Bring on Fracking, II

Syrian rebels behead Christian, feed corpse to dogs. These are the “moderate” muslims we’re supporting. The sooner we don’t need the Middle East’s oil, the faster we can get out of there and let them play alone in their sandbox, the better.


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14 responses to “Bring on Fracking, II

  1. AJ

    The so-called “moderates” are the same Al Qaeda fighters that the US backed (without congressional support; some say an impeachable offense) in Libya. But then, Gaddafi was about to undermine the petro dollar (the US dollar), and we couldn’t have that. That’s right, your US tax dollar goes to back Al Qaeda — it finances acts of terrorism but against the right people; you’d have to consult with Bill Maher for whose life isn’t precious. Here’s an example of your tax dollars at work: US backed rebels attempting to shoot down a commercial airliner (article + video).

  2. db

    Small point, but we get no oil from Syria and under 20% from the Middle East over all.

    • AJ

      Who cares about oil when you’ve got truth, justice, and the American way to bring to those whose governments are unfit deliver the humanitarian dystopian utopia of our reveries. I can’t think of a single nice thing to say about Assad or Gaddafi, but that the people of Libya went from the frying pan to the fire, and that humanitarian conditions are much worse than they used to be, of that there is no doubt. But what do you expect when you put Al Qaeda in charge. They do have a nice new Central Bank now, though.

      So what’s up with Syria? Let’s let the Syrian Girl explain:

      • db

        Small point, but we get almost no oil from Libya and under 20% from the Middle East over all.

        That girl is hot….but has insanely large lips.

    • But oil, like money, is fungible, so any new source of fuel that can hurt OPEC (and Russia, which is already feeling the pinch) is good news for the world. And if we weren’t worried about our friends the Saudis, we wouldn’t care about Syria. Except for Israel, of course, but I’ve long thought that we could triple our GDP and enrich our culture by simply opening our borders and inviting them here. Had we done that in 1939, what a different world we’d have now.

      • AJ

        “More than 2,400 years ago the philosopher Socrates claimed: “I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”[1]

        On December 10, 1948, the UN General Assembly Adopted Resolution 217A (III), also known as “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”[2]…”

        ‘Sovereign World Citizen Passport’ Most unusual:

      • Rivman

        I’ve always thought we should make a deal with Mexico and move the Israeli population to the south. They would improve the Mexican economy and we could forget about the middle east.

  3. AJ

    From back in the day when it was easy to figure out who the good guys were (hint: look for the guy with the Brooklyn accent).

  4. AJ

    To Damascus Orance, well, actually it’s Rock Hudson as Harum who brings justice to Syria as he’s off to see the Visier.

  5. anonymous

    Soon these typed blogs will be totally passé and they will be all video or live digi.

    • The ever growing illiteracy of our culture is one of the chief reason for my pessimism about the future. Morons and dolts who know the cast of Jersey Shore and have never read Locke will elect political leaders of the same quality. Inagua gives us 80 years to muddle along before final collapse – I believe the world is moving too swiftly to allow the luxury of so much time.

  6. Do not underestimate the degredation of the US educational system.
    Policy and power grabbing are the rule, not best for USA.
    Read 12/31NYT editorial page and summary of future in their crossed eyes is visable.
    End of Constitution just one of the policy needs ……
    Maybe 13 will be a game change back to the not just luck of the Colony Count….
    GO 13