The Milk Cliff looms


Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Tomorrow we revert back to one of the Post-New Deal’s greatest market interventions, “parity pricing” for milk. Expect milk to double to $7 per gallon as our government imposes 1949 price supports based on 1914 price levels.

The ultimate absurdity of the “dairy cliff” is that there is no need for federal intervention in dairy markets. The supply and demand for the vast majority of food products made in America function just fine without government price controls. The worst disruptions have perennially occurred for a handful of items such as sugar and corn, as well as dairy products, which are under political protection. Politicians have long exploited these disruptions to help drum up donations to their re-election campaigns.

There is no chance that farm-state congressmen will draw the lesson from the “dairy cliff” that they are unfit to rule American farmers, retailers and consumers. This looming debacle is further proof that the only way to reform farm programs is to abolish them.

But if we did that, what would happen to corn, and our ethanol mandate? Oh, the horror!


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  1. LAK

    I swear..where do you get your pictures to post?! LOL

    Might have to buy your own cow with steep prices!!

    • Takes a sick mind to think what to look for but if you’ve got that, it’s easy! Happy New Year to you and that Irishman of yours.

      • LAK

        Thanks and to you too! xxoo

        • Mickster

          Speaking of Irishmen…you two are just too sugary cute for words….xxoo .. i feel i’m in the middle here…wtf!

          CF, not sure that pic is exactly PC….I know you must have a stack of this stuff up in your attic somewhere??

          BTW, I just got back from the tundra a few days ago and was stunned to see you all over the MSM – jeese you actually looked and sounded lucid.
          Nice to see you’re showering again….good job…….

        • Mickster

          My toes are New Year to you ( and your own Mick)!!

  2. AJ

    The answer to your question: “But if we did that, what would happen to corn, and our ethanol mandate?”

    ‘Everything Petroleum Does, Hemp Does Better’

  3. 3g

    Those are beef cows CF.