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Business as usual

What our bipartisan Congress has wrought, summarized by Drudge:

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Ooh, they HATE when this happens!

Does this mean I have to give back my Nobel Prize?

Does this mean I have to give back my Nobel Prize?

Alaska, poster child for global warmists, enters its eighth year of record cooling.

The cooling is widespread — holding true for 19 of the 20 National Weather Service stations sprinkled from one corner of Alaska to the other, the paper notes. It’s most significant in Western Alaska, whereKing Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula saw temperatures drop most sharply, a significant 4.5 degrees for the decade, the report says.

The new nippiness began with a vengeance in 2005, after more than a century that saw temperatures generally veer warmer in Alaska, the report says. With lots of ice to lose, the state had heated up about twice as fast as the rest of the planet, in line with rising global greenhouse gas emissions, note the Alaska Climate Center researchers, Gerd Wendler, L. Chen and Blake Moore. After a “sudden temperature increase” in Alaska starting in 1977, the warmest decade on record occurred in the 1980s, followed by another jump in the 1990s, they note. The third warmest decade was the 1920s, by the way.


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When is a terrorist not a terrorist?

Mother of the Beast, realtor (wouldn't you know it?) Susan Schops Gliedman, post-mortem.

Mother of the Beast, realtor (wouldn’t you know it?) Susan Schops Gliedman, post-mortem.

When she’s a rich white junkie graduate of Dalton School and lives on West 9th Street. Oh, and when her junkie nitwit cohort claims a Harvard degree.

The daughter of a top New York doctor and her Harvard-educated boyfriend are rich heroin addicts and not home-grown terrorists – despite explosives and a cache of weapons being found at their apartment, police say.

Morgan Gliedman, 27, is an admitted drug addict, despite her being heavily pregnant. She gave birth to her boyfriend’s baby daughter on Saturday after she went into labor when police were handcuffing her.

Her boyfriend is Aaron Greene, 31, whose father is the head of a top art restoration firm. He was also arrested in the apartment and is being held without bail on Rikers Island.

Neighbors say the couple lived in squalor in their apartment in the pricy Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village.

‘It looks like they’re junkies, well-to-do junkies, not terrorists,’ a police source told the Daily Beast.

Inside the apartment, officers found seven grams of the explosive powder HMTD, which was reportedly used in the 2005 London Underground bombings.

The building had to be evacuated while the bomb squad removed the highly-unstable substance.

Police also found a sawed-off Mossberg 500, a $1,000 Ruger over-under hunting shotgun, several high-capacity magazines, 60 shotgun shells, and a replica of an M203 grenade launcher.

Several disturbing [items] were seized, including: ‘The Terrorist’s Encyclopedia V. 1.02,’ ‘Improvised and Modified Firearms: Deadly Homemade Weapons,’ ‘A Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun,’ and U.S. Army manuals for creating and planting booby traps and explosives.

I’m no policeman so what do I know, but some of those things – high explosives, sawed off shotgun and instructions for building booby traps would seem to merit a little more investigation to this amateur.

UPDATE: I thought Al Gore had already taught us this:

To cops, Greene appears to be living proof that going to Harvard does not necessarily make you any less a knucklehead.


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Journal News discovers the value of weapons of self defense

Warning: crazed maniac gun owner guards this house!

Warning: crazed maniac gun owner guards this house!

The paper hires armed security guards for its offices. I’ve retired from this story but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the irony. Someone should ask the paper whether it is also providing armed guards for the abused women who were hidden from their tormentors until the Journal disclosed their addresses.

I’m guessing not.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that those private security guards must by law all have pistol permits. Those of them who reside in Westchester, Dutchess and Putnam counties are the very people Journal News publisher Janet Hasson “outed” as social misfits and dangerous people, too dangerous (or perhaps unworthy?)  to be trusted to defend their own lives or those of their neighbors. But they’re entirely suitable to protect Janet and her staff – how is that? She’d better hope that her evaluation of them was wrong because if they’re really as crazy as she claims they are, she’s probably in trouble, right now.


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Ammunition sells out

Retailers across the country have seen their shelves stripped bare of ammunition. When I first noticed the shortage this fall I attributed the phenomenon to hunting season and an inexplicable failure by manufacturers to adjust for seasonal demand, but everything is gone now (inventory down 93% since the election), from little tiny 22LR cartridges used for shooting targets and squirrel heads to cheap NATO 7.62 (.308 cal.) ammo, sold in quantities of 500-1,000 for a full day at the range, to premium hunting loads costing $1.50 apiece.

I buy .22 ammo in bulk because it’s a cheap way to practice (4.5¢ -7¢ per), but as noted, it’s been sold out across the nation. I can’t quite figure out why there’d be such a huge demand for such a small caliber but the larger stuff is going, I assume, from a fear that ammunition will be the next battleground in the effort to confiscate all private weapons. Note that this buying surge occurred when Obama was reelected, weeks before Newtown. Now that Feinstein and her president are being more open about their plans (although Feinstein spoke of confiscation as long ago as 1990), the “paranoia” of certain gun owners looks more and more justified.

My tip to you Wall Street traders is to buy gun and ammunition manufacturers, at least short term. This thing is just beginning to heat up and as the volume increases so too will sales. Hell, I almost ordered 1,000 rounds of .308 ammunition (just a tad smaller than the 30-06 shown below) that I found still available on the Internet yesterday, even though I shoot the stuff through a single-shot Ruger No.1. That would be just about  five lifetimes of supply, so I resisted the urge, but the thought was there: buy while I still can.

Multiply me by a couple of million other gun owners, and Remington starts looking like an attractive buy – too bad they make such crappy ammo. (UPDATE: You M&A guys might want to consider privately owned Hornady Manufacturing – great product, innovative management and located in Buffet’s back yard, Nebraska, Surprised he hasn’t snapped these guys up. And ignore the link’s reference to Hornady manufacturing rifles and pistols – they don’t; this is a pure ammunition play and as usual, Bloomberg Business knows as much about what it’s reporting on as its owner knows about Big Gulps.)

Here’s a snap shot of various cartridges for those readers unfamiliar with the relative sizes of ammunition.

Comparison of different common ammunition sizes. Left to right: .22 LR hollow point, 9mm Parabellum hollow point, .45, .223 PMC bronze 55 grain FMG Boat Tail, 30-06 American Eagle Federal 150 g FMG Boat Tail, 12-gauge shotshell (00 Buckshot), and lip gloss for size comparison.

Comparison of different common ammunition sizes. Left to right: .22 LR hollow point, 9mm Parabellum hollow point (pistol), .45 (pistol), .223 (used in AR-15, M-16 rifles), 30-06 (rifle), 12-gauge shot shell, and lip gloss for size comparison.

jdf bullet


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Despicable? Sure, which is why he’ll be running for the Connecticut Legislature next term

Or Congress. Attorney Irving Pinsky filed suit last week against state taxpayers for $100 million to compensate a six-year-old girl who heard the massacre of her schoolmates over sandy Hook’s intercom system. Pinsky withdrew his claim on Monday in the face of vehement denunciations ( Attorney Dick Mehan’s comment that the suit “makes me ashamed to say I’m a trial lawyer” was one of the milder disapprobations tossed his way), but is his rush to capitalize on this tragedy different from others’?

The Greenwich Time has been “all Newtown, all the time” and selling advertising while weeping crocodile tears over the loss of human life.

The Newtown police union wants to add traumatic stress syndrome to the definition of occupational injury in its contract, and wasted no time demanding that expanded definition.

Our legislators, eager to avoid addressing a $1.2 billion budget deficit, have pledged to devote their efforts to “responding” to the shootings, regardless of whether their response is effective or not.

Lawmakers need to move quickly while the public is paying attention and willing to weigh in on proposed changes, said Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey, D-Hamden, soon to be House speaker.

State Sen. Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, and Rep. Bob Godfrey, D-Danbury, are calling for a package of changes to the state’s firearms and ammunition laws.

Their proposals include prohibiting the sale and possession of any rifle, shotgun or pistol magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds; expanding the definition of assault weapon; imposing a 50-cent sales tax on the sale of ammunition and firearms magazines; requiring a permit to purchase ammunition; and prohibiting online purchases of ammunition.

Most of these proposed laws will only affect and punish target shooters: limitations on bulk purchase of ammunition, online or otherwise and limiting magazine capacity to ten rounds; or will be useless – redefining the term “assault rifle”, a made-up description for guns that look scary; or merely to dig up a little revenue for that aforementioned budget deficit: a fifty-cent tax on ammo and firearm magazines. I certainly don’t pretend to know what demons possessed the Newtown shooter but I’m confident that once he determined to break laws banning possession of guns by a minor, theft, murder, assault, battery and violation of the school’s “gun-free zone”, paying an extra fifty-cents for ammunition wouldn’t have deterred him (besides, he stole the stuff from his mother, possibly to avoid paying even the ordinary 6.5% sales tax).

State Attorney General George Jepsen said in a statement Monday that while the families affected by the tragedy deserve a “thoughtful and deliberate examination” of the cause of the shooting, the claims commissioner “is not the appropriate venue.”

Jepsen’s right: the poor families do deserve a thoughtful and deliberate examination of the cause of the shooting (I’d start by looking under “evil” in the bible): nothing supplied so far by our local newspaper, our legislators or even (!) trial lawyers is furthering that goal.


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