It’s not necessarily about gun control but rather, criminal control

Or leave for Mexico

Or leave for Mexico

The twisted, evil man who ambushed and shot the four firemen up near Rochester yesterday was a felon (not allowed to own firearms of any sort, assault or otherwise):

Spengler was convicted of manslaughter in 1981 for beating his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer, according to New York State Department of Corrections records. After prison [16 years] he spent eight years on parole.

The 19-year-old who shot and killed one man and wounded another in a Seattle nightclub last night on Christmas Eve was also a known entity:

Jones was convicted in 2009 of the high-profile, brutal beating death of ‘the Tuba Man,’ a beloved Seattle street musician. Because he was 16 at the time, he served less than 36 weeks in juvenile detention.

We can pass all the laws we like restricting guns (although I still think we should just pass a law prohibiting murder and assault and make our world safe from all harm) but we’ll not spare ourselves tragedy. So here’s a suggestion: if we can’t lock up the mentally ill, and civil rights considerations suggest that we shouldn’t, couldn’t we at least keep convicted murderers behind bars? It’d be a start.


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6 responses to “It’s not necessarily about gun control but rather, criminal control

  1. Balzac

    Guns are used by those who commit murder and should be outlawed. Bridges are used by those who commit suicide and should also be outlawed.

    On a better note: Merry Christmas, friends.

  2. db

    If you have guns sold to just about anyone that wants one, is there any doubt criminals will get there hand on them. It’s a vicious circle.

    Since most of us criticise all the idiots on the road, imagine them with a weapon.

  3. When I did grand jury duty a few years ago we indicted an unemployed plumber who beat his mother to death with a hammer. She made him oatmeal for breakfast when he specifically asked for bacon and eggs, so he closed her account.

    The lesson is clear. Outlaw hammers for all but licensed carpenters who have passed background checks and annual psychological evaluations.

    • db

      If he had a gun, he would have just shot her. There are ample number of unstable people in this world. While they may just be mildly annoying normally, hand them a gun and things change.

      I’m far from against guns. I’m also not a proponent of handing them out like toys at a carnival. When someone loses it and has a deadly weapon, all bets are off. In Vermont, people are spread out and it is a relaxed state in general……a far cry from Bridgeport, as an example.

      Personally, I’d rather have a taser for personal protection. Unfortunately, that’s completely illegal in the state, even though getting a gun permit isn’t the hardest thing in the world. Maybe I should set up a NTA and push for open taser laws all over the place. We can then taser each other and whoever loses walks away when he finally wakes up.

  4. Anonymous

    too many ticking time bombs walking around the USA

    plenty of guns (and easy access too) and you see the mess we are in