangerous to the country, if the guns are stolen and shopped around – like a lie, a stolen gun can get 1/2 way around the world before the owner can put his shoes on.
      So I’m comfortable with outing the people involved with this act.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        I totally agree with you. What if someone got a gun to protect themselves from a stalker? Now the stalker knows where they live.

        This “newsperson” has put lives at risk to move forward her own shameless agenda. She should be ashamed of herself, and stripped of all her journalistic “credentials”.

        Anyhows, I am watching “A Christmas Carol”. The George C. Scott version. He lived in Greenwich, Dude. Hated the airport. “Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!” Patton Dude!!

        But I can’t watch this movie and not think of you. The cranky, miserable bastard, motivated by greed and power. But then he has an awaking, and realizes what is important. Which is nice. But I would have written the ending differently.

        You would have launched Tiny Tim on a long, successful career in midget porn, in fact inventing the genre. Instead of “And God Bless us all, everyone” it would have been “Who is up for some down low?”.

        What do you think?
        Your Pal,

    • Synova

      I agree with you, Brett. I have a profound dislike for “outing” people, for putting personal (no matter how public) information out, even just email contacts. Putting out employment information so that people can be harassed at work is vile. Any one who shows up at someone’s home to “protest” is also vile.

      In this case, though… I think that’s the point. This woman, through her newspaper, proved herself vile because she broke those rules of decent human behavior. So I also agree that turnabout is fair play… or at least may work as a teachable moment. This lady needs to retract and apologize in print.

      • Jeff

        I have a strong feeling that they are going to pull the whole story off their rag. Even though the genie is out of the bottle…Thanks Jan, Babe. So, I hope there is a way to “cache” everything from the article for, oh maybe a court of law down the pike?

      • Bill

        An apology would be nice, but that won’t get all that info out of existence. The harm’s been done,

  36. Holden Litgo

    “Love thy neighbor as thyself” – That Jesus Fella

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  38. InternetQualityAssuranceChecker

    I hope you have the correct phone number for the correct Janet Hasson. (248) is a Michigan area code

  39. Dallas

    Just enter the names and addresses of all the folk WITHOUT guns.
    Much faster felony per hour ratio.

  40. SamIam

    Merry Christmas, Janet. You may want to become one of those permit holders yourself after your address and personal details have been made public because burglars feel a lot safer knowing the residents are not armed, I’m sure.

  41. We need the names of new subscribers to the newspaper in question. I’m sure they include burglars.


    Horrible taste. Really. It’s bad.

  43. Tasmaniac

    4.099999904632568 bathrooms according to Zillow. She probably has a coffee can that she uses on occasion.

  44. Anonymous

    Man this is awsome. No more peeing on the salt of the earth if they can rip your mask off.

    • These people remind me of the groups who harass hunters in the field, banging kettles, calling us murderers and scum and all the while feeling perfectly safe because they know that hunters are not, in fact, murderers and will not harm them. So Mrs. Hasson and ol’ Dwight publish their list of gun owners (under “crime news”, if you can believe it) with the clear implication that we’re all crazed lunatics but they feel secure doing so because we’d never strike back.
      If they really think they’ve exposed mad crazies, then revealing their identities and home addresses to that population should put them ill at ease on this otherwise silent, calm night. It ain’t very Christian of me, but it does feel good.

      • AJ

        I’ll bet most of your field trip pot bangers eat meat which means that either their logic is flawed or they’re just out of their minds. Hopefully they’re smart enough to not bang any pots around Dick Cheney when he’s hunting or this fellow pictured here who seems pretty handy with a gun. Looks like a picture of another loud mouth moron who decided to combine drinking with hunting. Be careful not to trip while walking around with your finger on the trigger, Big Guy; you might just blow somebody’s head off.

      • robins111

        We had a bunch of them up her in Ontario Canada, they did a great job of stirring up resting deer that otherwise would be resting through the da,.

        we made sure to thank the pot beater, when we came out with pickup loads of deer, big ones too, an average Ontario buck dresses out at 180 to 200 lbs.

  45. Atruen

    Ace has this linked. Now you got MILLIONS of readers!

  46. Andrew

    Does she pay the State taxes on her Internet purchases? Does she claim them on her tax forms? My bet is NO.

    • I wonder what riders these “lets divulge personal information people have on their homeowners policies” ? Since she doesn’t support guns, which are a rider on my policy, I guess she wouldn’t mind letting the public know what her personal property and jewelry are worth……?

  47. Bill R.

    Area code 248 is in Oakland County, Michigan so that first number cannot be corrrect.

    • Well the credit report I ordered shows that number as attached to a Birmingham Michigan address where she lived before moving on to Idaho and other states during her peripatetic career. She kept the number, it looks like, if not the home.

      • Bill R.

        Yeah, after I wrote this, I checked it out online and it came up with a map and her name. It must be a cell phone if she no longer lives there. I can’t believe she didn’t think of the possible unintended consequences of this idiotic act. Stolen weapons on the street or their neighbors without weapons being robbed. Really dumb.

      • 914 is a Connecticut area code.


    I mean her home, this post is in perfect taste.

  49. Publius

    Stupid libs and their unintended consequences. Gun owners should now use this list to connect with each other and form a mutual response protection group. Our colonial ancestors called them Committees so Safety. Paul Revere was a member of one. Hopefully self protection/community watch groups will form all across the country as we prepare to fight the fascists/commies like this editor…..

    K-Bob • an hour ago −
    O/T going viral: Lower Hudson Valley “newspaper” website puts up interactive Google map of homes where people have gun permits.

    They will get someone killed.

    What next, a map of where black people live?

    Maybe (as one commenter said, gun owners will need to wear gold stars)

    Burn the lines, people.
    0 •Reply•Share ›

    Don DeVan K-Bob • 15 minutes ago −
    Stupid libs and their unintended consequences. They have now put in danger all the people in homes that do not have a permit as the criminals now know which homes to avoid. Contact Gannett’s ethics dept. and let them know: the Com- pany’s Chief Ethics Officer, Barbara W. Wall (at 703-854-6000 or bwall(at) You may also seek advice by leaving a telephone message or sending an e-mail message to the Company’s ethics hotline at 800-234-4206 (in the United Kingdom, the hotline number can be reached
    by dialing free 0-808-234-8157) or gciethics(at)
    0 •Edit•Reply•Share ›

    Don DeVan Don DeVan • a few seconds ago −
    The papers email address is

  50. Bill Baldwin

    Janet Hasson can be found on

  51. On the bright side, criminals now know which homes not to visit unless they would like to be ventilated.

    On the down side, criminals now know which homes do not have firearm protection. So, anyone in Westchester and Rockland counties who gets robbed, shot, killed, raped, etc, you can blame the Journal News, which didn’t have the cajones to allow comments.

  52. This list is very strange. I know many more of my neighbors are gun owners than this article posts so either they are without permits or have them licensed in other states. As in our case, we’re all licensed in Rhode Island. This list also skips all the high-powered and famous who live in my town; so that says many of them have peeps/bodyguards who carry guns so their addresses do not show up as a permitted residence.

    PS: Add that recently LoHud went to registered-Facebook-users-only comments. The article at the LoHud site merely has 127 comments which says to me that hundreds more are here to add their two cents with a moniker than with their own name.

  53. Publius

    A few years ago we organized a march on the media. Looks like a march on this outfit is well in order. Peaceful, mind you, peaceful…..
    Bet it’s a union shop, too. All the more reason for thousands of these permit holders to have a protest march right up to the front door.

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  55. VideoSavant

    What next?

    How about an interactive map showing who has been a Planned Parenthood customer? Doesn’t really matter what PP services each person received…roughly 90 percent of their clientele comes for abortion, so it would be entirely fair and consistent to create an interactive Community Aborters Map.

    It’s long past the time where this game is played using the same rules for both sides.

    • INP

      You’re spouting utter nonsense about Planned Parenthood, with totally incorrect “facts.” Most PP clients go for health checks, birth control (to prevent the need for abortions), cancer screenings, etc. Try doing some actual research.

  56. AJ

    A CEO living in a raised ranch with a “Southern Plantation” front door. What kind of BS is that? Kind of like a one story house pretending to be a two story house, or a cardboard box pretending to be a mansion.

  57. Anonymous

    Everything you say here is being tracked, and can be tracked back directly to you. And this woman is a card-carrying member of the state-run gov’t/ media complex…. it could (and likely will) come back to haunt you later. Just be careful what you say friends, you ARE being monitored and everything recorded by our “trusted” gov’t.

    Speak your mind, just be careful what you say. I wish I *were* kidding.

    • Tasmaniac

      I fully understand your cautionary advice and I don’t believe anyone should threaten this woman or anyone else on the staff of that disgusting excuse for a newspaper. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use the information that has been posted here and elsewhere to acknowledge the fact that we see their fascism for what is is. What else can we do?

    • Bill R.

      I gave 20 years of my life to this country and am not afraid to speak up for my God given, affirmed in the Constituition rights. I do nothing illegal anymore except the occasional five over on the roads. Let them bring it on.

  58. ManOfMystery

    Linked here from, about a million unique monthly visitors. Hi Janet!

  59. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we do the same to David Gregory, Soledad O’Brien, Roland Martin, Martin Beshir, Tingles Mathews, Ed Scultz, Rachel Madcow, that Tourette guy . . . just to name a few.

    And then we can go on to the media CEO’s.

    BRILLIANT work!

  60. Spike

    I think Janet should be introduced to the sex offenders in town. After all, their addresses are in the public record, right?

    Mailing her name and address to them would be so nice.

  61. One correction on Janet Hasson. According to her Twitter bio (@janhasson), she has 3 kids and 1 dog.

  62. Wraith

    Our side has been “taking the high road” for decades now, and where’s it gotten us? The brink of bloody extinction, is where.

    I can’t applaud this post enough. No more Mr. Nice Guy. From now on…you do it to us, we do it to you.

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  64. sfcmac

    In 2009, a liberal rag from Tennessee called the Commercial Appeal did the same shit. A blogger, ‘Linoge’ at The Walls of the City, turned the tables on the assholes and proceeeded to publish the names, home addresses and phone numbers of the newspaper staff.
    Background here:
    Hilarity ensued when the paper complained about their privacy being invaded. Liberals hate the shoe being forced onto the other foot.

  65. NS

    Her Twitter account is @janhasson . She doesn’t use it much- her son’s twitter account is [now come on, let’s not drag her kid into this – that’s not right. Ed]

    • just saying

      Respectfully, haven’t the spouses and children of the published gun owners been drug into this, too? Not saying, just saying.

  66. Newspapers have had gun registration records for decades. For a fee the county provides them once a month on computer readable media. They like to have them so that if there’s a news item involving the use of a gun they can immediately look up whether it’s registered or not.

    I’ve never heard of a case where they just printed the raw data. I can’t imagine what they thought this would accomplish.

  67. Upfront info on ones self is one thing! To volunteer other peoples names,addresses,occupations,etc,that is a far reach of freedom,kind of like being 40yrs old & dating a 19yr old because you can! It’s not wrong out right,but most people wonder what each old person who is clever, is up to! It might also be what a clever young person is up to, with an older person! Just not an act that is considered nice to do!

  68. solaratov

    Well played. sir. Well played.

  69. Pingback: White Plains Newspaper Tries to Intimidate Gun Owners « The Foxhole

  70. Steve S

    Janets Twitter account is @janhasson …

    Indeed I think we all need to know if dangerous media people live next to us.

    Merry Christmas!

  71. Tasmaniac

    The fascists are winning. No one is willing to stand up to them as they fear retaliation. These are sad and dangerous times.

  72. Pingback: Newspaper Releasing Names and Addresses of CHL Holders in New York - Page 2

  73. I just posted the following comment on that Journal News item:

    “Do you have ANY frigging idea how many
    of those addresses are the non-published under-the-radar
    addresses of frightened women who fled with their very
    lives from abusive relationships, and then after secretly
    relocating and starting a new life away from their abusers,
    they bought a gun to protect themselves? Do you have
    any idea how many of those women are now in mortal
    danger because you went and published this map??”

    • Well now they know such people (mostly but not just women) know they need to relocate away from blue states which might have a newspaper like this.

  74. anonymous

    But they have gold faucets in their bathroom.

  75. Joseph

    The “248” number listed in the original post says “This number has been disconnected.”

  76. Publishing the editor and reporter home addresses and phone numbers will of course be seen as spiteful, angry (but non-violent) and unnecessary. And I’d have to disagree with… unnecessary. I frequently hear, over and over, from gun control enthusiasts (it does seem like a passionate hobby for many of them doesn’t it?) that of course they support the Second Amendment, they simply don’t understand what we – what was the NY Post Headline? – “Gun Nuts” are concerned about.
    We’re concerned about a government, with mainstream media types acting as cheerleaders, knocking on our doors and disarming us. For no violation other than simply owning a firearm.
    Thanks for taking the lead on this!

  77. Anonymous

    Hey Chris, you’re welcome for forwarding the original article to you (via a comment on another thread).

    Looks like you took the investigative blogging to a whole new level. Nice work!

    Can only wonder what the world’s going to think of Walt when they read his calm and sedate responses…

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  79. Nice place she has there and now the criminals know the layout and that there are no firearms present to inhibit their work.
    How’s it feel to be on the receiving end, Janet? You leftist swine.

  80. Pingback: Sauce for the goose or, home address and phone number of Journal … | Open Knowledge

  81. I have been pasting this story to every gun group in America I can find. This cannot be tolerated! Maybe a few people need called Christmas morning so we can wish them good luck steering through the shit storm about to come down on them. Thank you for posting “their” Information. Lets see how they like it. Bastards

  82. A friend writes: I want to know what pharma drugs their “sane” children are on. I want to know how many of them have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. I want to know so I can circulate those names to parents of hundreds of young children for a safer community, safer schools, malls, theaters, restaurants, churches, medical facilities, grocery marketplaces! Anywhere there’s gatherings in numbers, I want to know who’s under what anti-psychosis medication and WHY? For MY family’s protection, I want to know! Don’t you?

  83. Pingback: 3000GT / Stealth / GTO - Our media is unbiased, responsible, and without agenda. Right....?

  84. Haile Tsada

    I would like to know if the published list is complete. Does she have a gun legally but didn’t publish it, or are some of her cronies or people in the cadre legal gun owners without their names being published? It would not surprise me if the published list is incomplete. Someone should check for completeness.

  85. liontoothcom

    oops, I just told Mr. Worley where I know there isn’t a gun.

  86. Anonymous

    If a burglar were going to break into her house, he could just walk up the back porch steps where he wouldn’t be seen, pull out the grill, jump up on the roof and step through the skylight with a boot. Even if the house has an alarm, and I don’t see one in the pictures, no way they paid to sensor the skylights.

    • Many alarms are useless because home invaders are probably going to cut the utility service wires prior to attempt breaking into a home. I’m sure her family will be harassed by angry neighbors but I’m doubtful anybody would actually physically harm them. Matter of fact; I’d be surprised if her family doesn’t have a second home & that their expecting to receive a phone call from her insurance agent regarding the loss of their primary home. I’m not wishing tragedy to visit the families of those who participated in recklessly endangering the families of New York gun owners by way of placing a bulls eye upon the back of gun owner families, complete with map to acquire directions. However: I wouldn’t sell life insurance to those responsible for publicly placing a bulls eye upon the back of New York gun owners anytime too soon. I’m going to watch the Internet news because I’m expecting the Progressive Lefty’s can’t pass up exploiting this situation. I wonder what odds Vegas would post on the situation causing the next round of violence headlines?

  87. Bill

    Post all their contact Info on 4chan, those people will run with it.

  88. The D

    Are you sure about the 248 number? I live in that area code, and it is Oakland County Michigan

    • I haven’t tried it myself but readers report it’s been disconnected). Hasson once lived and worked in Birmingham, Michigan and it’s possible that her number there is no longer active. Try her work number at the Journal-News instead – I’m sure she’ll be glad to hear from her readers.

  89. Pingback: New York newspaper publishes owner data - M14 Forum

  90. Anonymous

    Good on you. Don’t put up with this Bullshit. People have no freaking respect for others these days. She needs a lesson that her parents apparently didn’t instill in her.

  91. Such an intrepid editor — for her next assignment she can find the names of the Real Killer and Who Hired Craig Livingstone.

  92. Hugh

    So in reality this lady listed names and addresses of BLACK gun owners. SHE RACISS!!!. SHE WANTS TO DISARM MINORITIES!!!!

  93. b_C

    Blowback’s such a cruel bitch.

  94. Pingback: Who published everybodys names?

  95. Anonymous

    She’s an idiot!

  96. Not Happy

    “Shall we play a game?” – WarGames

    I wonder if she’s gonna remain a big fan of having personal info plastered over the internet? 🙂

    Welcome to the war on the Second Amendment!

  97. Anonymous

    This is not the only list, here is a statewide list, less detailed, but covers more territory.

  98. Rob

    Hey Journal News, what are you doing? Are you trying to get people hurt? By publishing those who have guns, you’re telling criminals where the unarmed families live, making them easy targets. If someone gets hurt by you printing that list you should be sued.

  99. Anonymous

    Road trip anyone?

  100. Anonymous

    Shameless, waste of human life that hides behind a curtain of nonsense!!!!

    I hope she enjoys her privacy being portrayed in a public arena. I’m sure her neighbors and Family will thank her on this very joyous holiday for putting them all on the map….

    Truly priceless!!!

  101. CreepyGuy

    So, it looks like the Master Bedroom is on the second story, and the bed is right by the 2 sectioned window that’s just to the left of the deck (on the second story) so the sleeping surface would be in line with the wall about two feet under the 2-sectioned window sill

  102. M2Plaid

    Because the information is considered public does not mean it needs to be broadcast.
    Perhaps Janet doing some reporter work, like investigating and reporting about the 4 Americans left behind to die in Benghazi and the subsequent coverup by you paperboys would be newsworthy.
    Instead you tell criminals who are not armed and protected.
    If their home is robbed, they should sue you.

  103. Be great if one of her immediate neighbors had a permit and could be encouraged to put up this sign…

  104. Ah, the Internet is about to come calling

  105. Jay

    I think she’s crazy if she’s a gun owner; Furthermore, if not, I only hope she is accosted on the streets by a criminal, and, a law abiding gun owner spots it and, knowing who she is does nothing to help her!!! That ought to teach her and the anti-gun crowd she supports. I know that I would in a heartbeat!

  106. MrApple

    I hope when someone inevitably gets robbed that everyone involved with the disclosure of the addresses is sued into the poor house.

  107. Anonymous

    Irresponsible journalism at its worst. Everyone should cancel their subscriptions to this rag. Newsday has just as good coverage of the Judson Valley and it is free to all Cablevisions subscribers,

  108. JJnky

    All she did was to show criminals what houses are armed thus they now know what houses are not armed and are easy pickings. I bet dollars to doughnuts her house ha guns! She is another liberal douch reporter that feeds off young kids swathes like the ghoul reporters like her are.

  109. Leo Borecca

    Let’s hope all those listed protest in front of

  110. Shawn

    Reblogged this on Loose Rounds and commented:
    Though we try to stay out of the political fight and continue with original content for the most part. This is well worthy of being re posted. This gentleman has took the fight to the enemy so to speak. A lot of private citizens info and home address was released in a news paper for left wing kooks and who knows what, to see and harass them. The favor was returned on the “reporter” who perpetrated this damage against private, law abiding gun owning citizens of counties in NY state.

  111. Pingback: Local newspaper posts permit Holders name and addresses - Page 2

  112. i tried to call to tell her what danger she is putting us in-including children, who have responsible parents with locked up firearms. her numbers are disconnected. That other user is right, criminals will break in, and these guns will be out on the street and everyone will be in danger.

  113. Chris G. (Minnesota)

    Way to go….. check out the big brain on Janet! Hope you thought about your new identity plan before moving forward with that article. Have a great 2013!

  114. Klein

    Yea Janet…hope you have a gun of your own as you have probably just made yourself a target of those whose names you’ve published in your paper. Good luck with that!!

  115. r

    Beautiful utilization of malfeasance of office.
    We need to have accountability in the media. The bias is sickening and I have yet to see any objective reporting from the media.

    Merry Christmas

  116. Menopausal_Fear

    I think CreepyGuy, six posts up at 12:32pm, has the post of the day.

  117. Let’s see LoHud publish the list of HIV carrying biohazards – deadly bio assault weapons in their bodies. Nah, they won’t piss off the gay lobby!

  118. Nunyobidness yo

    Someone should make up a flier with her address and a map with directions. Print out 200-300 of them and tape them up on lamp posts, in liquer stores ,ect, in the rougher parts of towne. An invitation to visit and see all of her nice stuff.

  119. Pingback: Map: Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood? - Page 2 - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum

  120. Shaun

    i hope they are inudated with thousands of calls and emails….i did my part….keep up the good work!

  121. Pingback: I cannot believe they posted this - Page 2

  122. Sir biglots

    Journal News Phone Numbers

  123. Hitler Fan

    If I was a Redneck, I would drive my Pickup onto her lawn, and pull many handbrake turns. When she starts shouting I will say “What you gonna do, shoot me?’ and then drive off laughing.

    • Don Laird

      The problem with that logic is that most of this human effluent like Janet Hasson, the quintessential definition of hypocrisy, very quietly acquire gun permits…..and pack weapons….

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

      • Steve S

        Right! Funny how the affluent somehow feel they’re entitled to spread their effluence.

        I can;t imagine how this will turn out the way Janet thought it might. Good for her…and her family…Sins of the Mothers…

  124. Anonymous

    what kind of idiot is the editor and reporter of a newspaper, or should I say toilet paper

  125. Gabriel

    This is good. Finally seeing some equality for responsible gun owners!

  126. Don Laird

    Here is Bob Sorensen’s contact information…

    Robert B Sorensen
    Home (914) 939-1089
    5 Brook Rd
    Port Chester, NY 10573-3145

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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  128. The castboolits folks thank you for your fine efforts. We know Miss Janet is dumbfounded by the outpouring of gifts from the very crowd that she has shit all over, either that or “dumbfounded” is her regular state of existence. . . 🙂

  129. Pingback: TURNABOUT: New York Newspaper Publishes Interactive Map Of Gun Owner Addresses, Blog Publishes Address And Phone Number Of Newspaper’s Publisher

  130. Pingback: a new low for rag news papers

  131. Anonymous

    Nice, considering there are some thieves that specialize in stealing guns…

  132. Hey, since you’re on, you might want to go ahead a back up your blog, if you haven’t already. I’ve heard of lefty trolls flagging blogs as abuse in order to get them shut down; I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s done to you.

  133. Anonymous

    Fat heffer mind your own damn business!

  134. Pingback: What Do You Do When The Newspaper Tries to Intimidate You? Fight back! | FSN: Forensic Science News

  135. Mike

    These scumbag (reporters) and I use this term loosely have dug to a new low. I would urge any and all subscribers and advertisers to cancel their subscriptions to this joke of a rag. At the very least maybe we can get this ugly excuse for a woman fired.

  136. D. Glen

    Simply Awesome. THIS is what needs to be done EVERY time the left’s “do-gooders” attempt to pile on with their logic. BRAVO!

  137. Mr. Gibbs from Georgia

    15 years ago they could have pulled this stunt and gotten away with it. But a little thing call the Internet has leveled the playing field.

  138. Kb

    Thank you for this information. Now when some criminal breaks into my home, I know who to name in my lawsuit. This information WILL be forwarded to the NRA as well as every sporting magazine to publish as they see fit. It is, after all, a matter of PUBLIC information.

    Have a merry Christmas

  139. Pingback: Interactive map showing ALL pistol permit holders (downright scary) - INGunOwners

  140. koczani

    Hold the phone, literally here. The 248 area coded listed in the first number is a Michigan Area Code, not a New York Code. Unless the publisher of the New York Paper lives in Michigan, the number is wrong.

  141. Anonymous

    FYI, I’m not defending her but the furnishing of her home are from the previous owner….. I live in Mamaroneck and thankfully the list isn’t too accurate since my name wasn’t shown. I found it interesting on which of my neighbors had registered guns thought. I certainly hope thefts won’t be on a rise in the tri county, lohud could be to blame…

  142. Pingback: New York paper publishes names and adresses of gunowners.. - MP-Pistol Forum

  143. Could be possible legal action soon against the paper a major class action suit ?

  144. Krazy Kat

    To quote the esteemed InstaPundit quoting Sean Connery’s character speaking to Ness, “hit me back twice as hard”.

    As was discussed in Legal Insurrection a couple days ago, the Left feels emboldened because they are not challenged, especially when they are part of the Media. Expose their identities, ring their phones off the hook, send a little chill up their spines, and they will think two or three times before doing something like this again.

    Better, if their are criminal or civili charges that can be brought here, someone should crowd-source the funding of that effort. I would support if financially.

  145. Mr. Gibbs from Georgia

    I just hope that nobody post her home address on Craigslist. We had someone posting fake yard sales and fake home sales around here. People were coming at all times wanting a good deal.

  146. It seems that the folks are being heard but the smug and indignant tone of the article may indicate that a need for further teaching?

  147. Anonymous

    maybe someone could sign all those newpaper employees up for guns & ammo magazine subscriptions….

  148. Daeyel

    Keep your heads, people. calls for violence are illegal. However, I would not cry of the offices of the paper were stormed and destroyed in the public interest.
    Feel free to call her and tell her what you think of her paper publishing this (and give it twice as hard to the writer of the story) but do not cross the line and threaten. That makes us ALL look bad. Looking at you, creepy guy. The police will be speaking to you shortly, I imagine.

  149. Pingback: Remember the newspaper that published the list of gun owners in NY?

  150. Anonymous

    248 in a Michigan area code, not New York. You should probably remove it. I’m sure some poor innocent person in Michigan is getting harrassed.

  151. Anonymous

    It’s not journalism. It’s publishing info on the public record. Don’t like it, pass a law shielding the info. Until then stfu. Nobody is coming for your guns.

  152. Don Laird

    Hello all……..its me…..again….

    Hopefully you will spare this issue between 30 and 60 minutes of your time.

    We cannot allow what, ostensibly, are reporters of news and current events, to, with motivations rabidly leftist in nature, change that paradigm into one of political activism that threatens the lives of decent, law abiding men and women and their families. This, I am sure, you are all in agreement with.

    To level this playing field we have in our hands the greatest weapon ever placed in the hands of the citizen, the activist and the consumer……the internet.

    Never before has one been able to, with the click of a mouse, expose to millions, nay, hundreds of millions, the crimes and excesses of madmen and their enablers.

    So…with that in mind….let us click mice…….lots and lots and lots of mice….be creative in your clicking…..let the squeakage of millions of mice be a symphony of retribution….send emails, cancel accounts, call advertisers, call the numbers listed here and the the other posts on this blog relevant to the outrageous and criminal actions of The Journal News… them at night….call them in the morning…call them at their offices……but don’t, repeat don’t….call them Sally.

    Let us start with the board of directors and the senior corporate echelons of the Gannet Inc crew….owners of the Journal News.

    Be creative…..look for all the personal information you can find on these men and women and post it to this blog and to a mind numbing multiplicity of other blogs……give it to your dog, tell your children a bed time story about their personal info……sky-write it….write it on toilet walls………do as I know each and every one of you yearns to do……….run, be free……and click, click, click…..

    Gannet Inc Board of Directors…..

    Gannet Inc Leadership Team…

    Gannet Inc Contact Us:

    Merry, Merry Christmas Boys and Girls…..Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  153. Reblogged this on Tim Miller's Home of Fear and Darkness and commented:
    Thought this was worth reblogging

  154. Paul K.

    This list is a good start. But, it needs to be expanded to include the names, ages, and schools of any children, divorce records of any of them who are divorced, any prior arrests for anything, and anything else normal people would consider to be “private” information.

    • no no, leave children out of this, please! Leave that sort of cruelty to the left – they’re more practiced at it anyway.

      • Paul K.

        Chris, no offense but it’s time we fight fire with superior firepower. Libs have been taking the low road for decades while we stay “decent” and above it all. And what has it gotten us? Two terms of Obama and his court choices, legislation, and executive orders? No. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! This is a fight for our nation’s survival and these “journ-o-list” maggots have GOT to learn what will happen to THEM when they cross the line. It’s just “information”. Nobody is making any threats of any action or anything physical. We’re just posting INFORMATION that normal people would consider private. And the people of this paper are clearly not normal in that regard.

  155. Paul K.

    I also wonder how many of the people on that list are women who have moved away from predatory men and who have unlisted phone numbers and addresses? How many are retired cops? Possibly undercover cops that violent perps might have an interest in finding? What Janet did is beyond reprehensible. They must be made example of so that this sort of low-grade journalism doesn’t take hold nationwide. It’s time we turn the tables on these “journalists” who have taken partisan sides one times too many.

  156. Paul K.

    Tell Dwight what you think of his “reporting”.

  157. Anonymous

    Nice work….

  158. Dan

    Who says they are all woman, men get beat down, raped, stocked as well!!
    Violence isn’t a male gender issue only, as much as the lib’s want you to think.
    Has anyone thought about what damage this will do to these people’s identity protection?? These folks might have a really nice legal leg to stand on to sue the crap out of everyone involved in this exposure.
    If we can track where they got this list from, we can check to see if any “User Agreements” were broken, when you get this sort of so called “Public Info” there are rules when it comes to viewing the said info as well as sharing it…… just a thought.
    Im done with all the hype about “The Children”……. this ladder climbing douchbag knew this sort of backlash could happen, but was more intune with furthering her carrer on the backs of gun owners. This in my mind shows neglect for herself “AND” her family, and any backlash that comes their way, should be focused towards their mom, she exposed them by pushing her agenda. Im not calling for harm to come to the kids, but they will feel the backlash in some way or another. Imagin if they couldnt go to the local buinesses they shop at because of the comments momma mouth made,
    Maybe its about time we took another “HARD” look at the death penalty, Its time the lib’s faced the facts that not everyone can be cured, and there are tons of evil people out there who are not going to change their ways on their own or through counseling, or reprogramming, and we are tired of loosing “OUR” rights to the worthless!!!!

  159. Pingback: Ops Anyone? « Liberty and Lead

  160. John

    Please don’t subscribe to, just clear your browser history when access is denied and you will have full access.

    • Ha, thanks. The lefties brought down my blog years ago when it was hosted by Google by using the “report as spam” technique, but so far WordPress has been great. And unlike Google, WordPress has real humans to contact. But I’ll keep your tip handy, just in case

    • Paul K.

      It still doesn’t work for me.

  161. Paul K.

    I see Cyndee Lambert has blocked her facebook page from “general viewing”. Do you think this dumb dunce has gotten the message yet?

  162. Paul K.

    Ganett CEO; another 1% left wing hypocrite. Cashing in her profits before the higher Obama capital gains taxes go into effect!

  163. Pingback: TL In Exile: So This Is The Game They Want To Play | Fighting For Liberty

  164. Kevin

    How does the rag think publishing the names and addresses of legal gun owners will save the public? If this rag had published the names and addresses of all gun owners in Newtown Ct PRIOR to the shooting, do you think that would have changed anything? Just because the world knows where the guns are, doesn’t prevent a catastrophe. This rag states they wanted the public to know where the guns are for their safety? Really? Sounds like the JN just wanted some free publicity. They are acting in their own best interest, not the publics. The JN has made a bad situation even worse. If just one firearm is stolen because of their map and used in the commission of a felony, the blood will be on their hands.

    • Anonymous Too

      Am I the only one who thinks the Administration might be behind this? Like Stephanopoulos asking Romney during the primary, completely out of the blue, about his opinion regarding contraceptives? Next thing we know we have a War on Women on our hands……

  165. Anonymous

    What’s going to happen when the 2nd amendment right is used to take away their 1st amendment right?

  166. Many of the numbers listed are giving “fast busy” signals or have been disconnected altogether.

    Seems they have a soft-spot after all. I spoke with the secretary to the idiot publisher and she went out of her way to thank me for calling, saying she “only work here but I understand!”

    (I told her my family founded New Paltz — they were the original colonists — and I would monitor the news for any harm to come consequent to this disturbing game of theirs. I told her I would do what I could to ensure civil and criminal justice would be served against her personally, not disintermediated by corporate shield.)

  167. Pingback: Conservative Donnybrook » Blog Archive » This good for a gander.

  168. CDP

    Thanks, posted link and spreading to the Liberty/Patriot community.

  169. Anonymous

    did she understand what disintermediated was? that’s kind of a big word for most journal-news employees, including reporters, publishers, etc.

  170. Reality Hammer

    This is what Robert Rodriguez put on his Facebook page: “In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings,
    professional photos and videos, etc. (as a result of the Berner (sic) Convention) For commercial use of the above my written consent is needed at all times!” (Note, it’s the “Berne” Convention.) Talk about hypocrisy!

  171. For years I’ve been begging folks to quit playing the corrupted media game and start going after the cowardly, propagandizing, lying hacks from the Left in a personal way – time to experience a little joy themselves.

    And finally somebody has had the sense and the gonads to do it. It reminds me of the mindless dimwits from Hollywood who used to tell us how stupid George Bush was until somebody did a little digging into Hollywood’s educational credentials – and suddenly the Cher’s of the world went silent. 🙂

    Life is once again beautiful.

    If these homely nags would like to keep pushing the envelope, perhaps we should all chip in and purchase a copy of their credit history, criminal record, divorce proceedings, property taxes, and issuance and publish that for global display too, hey?

  172. Kevin

    I just called the Bar Association and was told I am the first to call. As soon as others call, they will consider a class action suit against the journal news. You can speak to Sandy at the Bar Association @ 845-634-2149

  173. The result of this “LIST” being published, should be to assign a conspiracy charge against the Journal News, any time a crime is committed by someone who has stolen one of these LEGALLY owned firearms, and used it in a killing or assault. Other than that, the unarmed readers of this publication should help bring about the Journal News’ swift decline and fall in the same manner as Newsweek.

  174. I was just saying, “it won’t be long before somebody publishes personal information about these idiots” and look what I found. Great journalism!

  175. Quickest way to end this nonsense…Chuck Schumer and a number of both state and federal congressmen and senators are permit holders, you publish their personal information and this game will end in a hurry!

  176. Pingback: What Goes Around Comes Around, Bloggers Strike Back At Gun Permit Publisher » I. M. Citizen

  177. recommended to facilitate yield tirage and de-ice dicey attractions.
    The Camel has also been notoriously dangerous along with the dangerous flying characteristics with the
    plane killed many novice pilots. Perhaps directors Ben Gluck and Anthony Bell are the form of
    guys that think butts are inherently funny.

  178. Pingback: SayUncle » Since this happens every year or so, let’s do it again

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  180. Joe Wilson

    White House petition to make the publication of government controlled information on gun owners illegal.

  181. sofia portillo

    did you say Janet Hasson, 3 gate house lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10534?

  182. sofia portillo

    and is the guy posting the personal info of registered gun owners, that this guy? :Dwight R Worley
    23006 139 Ave
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 (718) 527-0832

  183. Elephant in the room

    I would have like to see their annual income posted as well…just saying.

  184. SecondAmendmentSister

    You know what? I’m GLAD the privacy of these leftard reporters and newspaper owners was exposed! Some leftist kooks did the same thing to me not long ago, due to my views against gay marriage. Good to see some karma going on with these people, lol! You would be AMAZED at how much personal info out there is PUBLIC, as long as you know how to get it. Let these bastards see what it was like for ME and MY kids when our privacy was exposed! You don’t want it done to you? Then don’t do it to others!

  185. Pingback: Newspaper publishes list of pistol permit owners | Gun Snob

  186. Anonymous

    The revolution will not be televised.

    It will, however, be blogged.

    (Is that a verb?)

  187. Sick of Politicians and dumbass media hypocrites

    I live in Florida and I just think it is funny that the information was available to the media, Here is FL, now, that information is not a part of public record just because of the sort of problems you are having in NY. I do not condone that type of behavior and our government officials are the biggest hypocrites of all. Take a good look at the Secret Service agents that protect our top officials, automatic weapons, just exactly what politicians want to ban. Those weapons are good enough to protect the president and his family but semi automatics are “assault weapons” and therefore, cannot be owned by the average law abiding citizens that gave the dumbass politicians their job to start with.

  188. Interesting public records of Ms. Cynthia R. (Royle) Lambert and husband Kenneth E. Lambert on Westchester County Clerks records search page.

  189. Andy

    I encourage intruders… Andy from north judson indiana

  190. Down with Pedro

    You people are pathetic, really.

    Public record means public record, and the people of New York (the majority of voters) think those records should be public, so, stuff it.

    If you people think that what you are doing is going to convince the rest of us New Yorkers of your position, you are sadly mistaken.

    • Anonymous

      Hear, hear. I think the Jounal News is a horrible paper but this took research and guts and I applaud them for it. Most of the cretins on this board seem to be upset that the First Amendment was used to shed a little sunshine on how the Second Amendment was being implemented. And now you’re applauding that this blog is using the First Amendment yet again. Sound and fury, clowns: sound and fury.

    • Sam Malone

      You are but a flea, which is easy enough to scratch. None of the people on this page care who you are or what you think (another of the great personal rights we Americans have). You are entitled to your unarmed, ignorance is bliss life. We are concentrating our efforts against the Gannett chain of rag newspapers and other media outlets.
      If you cannot understand the danger that this “article” (of no journalistic value) has on the communities in the tri-county region, then there is nothing anyone can do to enlighten you.
      There are a lot of things I can do which are part of my freedoms as a real American that are not prudent. Things that when one thinks further, present a greater harm to me or to my family or community. Just because I have the right to do something doesn’t mean I should do it.
      I hope for your sake that you don’t live near a dot, because either way you’re screwed. If a burglar, looks to avoid a firearm owner, your house and family could be the next target. If he choses to burglarize the firearms owner I hope you’re not coming home as he/she is leaving with their new illegally obtained firearm.

  191. wgswst

    Now to make an interactive map!!


  192. roamingfirehydrant

    Roanoke Times published the permit holders list for VA in 2007. They deleted all the comments on that editorial, but one that I remember was of a woman hiding from her abusive husband, saying thanks a lot for putting my life in danger, now I have to move myself and my kids again. “In an editorial published two weeks after the controversy began, The Roanoke Times admitted its editorial department made mistakes in deciding to publish the information. Those mistakes included not discussing in greater detail the possible effect on crime victims and not having a more compelling public purpose — beyond illustrating how the Freedom of Information Act works — for posting the database.”

  193. Gannett wants some things kept secret

    Print the flights of the Gannett corporate jet. Oh wait. They filed with the FAA to keep that info secret. All those December shopping trips Craig and friends took to London and LA would look bad if it got out.

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  195. cxt

    I have no idea what the “Down with Pedro” poster means or whom precisely they are refering to.

    I get the general sense they are refering to those of us that are enjoying another foolish I-kinda-failed-to-think-things-through Lefty getting all people in glass houses with the gun owners. But their lack of precision makes it hard to be sure.

    Equally unsure by what they mean by “if you people think that what you are doing is going to convince the rest of us New Yorkers of your position, you are sadly mistaken.”

    I’m sure that it made the poster “feel good” and all—but unless THAT was the sole point then why bother?

  196. Anonymous

    A suggestion: Anyone reading this commit to making at least one call a week to phone numbers listed above of Janet Hasson (Publisher), Dwight Worley (reporter), Cynthia Lambert, (reporter), Robert Rodriguez (Visual Editor), Gracia Martore (CEO of Gannet). It won’t take you more than a few minutes, because you’ll likely get either voice mail– or possibly disconnected lines. Please be polite but firm in leaving this message: The phone calls will continue until:
    1. The editorial staff responsible for this publish an apology, signed by each
    2. Gannet Corp sends each permit holder who was listed in their article a compensatory check for $1,000
    3. Gannet Corp fires the editorial staff who work at the publication. Martore can keep her job, as I suspect she was probably unaware of what they were up to.

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  198. Anonymous

    Maybe someone with good aerial photography analysis skills can look at photos of each Journal-News employee’s home and, you know, find out if there are exterior permit/zoning violation issues.

    After all, permits are public. There’s no reason to think that any of those honest, law-abiding folk would dare cut a corner or do a little extra here & there, right? As a taxpayer, I have a right to know if my potential neighbors are not honoring their stated obligations, potentially short-changing my local county gov’t of proper taxes, or adversely affecting my property values (let alone safety) with illegal work.

  199. Morgen

    Can someone post the list of all the current advertisers for the Journal News / Gannett? If several of their advertisers suddenly dropped them after hearing from their customers, it might make an impact.

    • Dave

      That is a worthy effort. Call the heads of communications and marketing from all of those firms, and tell them how you feel. Hit them where it hurts most. They could not survive on subscription money, no way. They need advertisers. So The journal news needs to be separated from its lifeblood. It’s a free country, and we are free to take our business elsewhere. I will look for an advertiser directory. The last few issues are the biggest of the year, so it will be easy to gather fairly comprehensive list.

    • Anonymous

      Nearly all advertisers have already had their advertising removed from LoHud. All that’s left are three car dealerships and house ads for USA Today

  200. Nicholas


  201. Cancel your subscription to The Journal News, and apply that money to the NRA!
    Also, does the Journal News or it’s editors bear any legal responsibility or culpability for firearms stolen from a home on the list, and then used in a crime?

    • Sam Malone

      I’m not a lawyer but this seems to cover the possibility of action against the Gannett rags:

      In the law of Negligence, a principle that provides that the defendant’s conduct is not the cause of an injury to the plaintiff, unless that injury would not have occurred except for (“but for”) the defendant’s conduct.

      In order to be liable in negligence, the defendant’s conduct must constitute the proximate cause, or direct cause, of the plaintiff’s injury. The concept of proximate cause encompasses both legal cause and factual cause, and the “but for” rule pertains to the latter. It is also referred to as the sine qua non rule, which means “without which not,” or an indispensable requirement or condition. The “but for” rule is a rule of exclusion, in that the defendant’s conduct is not a cause of the event, if the event would have occurred without it.

    • Sam

      This is one of my points also. Good Post

  202. Pingback: What Goes Around Comes Around – Bitch – A.K.A. RULE FOUR

  203. Don Laird

    Oh oh!!!……looks like there’s trouble in Dullsville…..

    Look whose attention the Journal-News has now….

    The real lunatic whack-jobs are now focused on the Journal -News….

    I wonder if the “Princess of the Pole”…..stripper Cyndee Royle and her little partner in crime will be all smiles and giggles when a couple of bald guys with funny little tattoos come goose-stepping up their driveways……….coffee, tea or Zyklon-B ?????

    I bet old Tenzin Gyatso is laughing his ass off over the karmic reverberations on this one……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  204. Pingback: Update | Western Rifle Shooters Association

  205. Daeyel

    I liked the comment about how we tend to take the high ground, but it is now time to start playing the way they do. They crossed a line, and the war has just begun.
    Play dirty, and use their own tactics on them. If you can get it, publish all family member names, addresses, birthdays, license plate numbers, social security numbers, even bank account numbers. Include divorce records, pay records, legal information – including arrests and convictions. Lay their whole lives out for the world to see. Maybe then they will begin to feel the fear and panic that certain women in hiding currently feel as they scramble to relocate and re-bury themselves.

    Make any journalist tremble at pissing off the gun lobby.

    Just don’t threaten life, property or health. Those are actionable and will have the police at your door. (Acting on orders of their liberal masters – see George Zimmermann)

    And that reminds me. They claim to be so afraid of the gun lobby. That is a lie! One does not provoke, antagonize or otherwise anger those whom one fears.

    WE are the ones with the guns. Do you REALLY want to piss us off to the point that we become a an uncontrollable mob? Because we won’t come with torches and pitchforks…

  206. Moregunslesscrime

    Kudos to whoever compiled the list of names, addresses and phone numbers of the scumbag newspaper staff. If it was several someones that did the compiling, GREAT JOB!
    Now, the next step could be to have a group of gun owners show up several select houses with protest signs for a couple of days. Any other mischief, within legal parameters, to drive home the point that you don’t mess with gun owners…………we’re the good guys for crying out loud! And now a Lefty idiot has potentially placed several law abiding citizens of that area in harms way!

  207. If the newpaper can get access to this, just imagine what the state/feds can obtain with no effort and remember this when they come to confiscate our weapons. It looks like we need to start obtaining our weapons on the black market so there is no trace of them on anyones data base. Or we could just buy them from the justice department.

    • Daeyel

      Dan, my brother works for the IRS as an auditor. During his training, he had to pull his own file. Even he was astounded at what he had access to on himself. Every address and phone number he ever had, every vehicle, all past salary info and accounts in his name at banks- no amt info though, he has to get a subpoena for that – every time he applied for a loan even. Had he a criminal record, that would have come up as well. I’d ask him to get info on these folks for me, but its worth his job, and he’d be flagged for searching people he is not assigned to audit. Oh, his search pulled all his personal data too, bday, ssn, etc. Don’t cheat your taxes, folks. IRS can pull more info on you than even the FBI!

    • Are you quite literally insane? NO ONE IS COMING TO CONFISCATE YOUR GUNS. It will never, never, never, ever happen. So stop bitching about it! Youre like the “Keep Christ in Christmas” people, ranting for no reason. Go outside, look around you, no one is coming for your gun!!!!

      • Paul K.

        Hey Greg Petliski, you’re right. Nobody is going to get my gun. Or the “30 round magazines, not “clip” you idjit”. At least unless it’s out of my “cold dead hands”. The WASR I own is ok; but not as accurate or deadly as some of the “deer rifles” I own but it sure ticks you left wingers off so I think I’ll keep it. From a pure ballistics perspective, it’s slightly lower power than the old fashioned 30-30 carbine. And the vaunted AR-15? It’s a caliber best suited to varmints like coyotes and foxes. Not big enough for me since it’s a souped up 22 round. BTW, I can’t wait for the mid term debacle for you gun grabbers thanks to the nitwits in the media (D) who have made honest, law abiding gun owners the problem instead of the perps they routinely put back on the street with their parole idiocy and leniency for most crime. I’ll gladly be LMFAO at you morons when we take over the senate and make Obama a 2 year lame duck who gets NOTHING passed.

      • twisted

        But they would in a heart beat if they thought they could get away with it. We are here to remind them they can’t.

      • Marc Web

        If you believe that “NO ONE IS COMING TO CONFISCATE YOUR GUNS”, I have some swamp land that you will be interested in.

      • JonesGirl

        I have to go look outside now Greg…. because I like my neighbors and they’re NOT armed…and she just let the bad guys know that. So if I don’t go out there, who’s going to protect them?

      • Obama (who insisted on including US citizens) will sign Indefinite Detention without trial into law. I suggest you do some research on how things are quickly changing in our country. Disarming citizens is the surest way to make them helpless subjects.

    • Sam Malone

      Why do you think they’re trying to regulate gun show sales and private sales. They want all transactions to go through an FFL so that there is a paper trail.

    • Anonymous

      The government already has this info – the newspaper got this publicly available information from the government, so of course the government can obtain it. There’s nothing to imagine.

  208. Anonymous

    Million Dollar home, I bet they have some nice things in that big wooden dresser

  209. Anonymous

    I think we should all call Ms Hasson and wish her a Happy New Year, see if she got anything good for Christmas that I can Grinch

  210. Average Tom

    You gotta love it when the big bad bullies of the MSM with their sometimes overly shrill voice and big megaphone that they use to over power all rationality, get their arrogant butts handed to them on a platter.

    They act like little fascists going after and exposing law abiding Americans for doing their legal duty. The singular purpose was to intimidate those who might disagree with their agenda on gun control.

    The group “Anonymous” set the stage for this type of gotcha by exposing another gang of bullies called the Westboro Baptist Church.

    • I wonder how many other amendments of the Constitution you follow so deeply..

      • Sam Malone

        Greg, every time you your fingers to the keyboard you forget to engage your brain. I do and will defend to the death all parts of the Constitution because I am a real American Citizen.
        Even when criminal mutts abuse the protections of the 1st (specifically freedom of speech), 4th (search warrants and probable cause), 5th (self-incrimination), and 6th (speedy trial, right to retain counsel) I defend their protections.
        I support the 13th,14th, 15th, 19th and especially the 21st (repeal of the 18th and the Volstead Act, a.k.a. Prohibition)
        So I do take the Constitution very seriously even when someone who knows nothing of which they speak spouts nonsense. In other words, allowing guys like you their right to freely express their ignorance. (By the way most modern firearms of which you have spoken do not use 30 round “clips” they use box or drum “magazines”)

  211. Anonymous

    “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” I notice from the interior photos of Journal News publisher Janet Hasson’s home at 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY that every room in her two-story house has a window facing either the front or the back yard.

  212. My Two Cents

    My two cents: Everyone who had their information printed by the paper should file a lawsuit. Some may win, some may lose, but the defendants will go bankrupt defending themselves.

    • Paul K.

      I agree, My Two Cents. Use the lawyer lobby (D) against those anti-gun, anti-self-defense, anti-freedom pukes (D).

    • SANDY

      wait, what they did was f—— stupid but they to have rights and we should be willing to use our second ammendment rights to defend there 1st ammendment rights
      otherwise we are no better then they are

      • My Two Cents

        You are correct Sandy. They have the right to defend their actions in court. Time after time, after time……

        Keep it legal, keep it clean, folks. Protests are fine. Letters are fine. Litigation is fine.

      • Sam

        You are right with the exception of if they do this where will they stop before someone else gets hurt or killed by their poor judgement. In learning about life it comes from things like this when people goof up they learn and if not they need be taught even if it is from others they may have inadvertantly hurt. What happens now that every nut case out there knows where all involved live? This is deeper than it needed to be and from lack of judgement from the beginning. Have a great day

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  214. I just have one question for gun owners: How can you be scared to have your info posted if you have a gun to protect yourself? You know it doesnt work both ways.

    • Paul K.

      Greg, are you as stupid as you sound or are you a troll just trying to get a reaction?

    • SANDY

      being able to protect ones self isnt justification to invite the opportunity to prove it!

    • Anonymous

      Typically, Greg, a law-abiding gun owner is someone who is conscientious enough to go through the thorough anal probing involved in obtaining & registering a weapon. Because weapons aren’t cheap, said law abiding citizen will typically have a job, working to support themselves and/or their family. Because working more often than not involves leaving one’s home, it stands to good reason that an intelligent thief now has a list of addresses to case, establishing time patterns and behaviors of potential targets. Further, they also have a convenient cross-reference list to check and see if any neighbor(s) have gun(s).

      The criminal element has yet another leg up on law-abiding citizenry.

      • Angela

        That could be the stupidest thing I have ever read.

        • DKK

          Then you need to read more.
          Journal News just gave criminals a nice little blueprint of where to go first to rob nice homes in Westchester County– a county that is in a different state than Newtown CT…..

    • My Two Cents

      Actually, Greg, automatic weapons have been illegal to the general public for decades. Yes, it is possible to legally obtain one, but only after extensive background checks, large fees and more paperwork than you can imagine. I believe you are confused with semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15 and the AK-47.

      Frankly, I prefer to keep information about my weapons, and my carry permit, discreet and I would not want to have my home address published.

      No, I’m not a “prepper” or a “wing-nut”. I’m a board Certified Protection Professional who has focused my efforts on fighting organized crime for the last 20+years.

      I hope I will never have to use deadly force to protect myself or my family, but I am prepared, and trained to, if necessary.

      Having a “journalist” publish my name and address would likely increase the chances of one of the many convicted criminals in cases I have worked on looking me up.

      So to sum it up:

      1. Please get your “facts” correct before making a fool of yourself.

      2. Fear? Only an idiot does not experience fear. Professional caution would be a better term in my opinion.

      • Jaden

        Actually, there is no such thing as an illegal type of weapon. Class III weapons and high explosives are taxed by the ATF and it is tax violations that are the felonies associated with the purchase and manufacture of weapons of certain classes or transfer between states. They could not pass any laws that make a type of weapon illegal because it would be struck down. The Brady bill was allowed to expire because it was due to come up before the supreme court and they didn’t want to allow a precedent to be set dissallowing future bills of the same type.

    • I agree, sort of. The listing effectively announced to every thief, burglar, etc., which homes likely do not have an armed occupant.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about fear … It’s about privacy and the expectation of it, along with the media’s responsibility to protect it.

    • Tena

      Greg, you may need to give your head a shake or two to get all your marbles unstuck. If I had a gun and the paper posted my name and address like this, I would be pissed! As long as the government tells me I can own one, that’s all that matters. It is no one else’s business. And pointing this out can endanger my neighbors, putting them MORE at risk, if the thief decides I might pose a bigger hazard than they do, since they WEREN’T listed. If I don’t own a gun and saw this very same list, I would STILL be pissed that my neighbors were specifically pointed out, thus specifically pointing ME out! I just wouldn’t want to publicly blab that I don’t have a gun (protection, so come rob me and take your chances), just as I wouldn’t publicly blab that I DID own a gun, and risk a) thieves trying to take it from me, or b) thieves targeting my neighbors because the risk is less robbing them than me.

    • Jesse

      Gun Owners have the same expectation of privacy that anyone else has.

    • Sam

      Just because you own a gun doesn’t mean your wife and children can defend themselves with it and maybe these lawabiding citizens are fed up with bleeding heart liberals sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Go ahead admit it you wouldn’t want them to publish your name and address if you didn’t have a gun now would you? Truth is the paper was out of line period.

    • Anonymous

      I am totally amazed that anyone thinks that a gun owner only has a gun for protection. Many owners such as myself just use it for target practice and competition. The thought of killing someone or something, even in self defense, is apalling. And I live where there are bears, bobcats and other wildlife that isdangerous. I am an excellent marksman and could probably fell someone or something in an instant with one shot, with a not automatic weapon.

      I’ve been target shooting for fifty years. FYI, I’m a woman. My gun is always hidden, is never loaded and the ammunition is nowhere near the gun and is hidden as well. I have a full permit carry and do not uness I’m going to the range. I leave my gun in the trunk of the car when I am going to the range. I have taken several safety courses before I even purchased a hand gun – and they were not mandatory. I can use a rifle and do use it occasionally for skeet or trap shooting.

      I dont even kill spiders if they are in my home, I catch them and throw them out side, where they belong. I live in the country and, Yes, there are those who use guns for hunting and who actually use their catch for food and/or give it to the food pantry.

      Grow up – you are as ignorant as the newspaper and the people who alowed the names of gun owners to be pubished. Dont assume that you know what others motives or ideas are or what they would or would not or should or should not do. Learn to think before you write – as the impulsive newspaper reporter and inept and unthinking editor should have done.

      Paul, he is probaby someone who has yet to learn to think something through to a logical conclusion. He speaks and thinks he knows what he is talking about when he does not have a clue.

      • Paul K.

        You use a rifle for “trap shooting”? Yeah, we believe that you’re a “gun owner”. Go back to Code Pink and put on your vagina outfit.

    • Veritas

      Perhaps poor little Greg Petliski wouldn’t care if his credit card numbers were published or other data that you might consider personal like your bank account statements. I have one question your you troll, why are you scared of the law abidding to own a gun?

  215. The Journal-News long ago turned sharply left. My company pulled its classified ads from the paper two years ago. I still get the paper because I have an incontinent dog.

  216. Also, what did the 49 other people have to do with the article? “Outing” fifty people for the actions of one? Seems fair doesnt it?

    • Paul K.

      Out them all. Everyone in Gannett and their little NY outlet.

      • JM

        Collective Guilt, right Paul? the guiding principle of Dr. Goebbels.

        • Yeah JM, I suppose the engineers on the trains carrying people to concentration camps carry no responsibility for their fate….

          If you sleep in their tent, and you eat their food, you are one of them. The newspaper who did this needed exactly this sort of payback, down to the guy in the mail-room,

          Either the gun owners have a right to privacy, and the newspaper employees do as well, or neither of them do.

          I think the point was demonstrated nicely here. Yeah, the poor shlub who works in the mailroom has to hide his FB profile and get a new phone number… sucks for him, he should demand his employer reimburse him for that added expense.

    • Sam

      E-mail them all and ask for their truthful opinion about whether they themselves supported or opposed that article and then you can go to their defense and publish that also. Truth being the papers should report the stories unbiased, not try and start a hate crime against everyone they disagree with. Personally I think a lot of things today get blown way out of proportion and this is one of them. The first wrong created the second wrong.

    • josh

      Outing them how? Its not illegal to work for the Journal News. You know it DOES work both ways 😉

    • Veritas

      Pot meet kettle.

  217. Anonymous

    This episode brings me that much closer to moving to Montana.

    Chris you best be gettin’ licensed out there, you’re likely to have some clients headed in that general direction.

  218. Doug

    I didnt read Through all the responses. But be sure to put in Bold. And does not own a gun or any of her neighbors, so please shop in her neighborhood. The police will be there if needed, no need for self protection.

  219. Granny Cakes

    Wow! Very comprehensive list! Gonna have to share this.

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  221. Blue State Mark

    Awesome 50 different ways. Simply Awesome blog post!

    The media hates it when they are the story. Now they are the story.

  222. Thanks for this valuable information! Good to know who the bias, judgmental reporters/journalists are and where they live. I don’t think I want my kids playing in those neighborhoods. 🙂

    • Sam

      If it isn’t on Fox News it more than likely isn’t true, the rest are just not trustworthy. Want real truth subscribe to the GTB TV (Glenn Beck)

  223. Mr. Gibbs from Georgia, the deep south.

    Give-em hell, we are in here with you to the end. Theh have declared war on the law abiding tax paying citizens.

    • kathykay

      I noticed that several of the peeps listed have blocked their Facebook pages. The people that they exposed do not have the luxury of hiding themselves. These liberals are gutless pukes with no moral compass. About time for a good dose of their own crap. I hope they are fretting a bit.

  224. Anonymous

    I called a friend in Montgomery Alabama and he is going to cancel his subscription to the rag there. If each of us will reach out to people we know in areas that Gannett has business you can get their attention. The MSM hates anyone who believes in the WHOLE constitution. If you are not a member of the NRA now is the time to become one.

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  226. Richard

    What a completely stupid person(s) to do this to law abiding citizens! Did they think they were doing something good? My god, now all the crimes committed to the homes without the dots can be/will be blamed on them (crooks don’t like potential victims to have guns). I don’t know about you but my handgun has saved my life from criminals that were attempting to car jack me at a rest stop! Remember, “When seconds count the police are minutes away”…
    Stupid media whores.

  227. Rusty Shackleford

    Pure genius. You are a patriot and a hero.

  228. This article should be shared and plastered everywhere. I did my part.

  229. I live in Oregon and do NOT OWN A GUN, RIFLE, firearm of any kind. Yet, many people I know DO. They are protected by the Constitution. No wonder the print media is dying. What this moronic paper did was open the floodgates. Good for this gentleman to play reverse whammy giving us their names, numbers and addresses. Lets see how the liberal press like their personal information bandied about?
    I was born in New York City and glad to be away from that city. Regulating soft drinks, over taxed, over regulated East Coast liberals. Good luck and may you have people call you, hound you as you have these legal gun owners.

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  231. Many thanks to For What it’s Worth – the original poster. Re-blogged and expanded at the The Grey Enigma. GE.



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  234. Anonymous

    fyi, they own the clipper magazine (coupon mailer).

    we will not advertise in it going forward. thanks jen for the link (i looked at that wiki list and saw clipper as one of its assets).


    are there any of these publishers wanting certain people with ”problems”and guns to know where they live sleep shop play eatout work likes dislikes friends or have things they do not want loved ones friends coworkersto know about ?OF COURSE NOT ALL OF THIS WAS SUPOSSED TO BE PRIVATE NOT ANYMORE. I WILL PRAY THEY REALIZE WHAT HAVE DONE AND SEE THE ERROR IN THIER WAYS AND BUY A GUN TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AND LOVED ONES.

  236. Nancy13905

    Gee thanks Chris. Now for your home address and pictures of the interior of your house. Transparency for all.

    • DKK

      The eye for the eye already happened, in case you missed it. You libs just never stop wanting more, and more, and more, and more and more…….

  237. My 2 pennies worth. Awesome job Sir!!!

    • Judith Bron

      You and your irresponsible staff just gave every thug on the Eastern seaboard the locations of the safest places to rob and murder. Perhaps if one of the homes that doesn’t have a gun gets robbed they should sue you idiots for revealing their home as a “safe zone” for thieves. judith B.

  238. A You Tube Video… Download to yours… Share

  239. Reblogged this on SlowFacts and commented:
    A New York paper published the names and address of individuals licensed to carry a concealed weapon. By elimination, it also indicates who is unarmed. Here are the names, addresses, phone numbers and some pictures of the editor and reporter.


    • Chef Riggy

      It only lists who has a permit to purchase a handgun. It does not indicate whether that person has in fact purchased one, nor does it indicate owners of long guns or shotguns.

  240. My Two Cents

    LOL, wish I could edit my comments, aka replace “their” with there.

    Of course, I’m not a “professional journalist”

  241. Will be writing them letters in the morning. You know, because letters are so much more personal than just an email. As a woman who helps women try to flee abusive relationships, this infuriates me. What if there is just one person trying to hide from an abusive ex? I hope they rot in hell.

    • Dave

      Better to mail to the list of advertisers. Real easy to find. It’s called Owned by gannett. It’s all there. The advertisers will see things our way.

    • JonesGirl

      I’m one of those moms who was under a protective payee order when my son was a child. What was this woman thinking!?

      And now, my son’s 26 and he and I both carry. She’s endangered children who might have finally felt safe. She’s endangered anyone who’s dumb enough to think that knowing isn’t enough and chooses to go after gun owners… they’re armed and they WILL react when threatened. She’s endangered people who choose NOT to carry by letting the bad guys know where THEY live.

      And then those who want more stringent gun laws keep asking why we think we need guns and, most importantly, why we think we need to be able to fire more than one round at a time. It’s because people like this cause fear and panic…and then they tend to react in numbers.

      Foolish people!

  242. Beautiful work. Glad to see little miss pig face and associates get what they deserve but. Hope these kind of people are the first to lose their civil liberties, and behold that might even be happening. Karma. It’s not of heaven but it is of earth.

  243. Anonymous

    Janet Hasson does not own this house on Gate House Lane. This house is owned by Benjamin Simkhai and Orna Simkhai who are wholesale diamond dealers operating out of Kanton Diamonds Inc, 580 5th Avenue # 1102, New York.

    Benjamin Simkhai is raised and educated in Tehran, Iran. Both Simkhai are directly linked to the Mideast, primarily Israel.

    The Simkhai unsuccessfully tried to sell this house. My presumption is Janet Hasson either rents or leases this house at a rate in excess of $2,000 per month to clear the current mortgage payment amount.

    Mamaroneck tax parcel 3-30-295

    Okpulot Taha – Choctaw Nation

    • DKK

      Maybe she doesn’t own it or maybe she has shill owners. Either way, that is some very very expensive real estate.

  244. TOM







  245. Reblogged this on Current Events and commented:
    The attack on your God-given rights continues, unabated. This is another attack on your God-given right to self-defence. This attack on your right to self-defence has been said to be intended as a signal for those who are against gun ownership, to begin marginalizing gun owners, to isolate them. Sounds like something Hitler did, doesn’t it..

  246. voice0reason

    Reblogged this on Voice of Reason and commented:
    What’s good for the goose…

  247. Greg Boiadjian

    Best thing I read this year…thank you Mr. Fountain…is there a category for best literary “up yours” with the Pulitzer prize committee? I loved it, a serious THANK YOU

  248. Ralph

    It is obvious that Gannett feels no remorse over the release of gun permit owner names. Although I live in Florida, I have just canceled my personal Gannett subscriptions and those being sent to the companies that I own. I will be personally writing to the advertisers and hope you will, too. Most important, we need to contact Gannett management, at home, by phone, night and day, so they begin to feel our displeasure. Also, call the editor and other senior persons at the Journal. Yes, it takes effort, but it will make out point, namely, don’t unnecessarily place us in harm’s way!!!

  249. Thank you so much. If these jackasses insist on treating us like sex offenders, the least we can do is show them how we feel.

  250. Frances Mary

    To often journalist do not stop to think just because I could doesn’t mean I should. Hopefully a dose of their own medicine might shed a little light on their practices. Good for you for taking action. Actually I love what you did.

  251. Sam

    I love it. Great job on gathering the data.

  252. I am an attorney in Tennessee. I can’t boycot the paper or drop my advertising, obviously, but I sure do appreciate you outing the newspaper staff. Here is the letter I sent to the editor, both by email and Facebook. I’d do the same with the publisher if you had her email:

    I am an attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee and I am writing to condemn your decision to publish the names of handgun owners. Do you ever wonder why the NRA is so inflexible? It is because of fanatics like yourself who treat honest, law abiding citizens who are merely exercising their Constitutional right to own firearms like sex offenders. Your conduct is clearly intended to cause bitter conflicts between citizens of your community, and it has undoubtedly already done so. Since I do not live in your area I cannot pull advertising or cancel a subscription, but you owe firearms owners a huge apology. If you actually wanted the NRA to be flexible in its positions, people like you should actually try to be flexible in your own. I spent three hours next to Wayne LaPierre on a plane once upon a time and found him to be surprisingly reasonable. His problem simply is that radical “antis” like yourself will never be satisfied with anything less than eradication of all firearms, so trying to negotiate with you is a total waste of time. You should be ashamed of yourself for pouring gasoline on an already blazing fire.

  253. My Two Cents

    Now, I know this is going to be a great shock to everyone reading this, but it appears that Ms. Martore is apparently a long term supporter and contributor to the Democrat Party. Of course, it is her right to make political contributions, but we, as the public, clearly have the right to know her political background.

    Links to Ms. Martore’s political contributions as reported by the Federal Elections Commission:

    It’s only a couple of thousand dollars, chump change for her. Perhaps her company would publish an interactive map of the names and addresses of all DNC Contributors. After all, its public information. Indeed, with their expertise, they could cross reference it with the holder of gun permits. I’m sure that would be of interest to the general public (which, of course, has the right to know).

    It is also interesting to observe that more than 62% of Gannett’s recent political contributions were to the Democrat Party.

    I attempted to see if this area was covered by Gannett’s Ethics Policies. Strangely, the page was not functioning when I attempted to access it. (December 26, 2012-approx 10:40 pm, Eastern)


    Of course, its the public’s right to know that the link to their ethics policy is down even though it appears that the rest of their web site is operating smoothly. For example, the list of Gannett’s Board of Directors functions perfectly:

  254. RollingOnTheFuckimgFloor lol

    Aaa ah shit ya done it now! But I salute you! Support NRA and buy as many firearms before they take away our right to bare arms! The laws are going to change, but until then I’ll be making some purchases! Guns aren’t the problem! Individual people with problems are! Crazy people can resort to using any weapon be it knives, gasoline, their car, AIDS!

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  256. Anonymous

    What you have done is cruel.

  257. DKK

    Doyle is a real chicken. She already took down her Facebook page, or at least prevented public access. Guess she didn’t think it was ok for herself to be outed after outing people in entire counties. What a joke.
    Chris, can we post a similar interactive map with all the names and addresses of the Journal News people responsible for the FOIA request and publishing the map?

  258. Yvonne

    Brilliant!! I live in Westchester County and have family and friends whose names were on that map!! I am proud to say my neighbor across the street from me exercises his 2nd Amendment right all the time!! And let me tell you he would be here faster that the local PD if I ever needed him. So how do they know those of us who have rifles in their homes? LOL They DON”T!! There are MANY of us who “are under the radar!!” Thank you for doing this!!

  259. DKK

    Just wanted to add that since NY does not require a permit for shotguns and rifles in the home, that this map is not really accurate about who has a firearm. We are not listed there, but if anyone tries to enter my home and hurt my family, they will have to answer to Mr. Mossberg 500.

  260. Anonymous

    I don’t generally jump on any of these types of bandwagons, but I am saluting you for doing this. It is long overdue. For too long reporters and media elite have exposed and exploited the private lives of others; it’s high time they find out what that feels like. Thanks for doing the necessary legwork.

  261. Darwin

    Hey crooks and other miscreants. You can be sure that none of these people listed have any guns – i.e. no protection against you.

  262. I don’t understand the reasoning behind you publishing the personal information of the reporter, etc. So what they listed the names and addresses of the registered gun owners. Is there something you all are ashamed of?

    • Anonymous

      It’s called privacy. I don’t want my ex-stalkers (yep, two) to get the idea to start up again just because they find my address. I don’t want some new crazy person not interested in either side of the gun debate to decide my address is interesting. I shoot trap and don’t want a bunch of anti-gun nuts coming to my house to protest my shotgun. I don’t want criminals to know I own a weapon of any kind because that just makes my home a target when I’m not here. If there’s nothing you’re ashamed of, why not post your REAL address here? You may not care if information about you is easily available, but some of us do.

  263. Why does she need such a big house? Nearly 5,000 square feet and valued at 1.3 mil? Come on, who needs a house that big? That’s incredibly wasteful and gluttonous. Think of all the homeless and other unfortunates who could be kept warm and dry in all that wasted space. And it surely generates a lot of CO2 to keep such a large house heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.

    Sounds like this limousine liberal needs a good dose of social justice.

    • Don Laird

      Well….its as large as a barn……..and suitable for a cow……

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

  264. I bet this stupid tart and her liberal sycophants thought this divulging of gun permit owners would be oh so bleeding edge.
    It’ll be fitting if she ends up as a statistic.

  265. Brian J East

    Legal? Gasoline is legal, but it is not a good idea to sniff it.
    Gaining the information was legal, but it was not a good idea to publish it. Why? They have generated a one-stop shopping list for criminals who would want to steal firearms. Whether the criminals are successful in their endeavours or not, the outcome will be someone dead. So, was publishing a list of law-abiding gun owners and their addresses a good idea? Only if your aim was to arm criminals and/or kill people.

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  268. Don Laird

    Let us begin…….

    The info below is current and valid and yes…the numbers are for the residences…….oh joy!!!!!!

    and please…….do not be timid….just call these people……call them at anytime….tell them you just want to say hi!……..

    Victoria D. Harker
    CFO, Gannet Inc (owner of The Journal News)
    Board Member, Darden (Red Lobster, Olive Garden)
    Alumni Association Board of Managers, University of Virginia “86
    (husband: Drew A. Harker (Washington lawyer)….mother of 3 sons, former triathelete)
    Home (434) 325-2374
    134 Warrior Run
    Roseland, VA 22967

    Todd A. Mayman General Counsel, Gannet Inc
    (wife: Susan C. Mayman, vice president Langley High School, McLean VA)
    Home (703) 790-9573
    8118 Birnam Wood Dr
    McLean, VA 22102-2713

    Regards Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  269. An interested foreigner

    Greetings from Australia.

    As an outsider in this issue, in a country where citizens do not have constitutionally protected free speech or the right to bear arms, the USA’s Bill Of Rights is something I truly admire and respect about the USA. The Founding Fathers, as you call them, were very intelligent people, and they recognised the importance of self-defence, both at the individual level and the level of a nation of free people.

    Unfortunately, one thing they were apparently unable to guarantee is that people should have respect for others; for their personal lives and liberty, Those alleged journalists capitalised on that lack, and were quite happy to show all the criminals where to obtain guns by robbing homes. Consequently, the only defence those people now have is to own guns and keep them ready to use.

    It will be interesting (and unfortunate) to see whether any of the homes of gun owners exposed by the irresponsibility of the press there will be targeted for burglary in the near future, by criminals specifically seeking firearms.

    Anyway, congratulations. I believe you did the right thing in showing the names, addresses, and contact details of those journalists.