Thank God, I was worried about how the poor man would eat


Just another gift from the taxpayers

Just another gift from the taxpayers

Obama brings personal chef with him to Hawaii. Actually, we did.


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11 responses to “Thank God, I was worried about how the poor man would eat

  1. browbeater44

    jerk chicken and long island icead teas for everyone ..merry christmas bitches

  2. Peg

    If only he would confine himself to this sort of spending, Christopher – we’d be hundreds of billions ahead…..

    • Is it just me or are videos not loading this morning? Can’t get Walt’s and now this one to show up as anything but a black screen. Or is that what you guys are posting?
      UPDATE: Ah! Videos weren’t loading on other sites either so I quit and restarted the browser and we’re back in business. I do wish life itself had such simple reset buttons.

    • Hah – I have a great friend who grew up in the mid 50s in a conservative southern family. When he was no more than 10, a teacher reported to his parents that she suspected he was gay (probably “latent homosexual”, back then). He was immediately sent to “a prominent psychiatrist” who directed him to walk down the hallway and return. Having observed his gait, and without any further discussion, she concluded he was straight and told his parents so. Everyone was greatly relieved until my friend, who at the time had no idea what they were all talking about, discovered years later that, swishy walk or not, he preferred the company of boys.

      • AJ

        Ah, psychiatrists. There was a documentary on, I believe it was PBS, a number of years ago (could have been TV Ontario) about the chicken man who was active as a chicken back in the twenties or thirties. I tried to find something about it on the web to no avail. Anyhow the top psychiatrists of the day proclaimed that not only did the chicken man act and look like a chicken, but was indeed part chicken, genetically.

  3. Babylon Sister

    The Obama’s dog handler gets paid $102,000 per year.

    That is roughly $10K more than the annual base pay of a Battalion Commander in the U.S. Army. (Usually a Lt Colonel with over fifteen years of military service, responsible for the lives and mission success of approx. 300-1,200 Soldiers)

  4. browbeater44

    we all know what a joke it is …lets not kid ourselves…how/when does it unravel is the questions

  5. Heidi Ho!

    Chris- hi, it’s XXX. We talked a few weeks ago about our possible purchase of 39 shore (we didn’t buy it- we discovered that 60 foot tractor trailers use shore road to get to Exit 6 I95!)

    Anyway- a newspaper in westchester owned by Gannett published a list of gun owners-mostly westchester but a few in greenwich too- good one to blog about.