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With apologies to visiting readers, this blog is usually at least partially devoted to Greenwich real estate and while trashing local wannabe journalists is fun, I have a living to make. In fact, I owe an apology to the regular readers, most of whom probably don’t give a rat’s ass about gun rights and the Second Amendment.

So here’s some real estate news. Those of you from out of town might find it amusing to see how little you get for how much in this town.

Three sales reported yesterday, 51 Old Stone Bridge, $1.325 million, 2 Parsonage Rd, $3.450 and 23 Pond Place, Cos Cob, $770,000.

Old Stone Bridge was rented out for most of this past year so if it was purchased by the renters and that rent was credited against its sales price, the $1.325 figure shouldn’t cause other Old Stone property owners undue alarm. If not, you’re all in trouble up there.

2 Parsonage

2 Parsonage

2 Parsonage selling for $3.450 sounds about right, even though its owners must have been disappointed. They paid $3,684,375 million for this in 2008 and, I’m told, poured several hundred thousand more into improvements (though it was a new house – go figure). Noisy corner lot on two busy streets.

23 Pond Place

23 Pond Place

23 Pond Place asked $899,999, got $770,000 when the owners got real.


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12 responses to “Back to real estate


  2. It was his idea

    It’s good to have you back!

  3. Anonymous

    Just caught a snipett of your CNN appearance this am. Nice work!
    I always find it amusing when they invite a guest, and then all take turns (as they only can) instead of going one on one)) taking shots at their guest to try to stand out as much as they can.
    I couldn’t name one of the hosts, but I recognized you. Again, well done.

    Did the listing agent ever report the sale price for 197 Sheephill rd unit C
    Closed around the 15th of this month.
    The remaining 5 tenants, myself included are anxiously awaiting the bad news.
    Would you be willing to share it with us?
    Pretty please šŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous

    Just read that 3500 people die from drowning each year.
    1/5 of those are kids

  5. Peg

    Fun to be in the spotlight – and – you deserved it! BTW – thanks for sending a bit more readership my way, too. If I live to 1,872 years of age, then my blog might catch up with the stats of yours. (This is, of course, assuming that you go about 1,796 years before I do šŸ™‚ )

  6. Anonymous

    Chris, As a retired NYPD Detective, I commend your chide against the newspaper listing of guns owners. It is my belief that the newspaper and reporter are guilty of Reckless endangerment as defined by the NYS Penal Law.
    “To act with indifference to human life.”
    Printing those names holds those people up as potential targets for the crazies in the world. Go get ’em.
    Joe DeCicco

  7. Nathan L

    Is it common for renters to get credits towards a puchase price of a home?

    • It all depends on how much the owner wants to sell, I suppose. No, it’s not common, but it’s certainly not unusual. Often I see a hybrid, where there’s a partial credit given. Again, like every deal involving every commodity, terms depends on which side wants it more.

  8. GeorgeCrosley

    You shouldn’t apologize. It isn’t just about gun rights. I don’t have any guns, but I feel strongly about what you’ve done in fighting back against the abuses of the credentialed media. In trying to take advantage of a tragedy to promote an item on their agenda, they’re trying to impugn legal gunowners.

  9. Riverside

    Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes. You provided a valuable service by shedding light on media malfeasance, and that is always good. And your recognition that it is time to get back to basics is admirable. Bravo – and I suspect another 15 minutes (or more) will be in your future…