Year end sales

Five reported, from a 1949 steel ranch in Cos Cob for $725,000 to a bidding war on Ford Lane, Old Greenwich, that closed at $5.6 million.

58 North Street sold for $3.170 million (asked $3.795) and that seems just about right. An 1888 home, right on North and with its yard chopped off and sold years ago, but a real charmer. I liked it very much and so did my clients but they decided it “was too large”, a refreshing attitude for Greenwich buyers. They’ll be building new around the corner.

127 Havemeyer Place sold for $1.5 million which had to be a sale hastened by the hot breath of a lender blowing on the developer’s neck. Bought in 2007 for $1.2 million, far more than $300,000 went into this total renovation so in-town developers beware: things aren’t improving here, yet.

39 Willow Road in Riverside, however, shows that Riverside (and Old Greenwich – see next paragraph) are flourishing. This house might fairly be considered a pure land sale, whether the buyers stay in it or not. $2,477,300, which is better than its asked-for price of $2.950, but really – really?

7 Ford Lane

7 Ford Lane

7 Ford Lane, Old Greenwich, sold new for $4.450 million in 2003, asked $5.450 this time around and went immediately for $5.6 million. it’s perched high above the water which means Hurricane Sandy left it unaffected. Got a rubber boat to get in and out and you’re set.

And then we have that steel ranch house at 4 Cedar Lane in Cos Cob, $725,000. Don’t know what exact form that steel was shaped in but being Cos Cob, the new owner will probably beat it into (snow) plowshares. And good for him.


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7 responses to “Year end sales

  1. D

    Fun detour, but welcome back!

  2. I’ve been reading in alot of online newspapers of the before-the-end-of-the-year house buying rush. Are you (and real estate attorneys) seeing the same?

    From the Vineyard Gazette:
    The heavy traffic in late December real estate transfers is believed to be due to uncertainty over impending tax code changes in 2013. “I think that’s clearly a driving factor and I would not be surprised to see the activity continue right to the end of the year,” said Tom Wallace, a partner with Wallace and Co. Sotheby’s International Realty in Edgartown. He said Island attorneys, appraisers and estate planning professionals have been working long hours in recent weeks to complete real estate sales for clients, some of them arm’s-length sales and many others transfers within family estates.

  3. Anonymous

    Compared to 7 Ford, 39 Willow price makes more sense to me.
    OG is uber my understanding.

  4. Anonymous

    Willow road keeps the wave going
    650 bucks/ sq. ft

  5. Anonymous

    And then there is Ford Lane
    Just a few dollars under 1000 bucks/ sq. ft

  6. Anonymous

    For Havemeyer
    At around 360 bucks sq.ft is probably all your are going to get.
    Well, that and your kids will have play dates at Wilbur peck court.

    Someone had to say it..