Cat’s out of the bag

Give the people what they want and they’ll turn out every time. Nice work, Janet and your crowd, you got the publicity you wanted for your rag. This post isn’t very Christmasy, I realize, and I wish no ill towards any man or woman this day, so I’ll lay off now.

But sheesh.

UPDATED: Still being viewed

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 1.33.11 AM


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3 responses to “Cat’s out of the bag

  1. Sandra

    Janet and lot thought this to be very clever…wonder how clever they think it is now that they have their names and addresses on the internet. What idiots! Guess they never heard of Karma.

  2. Riverside

    3:42 m – just saw a report on Fox News on this, and a reference to a blog that has published the paper’s personnel’s information. Way to go!

  3. Anon2Asupporter

    You forget Liz Anderson (Steinke) on your list.
    226 Read Ave
    Tuckahoe, NY 10707-2315!/lizsteinke?fref=ts