Ha! Where are the Journal News reporters in YOUR neighborhood?

Readers here at FWIW have done an admirable job of supplying that information, but here’s an interactive map – hey, boys, to answer Clevon Litttle’s question, this is where the white wimmen at!


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27 responses to “Ha! Where are the Journal News reporters in YOUR neighborhood?

  1. Paul K.

    Chris, you be da man! I wonder if they know it’s twoo?

  2. Anon

    Interesting to note that as more and more media outlets report on this, including now the New York Times, each has a link to the original map, further spreading the wrong-doing. I understand the story is newsworthy but at the continued dissemination of addresses????????

  3. LogicalUS

    The people who should be the most upset but are most likely moronic leftists are the people who do not own guns as these idiots just printed out a handy “steal at peace” guide to to any would-be criminals.


  4. Al Dente

    Gov. William J. Lepetomane will have something to say about this. I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy!

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Penn & Teller make the best argument yet on why gun laws are BS. This video is worth watching all the way through:

    Your Pal,

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    And I finally figured out how to embed the video instead of just the link!! I hope I can remember how I did it!
    Want some Michelle Jenneke? The future Mrs. Walt? OK THAN!!

    Your Pal,

  7. Walt

    Now why didn’t that work? WTF? AJ I ain’t.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    And did you reverse the order of the comments? You are making me frigging dizzy.
    And can we get a weather report, for Pete’s sake. I saw 3 accidents a mile from my home. Thanks Storm Field.
    Your Pal,

  9. forrest

    What comes around, goes around…heh.

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    Testing again. This is pissing me off:

    Your Pal,

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    I give up. I am as bad at embedding videos as you are at writing. WTF am I doing wrong?
    Your Pal,

    • Walt my boy, it’s got me stumped too, and I’m even given directions to follow. Help us out here, AJ!
      By the way, it’s sleeting. I blame Bush.

      • AJ

        All I do is copy the video’s url from the address bar and paste it in the “two cents” text box; most of the time the video shows up when I post it; sometimes it doesn’t and if it doesn’t, well, c’est la vie, and I have no idea what will happen until I post it. Since I have no access to this website other than to be able to type things into the text box, that’s all I can do. I don’t know what part of the coding makes it not want to embed, but even if I did, since it’s part of the url, that would be irrelevant. Usually if the video doesn’t come up, it’s because whoever uploaded it to Youtube probably doesn’t want their video uploaded to some other site. If you have a copy of KeepVid, here’s a free version you can use http://keepvid.com/, you can download a copy to your hard drive (now it’s a file and doesn’t have a url), then upload it to your own Youtube channel then copy the url from your youtube channel and paste it to your comment. That might be a work around that probably would work, and you would have a permanent copy of the video to upload wherever and whenever you like.

  12. pulled up in OG

    Hey Chris. Wanna check your preferences and un-click ‘Australia’?

  13. Two things:
    “Blazing Saddles” is a great movie, probably wouldn’t be permitted to be made these days.
    Walt’s video would have embedded if that track girl had bigger boobies. For sure.

    • Walt

      You shallow little man. While I agree that large fun bags solve most problems, I do not believe that is causing my video posting problems.

      Thirdly, how dare you insult the curvature of the future Mrs. Walt. Did you know humans are the only mammals to pracrea…to procae..to hump face to face? Well did YA PUNK?? Dirty Harry Dude!!

      So you can deal with the less than ample boobage on a fine filly specimen such as this. You just flip her over!! Then you get her a set of spectacular store boughts. ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED!!

      I hope you see the error of your ways. Women such as this are not meant to be your pin cushion, to fulfill your every sexual fantasy.
      That is my job.

      Agreed on Blazing Saddles!! Classic! I am working on a rewrite based on the Tawana Brawley story. Dude will play Rev Al. You want to audition for Mongoose?

      Your Pal,

  14. Walt

    Dude –
    Now that it appears you may actually have more than one reader, why not try and spread your wings and branch out, you Dodo?

    When you think about it, you have no core competency, so post more general interest stuff, and appeal to a broader readership base. Of course you can still “write” about dirt, it’s what you do. Lord knows why. But besides a few Greenwich Blue Hairs, does anyone really care about that stuff?

    And you can still keep it local. But on interesting stuff. Steph!! Little Stevie Cohen’s “issues”. The GAR Evil Princess is always fun. We should take her for a New Year’s Eve pop to make nice. Pop meaning drink, you horn dog.

    I will work on a 1/1/13 relaunch of this blog based on you finding a new reader. Some light porn, humor (don’t worry, I will cover that for you), sports, business, and general T&A. No tranny sex, so we may lose Francis as a reader.

    But success has a price, my friend. You ready to step up?

    Your Pal,

  15. Roger

    Interesting how this editor…

    Cynthia R. Lambert
    The Journal News/LoHud.com
    17 McBride Ave
    White Plains, NY 10603
    (914) 948-9388
    Work Phone:
    Work Email: croyle@lohud.com
    Twitter: @croyle1
    Image File:

    Outed her neighbor 3 doors down….

    Name: ANDREW
    Address: 20 McBride Avenue, White Plains, NY, 1060

  16. Luther Heggs

    If homeowners are required by their towns to take out a permit to get a security system installed by a licensed contractor, it would be interesting to see those addresses posted.

    This way criminals could see where there are security systems and target the homes without.