Too funny: Journal News removes my disclosure of publisher Janet Hasson’s address

3 Gate House Lane (armory located second floor bedroom, right)

3 Gate House Lane (armory located second floor bedroom, right)

After reading the Journal-News’ courageous exposure of the home addresses of gun owners I strolled over to the comment section and replied to another reader’s inquiry as to the home address of the publisher by supplying that information (Janet Hanson, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck NY 10543 (248) 594-2197). Checking just now, I see that the paper has deleted my response.

Well isn’t that brave of them.


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23 responses to “Too funny: Journal News removes my disclosure of publisher Janet Hasson’s address

  1. D

    Awesome. I love it.

  2. Peg

    Oh, I bet they’re simply horrified that one of their employees lives in such an ugly house. The shame!!

  3. AJ

    A true profile in courage.

  4. Mr. Fountain- You sir are a gentleman,a scholar and an inspiration to us all.

  5. SeattleConservative

    In the future, burglary victims in that area should be able to press charges aginst Ms Hasson as an accessory before the fact. She was kind enough to “case” the neighborhood for the burglars, alerting them to the housesnwith something to steal, unless the opposite is true, in which case she alerted them to “soft” targets.
    Stupid, stupid woman.

  6. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!!!

    Maybe we should continually repost it. 😉

  7. Susan

    Thank you for your quick work on this latest outrage by “the media.” Hopefully they will think twice before doing something so outrageous like invading others’ privacy. I hope they get sued into oblivion.. it would serve them right to choke on a big dose of their own medicine.

  8. Sandra

    Thank you for your courage and display of “fair play.” What’s good for the goose…” I hope the “sting” felt by all those of this newspaper is felt until they feel they might need a gun, or protection of someone with a gun. What ignorant twits. Should someone’s home be burglarized and guns stolen, sue these idiots of this so called newspaper!

  9. Anonymous

    Well, its Janet Hanson, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck NY, photo is posted on “thee rant”

  10. mke

    now we should get all the nra members and or gun owners whose names and addresses were posted to picket in front of her house

  11. Anonymous

    Very interesting public records of Ms. Cynthia R. (Royle) Lambert and husband Kenneth E. Lambert on Westchester County Clerks records search page.

  12. Anonymous

    I guess everyone knows she hates so It may be an easy target for criminals. Since she does have a good job I bet she has some cool stuff to steal.

  13. wayne

    Gannett company publishes mags for the military I wonder if they know that there mil-Mall link from their army marketplace allows you to buy illegal clips and accesories for guns… this is a link from their published website army marketplace the original site is here

  14. Anonymous

    Publisher of the Journal News-

    Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

    Phone number: (248) 594-2197; you might also try (914) 525-1923,

    but the area code is just a guess on the assumption that this number is a land line.

    Reporter who wrote the story violating the privacy and safety of law-abiding gun owners-

  15. Richard

    Touché Janet. A journalist who feels she can never feel the wrath of those she may have hurt. Hiding behind your assumed privilege as a high and mighty reporter.

  16. Anonymous

    i wonder if she will secure protection now that her addrss is outed and if they will carry a gun.

  17. John Mac

    It looks like her and the reporter have both had to change their numbers. Darn it, I wanted to chat with them about the constitution.

  18. Anonymous

    I must ask if the newspaper determined if any of the addresses were battered women’s shelters. Since such listings are protected, I would suspect they did not.