Ooh, they HATE when this happens!

Does this mean I have to give back my Nobel Prize?

Does this mean I have to give back my Nobel Prize?

Alaska, poster child for global warmists, enters its eighth year of record cooling.

The cooling is widespread — holding true for 19 of the 20 National Weather Service stations sprinkled from one corner of Alaska to the other, the paper notes. It’s most significant in Western Alaska, whereKing Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula saw temperatures drop most sharply, a significant 4.5 degrees for the decade, the report says.

The new nippiness began with a vengeance in 2005, after more than a century that saw temperatures generally veer warmer in Alaska, the report says. With lots of ice to lose, the state had heated up about twice as fast as the rest of the planet, in line with rising global greenhouse gas emissions, note the Alaska Climate Center researchers, Gerd Wendler, L. Chen and Blake Moore. After a “sudden temperature increase” in Alaska starting in 1977, the warmest decade on record occurred in the 1980s, followed by another jump in the 1990s, they note. The third warmest decade was the 1920s, by the way.


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11 responses to “Ooh, they HATE when this happens!

  1. Hey Chris – a big fan of your writings here but this post was off your usual high mark. I always find it curious that non-believers in global warming can’t help but make a comment about the current cool weather in a location while snickering “global warming, yeah right”. Your analogy is like using Greenwich real estate as a proxy for the US housing market. Global Warming refers to the planet average, hence “global” and more importantly refers to increased weather volatility and pattern disruptions. Unless Greenwich really is a proxy for US real estate then never mind.

    • Jonathan, when the weather in Alaska was warmer than its historical average, the warmists cited it, repeatedly, as “scientific proof” that global warming was real. When Alaska cools (a phenomenon that’s been going on for eight years yet never remarked on by the warmists), talk changes to “global patterns”, and “local weather”. It’s their insistence on having it both ways that annoys me.

  2. Polar Bears at risk of freezing to death ?
    Unless they are a bit overweight, then they will live longer…..
    Already keen on 2013…..

  3. AJ

    The Great Global Warming Swindle:

  4. AJ

    Global Warming or Global Governance?

  5. Nope

    Oh boy, eight years of data! Surely a short-term cooling trend offsets the century of preceding data showing a steady increase in global temperatures. Oh wait–it doesn’t.

    Sounds like you’ve done the usual minimum amount of homework on the subject, as usual.

    • These days, one week’s data is all that’s necessary to run a scary story on the proof of global warming. See, Sandy, e.g., or heat wave in NYC, or freezing winter in Russia or rain in Seattle, or …. You people have corrupted the scientific process, admitted that you’re using the media to scare up support for your idiotic scheme to bring down the world’s economy and now you complain when the tables are turned? Put a sock on it – you’ll be more comfortable in the coming ice age.

      • AJ

        There’s no talking to these people (warmist alarmists) because their automatic response to anyone who tries to counter their dogma (especially with facts) is some version of I know you are but what am I.

        • Chris, It a shame that with all your hard work, this is the type of discussions that ensue on a controversial topic – is this the type of engagement you want? An internet troll grabs a video and suddenly that’s the basis of proof, dying to get your approval.
          Good grief. Later.

          • Posting a comment does not necessarily imply agreement – see Dollar Bill’s contributions to this site, for instance. View these videos or not – I usually don’t, especially when they come in at 30 minutes long, but it’s not as though they’re taking up precious newsprint.

        • AJ

          “An internet troll grabs a video and suddenly that’s the basis of proof, dying to get your approval. Good grief. Later.” — what’s this? Ah ha, version number 565 from the book of I know you are but what am I. Global warming is real and I am in need of approval — and once again it is proven: the science is decided. I am so defeated, but the fact that man made global warming is a lie still stands. Why not try watching the videos and counter the argument they put forth?