Not every house in Old Greenwich finds multiple bidders

3 Vista

3 Vista

3 Vista Drive reports an accepted offer, last asking price of $3.495 million. The owners paid $3.845 for it in 2007 and put some money into it but it still has the original windows and needs other work as well. This style of home is out of favor these days and I suspect it’s not coming back. Still, Vista’s a great street and I’m old enough to appreciate this house. I’ll guess closing price will be $3.175 to $3.250.


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10 responses to “Not every house in Old Greenwich finds multiple bidders

  1. CAO

    If your read is correct, that’s a good price on a very nice street, not too much above land value — people have been saying that Vista and Quintard are the only nice coastal streets in OG that had zero flooding during the hurricanes.

  2. anon

    vista and quintard are both beautiful roads, but the houses always seem to be designed for another neighborhood.

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  5. Shoeless

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  6. Anonymous

    Love that house and street…think it’s a classic and classics prevail!


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  8. wat

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