Why do I think this won’t work?

Teen tries to steal condoms from convenience store, flees with chewing gum instead. Never worked as a substitute caulking on my old sailboat, but perhaps his results will be better.


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5 responses to “Why do I think this won’t work?

  1. AJ

    In another example of switching chewing gum for condoms, metaphorically speaking, that is, Mayor Bloomberg, instead of going ballistic, decides there’s not much you can do about pointless, tragic homicides, when the solution would require HIM TO DO SOMETHING about it.

    “”It’s a very tragic case, but what we want to focus on today is the overall safety in New York,” Bloomberg told reporters following a police academy graduation.” (http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/20438698/video-released-of-nyc-suspect-in-fatal-subway-push#axzz2GS5QTweb)

    I guess, when neither a gun or a soft drink is involved, the Mayor’s solution is shit happens, so forget about it.

  2. Mark B.

    Well, the report doesn’t say if it was bubble gum or not. Like Hubba Bubba, man you can make ANYTHING outta that stuff once the flavor’s gone…

  3. AJ

    Is petty theft America’s next growth industry? With numbers like this it might just be.

    ‘Government Dependents Outnumber Those With Private Sector Jobs In 11 U.S. States’

  4. Anonymous

    We did use gum on the side of our Bullseye in Winter Harbor. There was a bullet hole below the water line. Believed to be random payback for someone having dragged a lobster buoy and its attached traps. Life on the water.

  5. Tokenekebozo

    Did that once myself. Honest mistake. The “Double your pleasure, double your fun” on the package got me confused.