Another year end sale


15 Delwood

15 Delwood

15 Delwood (off of Church Street), $4.2 million. Built new a few years ago, it sold in  September 2010 for $4.1 million. These sellers clearly lavished some serious money and care over the past two years making this house their own, and the result was superb. I had clients who bid successfully on it but then decided in favor of a house with more land – this one has almost none. But it does have convenience to town going for it and, as noted, it’s a truly exceptional home. I know what we bid, and $4.2 doesn’t surprise me in the least. Those clients and I spent a lot of time looking at the $4 to $5+ million inventory this year and this one, as well as the one they eventually bought, were the benchmarks for comparative value. There are a lot of houses on the market now asking over $5 million that don’t come close.

That’s just my opinion, of course, and that of my clients and these buyers, whoever they are. The owners of those more expensive houses must disagree, but their failure to sell suggests that they’re wrong.


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6 responses to “Another year end sale

  1. anon

    which one did your clients buy?

  2. Anonymous

    Delwood looks nice. As a current owner of 2.5 acres in mid country I probably view no land as a plus now my boys are getting older.

    • Yes, I understand that. a passel of young kids sends many parents to mid country looking for space for them to play but once they’ve grown, that’s a lot of yard to maintain merely to look at. Delwood offered ample privacy, just no room for a football pitch. That can be a real plus to some buyers.

  3. anonymous

    Kids don’t play outdoors any longer unless their video games are solar powered. And last time I looked Dellwood was off Old Church Road near Country Day, not Church Street near Gabrielles, although the new Country Day buildings and Gabrielles have the same windows.

  4. Anon

    Well done home but no backyard.