Long time former owner of 58 North Street dies

From a reader, this obituary of Dr. Edwin Kent, who died December 18th at age of 91. NOT the last owner, who sold it just a few days ago, but a previous one. Sounds like a fascinating, accomplished man. I loved his house, that’s for certain.


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10 responses to “Long time former owner of 58 North Street dies

  1. InfoDiva

    They just don’t make them like that any more.

  2. anonymous

    Before the remodel he used to drill kids’ teeth in that house. Pass.

  3. Anonymous

    Ed was an eye doctor, not a dentist.

  4. Anonymous

    re: badger, they sure as heck don’t make ’em like that anymore.

    a close family friend of similar age (a little older), and quite possibly serving in cic at same time under macarthur throughout europe, had a character and resolve just simply not seen in any generation since. sadly, he too has passed.

    our friend was an immigrant who grew up with nothing, he built a strong family unit and made a good life for himself and his family. no woe is me, no handouts, no pressing 1 for spanish (which was native language, ironically!), no nanny state, no this that and the other thing that has created the divisive and fragile america we live in today.

    funny thing, growing up as we knew them, no native language was ever spoken at their home, neither italian–his wife–nor his spanish tongue. always english. all proud to have learned english and be an american, right down to the lincoln continental in the driveway. always a lincoln of varied model years, he loved his big american cars.

    god bless ya mr. b., hope you’re enjoying a glass or two of sherry with some of these greenwich folk who’ve recently joined you. am sure you’re all having a good laughing at us.

  5. hot wife

    he had reason to live, ford model wife, im sure his vision was puuurrrfect, wow