And the pressure grows

Jammie Wearing Fools on of my favorite blogs, links here, and my all time favorite, InstaPundit, links to Jammie Wearing Fools.

For all you new visitors, you should know that this blog is supposed to be a mixture of whatever interests me and a running report on what’s happening in the Greenwich real estate market, so come back next week and you’ll probably be disappointed. But for this week, there is no real estate activity and I was wondering how I’d fill the pages until on Christmas Eve, appropriately, the Journal News came out with its bright idea of exposing law-abiding gun owners and feeding that information to criminals and busybodies.

Oh, I do love fools.

Here’s what viewership’s looked like just a few minutes ago,  even before Jammie and the Professor provided their links. Thank you, Journal-News. Hope your past three days have been as much fun as mine.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 1.32.15 PM


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28 responses to “And the pressure grows

  1. Anonymous

    Glad you got a readership boost. Personally I was a bit disappointed you stooped to their low low level, both by publishing their addresses and devoting that much bandwidth to gun issues. But it is not my blog, and you clearly found a lot of traffic from new and existing readers. I guess Journal-News and fwiw both achieved their objectives. I do like your real estate stuff though.

    • Readership boost will be ephemeral, but we will have real state stuff back when there’s anything to report, so please check back in in a couple of weeks. I do feel strongly about “gun issues” however, especially when there’s a movement afoot to place them on the proscribed list of liberties.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Anonymous: “Stooped to their low level?” Seems to me this is a Goose & Gander issue. The Chris I’ve known for better than a dozen years, doesn’t operate that way. The writer, editors and publisher of (Journal News) made a choice, an extremely bad choice, and while it appears that they anticipated “controversy,” more than likely they didn’t expect the very hard push back they got. Like it or not, by publishing the names and addresses, the paper has put a whole lot of people in harm’s way. Legal gun owners and their family members are now certainly at elevated risk for burglary by felons unable to otherwise obtain firearms.

      Should anyone ever be injured or killed by a firearm stolen from one of the published addresses as a result of the Journal Review’s mapping of those names and addresses, it would seem to me entirely fair to join as defendants the paper and all contributing journalists, editors and publishers in a tort action to recover damages by a plaintiff suffering a consequential loss. I would expect a BIG money judgment too, given the egregiously bad conduct of the paper.

      A bit off topic: Ironic isn’t it that the paper seeks to use the shield of its First Amendment rights, in a fairly transparent effort to attack the Second Amendment rights of others, while fully failing to grasp that ultimately it is the Second Amendment that guarantees the rights protected under the First?

    • Chanticleer

      Because “refusing to stoop to their level” and “being above it all” has just worked so well so far.

      Look, you have to remember that leftists in the media have the mental and emotional maturity of toddlers. They don’t learn the necessary lessons of appropriate behaviour by reasoning with them and treating them like adults. They only understand one thing: their own personal discomfort. Basically, these people suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. And like young children, they can only be conditioned into the realisation that their actions have consequences.

      Sadly, Chris corrected them in the only way that will actually make them think twice about endangering others in service to their “noble cause” pet agenda.

  2. “Ironic isn’t it that the paper seeks to use the shield of its First Amendment rights, in a fairly transparent effort to attack the Second Amendment rights of others, while fully failing to grasp that ultimately it is the Second Amendment that guarantees the rights protected under the First?”

    Not off topic at all, LA. Well said.

  3. Anonymous

    And David gregory is being investigated by DC police for showing an “automatic cartridge” on Meet the Press, which is illegal there. He was told so in advance.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Meanwhile, back at the Pity Party,

    “That prompted a tall, extremely tanned blonde named Kay, from Old Greenwich, Connecticut, to ask Hassett, the co-­author of the 1999 book Dow 36,000, “So what do we do with our money?”

    He recommended investing in real estate in another country, maybe in Central America somewhere. A woman to Kay’s right wrinkled her nose: How about a Western country? “Okay, if Europe is what you want, go to Poland,” he said optimistically. “Go to Krakow, buy a house for $50,000, and it’s going to be like Paris in a few years.”

    At breakfast the next day, I ran into Kay from Old Greenwich. Tall and stern, legal thriller clutched to her breast, she narrowed her eyes and complained that Kevin Hassett was too controlling of the conversation the night before and lacked social graces.”

  5. You have done a great service to all responsible gun owners. Any paper etc. in the future will now think twice about publishing such irresponsible stuff in the future. Thank you.

  6. bacteria bill

    now if you could just get that new viewership to read and comment on your other post’s…………………………….

  7. dogwalker

    NPR covered the story and has a survey about whether or not this is a fair thing to do . . .

    Vote, vote, vote!!!

  8. Shoeless

    It would appear that Walt and Hyram have company now!

  9. meridenite

    Hey you got a mention on Canada Free Press and Tight Nations, way to go.

  10. meridenite

    oops s/b Right Nations

  11. Riverside

    And Fox News this afternoon.

  12. burningmadolf

    As one commenter alluded to in one of the links above: what if this dingbat outed a women in hiding (or hiding a weapon) from an abuser? The abuser may never have known about a gun and may now up their game or worse be “triggered” to do something extreme.

  13. Anonymous2

    Who now has the greater readership..FWIW or that Gannet rag in White Plains?

  14. Anonymous

    i looked on the journal news website trying to find advertisers, esp. local firms.

    just about zilch. some online college thing, and a usa today ad.

    kinda says something about the credibility of the paper, eh?

  15. Walt

    Dude –
    Now don’t be getting all balloon headed just because a few more camel jockeys, in their never ending quest for porn, are finding their way to your blog and leaving disappointed.

    Remember this: “A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.”
    Patton DUDE!! I loved that flick!!

    Anyhows, you have more than enough things to keep you humble, me thinks. So think about those, instead of pitching a tent in your pants because the click count went up.

    You load.
    Your Pal,

  16. Libertarian Advocate

    Mirrored Trades: I’m betting Chris retains a healthy percentage of his most recent first time visitors as regular readers going forward. I’m also betting that Gannet hemorrhages readership, and, by implication, advertising dollars.

    Bye-bye LoHud Journal News….

  17. DotsMom

    I’m back to give my two cents! I was thinking all day about this since I read your first post…this paper made it too easy for a crazy bunch of liberal thugs to go wild on law abiding citizens. EVEN IF they had the right to publish the names in one neat and tidy place, why would they choose to? CynDee should lose her job first and foremost. It was the worst choice a fellow citizen could do to another. She put more people in harm’s way than she realizes, she is just stupid. She’s just a stupid liberal. It would be more helpful to know where all the parolees an convicted felons live. Hey CynDee how about a published list of those criminals? IDIOT!!!!

  18. Riverside Dog Walker

    I really do think you have lost your marbles and I will have to re-consider my continued view of this blog and participation therein. I came for the real estate insights and local Greenwich discussion topics, not the right wing rhetoric and histrionics.

    I’ve got an idea. All you gun toting people who watch too much TV and have too active imaginations, why don’t you join the military as my son and I did (or send your children, that works too) and our esteemed country will give you ample opportunity to use your weapons in defense of, wait for it, Freedom!

    Target shooting is for pussies. USA! USA!

    And anyone who wants to come to my house best be carrying and know how to use it.

    • Sorry you’re offended Walker. As I suggested to another long time reader, come back, if you wish, next week when there’s real estate news to report.
      Your slur on supporters of the Second Amendment is sort of silly – there are a lot of combat veterans reading and commenting on this blog and even more who I shoot with who not only served their country valiantly and well but who still wish to retain their basic freedoms.

      Please thank your son for his service.

  19. Did the next day a spike come into place to graphically represent a middle finger tribute to non-journalism ?