At Walt’s request, a weather report

Greenwich Avenue

Greenwich Avenue

Sleet, turned to rain. I blame Bush.

Heading into the lion’s den now at CNN, where I’ll be on at 6:10 and, assuming I feel I’ve been treated fairly, again at 8:35. Why would I agree to go on and be made to look a fool? Hubris, I suppose, and a Pollyannaish idea that people might listen to reason on this issue.

What the hell, I’ve made a fool of myself in front of juries before, so I know that it’s easy and doesn’t really hurt.


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29 responses to “At Walt’s request, a weather report

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    You gonna own dem bitchez… Just saying.

  2. Great job on CNN. I have a feeling your fifteen minutes of fame will keep on ticking. This story isn’t going to go away.

    • Well, 15 seconds maybe. But I really don’t have any interest in being a spokesman for anything, even accidentally.

      • While I understand you don’t want to be a spokesman, you already are in a way – as a gun owner and powerful blogger, you have a voice the rest of us don’t have. And you don’t exactly shy away from controversy or standing your ground on an important point.

        I liked that CNN panned down your blog’s home page. Gave the blogroll a nice close-up too, with Peg and Brown Chicken getting some nice coverage. Even a little known blogger Earth Ocean Sky.

        How many networks requested the presence of your company this morning? I don’t imagine CNN was the only one. And is the 8:35 gig a repeat/rerun of the 6:10? I don’t ever ever watch CNN but I will at 8:35 if it’s new footage.

      • You did great! You came across as confident, pleasant, relaxed and knowledgable. Plus, you presented serious, real-life situations that were now occurring as a direct result of the Journal’s actions. Homerun.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    You did own them, not that he made it hard. In fact, it sure sounded to me like the interviewer is on our side of this narrow issue.

    Telling ain’t it that nobody from LoHud came on to defend? I’m guessing that senior counsel went apeshit on them screaming “STFU, JUST STFU.”

    • Actually The BRADY CENTER was on CNN yesterday and they even came out against what the paper did. So I think the deck was already stacked against the Journal. This whole debate was over before it began.

  4. Krazy Kat

    Chris – Please post a link when available.

  5. YOU GO BRO…..
    You may single handily bring REALITY to a non such show !
    Oh duh, finally I get it you report Real Estate News an Real News !!!!!!

  6. Good luck! Kick them in the balls.

  7. AJ

    Watch out for strawmen.

  8. BRAVO! Great job, especially at the end when you equated the NJ’s map of gun permit owners with threats against some of those people including abused women and cops.

    But, do me a favor. If you are ever in the same room with that Roland Martin toad again could you punch him in the face for me?

    Hope you put the interview link up so we can watch again.

    You stayed on point ….what was theirs ?

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    So I watched the CNN interview. I always pictured you with pointy little elf ears, like Spock, so I was a little disappointed with that. But other than that, I thought you did a nice job.

    You let the black guy wearing the pimp suit get under your skin a bit, and your joke about calling yourself a “writer” fell flat on them, but I thought it was really funny. Did you wear makeup, you little girly boy?

    Any chance of getting on Fox News? I have a thing for Megyn Kelly, that little stud muffin.

    And don’t be getting all cocky on us. Remember you are in the same celebrity bucket as Octomom.
    You loser.
    Your Pal,

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Missed the redux due to an emergency trip to CVS to buy bandages and other treatments for my son’s scalded foot. Family comes first! Sure hope you can get a clip up here at some point, and no, I don’t mean a magazine.

  11. Libertarian Advocate

    I hope this sticks. Here is the early video clip:

  12. AJ

    The forcast for the Bill of Rights just got a little darker.

    Senate Approves Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens in U.S.

  13. AJ

    It’s a good thing you didn’t have to talk to Soledad O’Brien. She would have bitten onto your pants leg and you would have had to drag her all the way back to Connecticut. I think anyone who’s going to be interviewed by her needs to condition themselves on the few days prior by listening to clanging pots and pans. In addition to being totally obnoxious, she is also a strawman tactic specialist.

  14. D

    Well done Chris! Shocked they didn’t ambush you with some brady crazy. Very cool!

  15. Peg

    Needless to say, we in the frozen tundra were still warm and cuddly under the comforter while Christopher was delivering his magnificent performance on media hypocrisy. So – thanks to invisiblecon for the link!

    Great job, CF! Sure that many of the leftist pontificators won’t comprehend a word of what you said…. but perhaps a few hearts and minds were reached.

    • Don’t thank me. Someone else uploaded it. I just linked it. Although, I did make the initial, unfortunate mistake of seaching for “Chris Fountain CNN” on YouTube instead of “Christopher Fountain CNN”. Trust me. Don’t do it. It’s not the same guy.

      I know Chris said he will probably resume his old blogging topics once this dies down, but he’s a pretty good writer and he’s fairly articulate. So he might want to branch out. Plus he’s got the traffic recognition now. Anyway, you never know.

      • Invisible: I see your own WordPress blog is also Invisible – invisible unless we are invited. Is the “con” part of your moniker short for conservative? Short for contrary? Short for congressman? Short for convivial? Or is it just plain con, as in artist? Do tell.

  16. JimP

    Excellent job Chris. Your interviewer struck me as quite reasonable and fair.