Business as usual

What our bipartisan Congress has wrought, summarized by Drudge:

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12 responses to “Business as usual

  1. Peg

    I felt as if our country was so utterly screwed election night. Feeling pretty similar right now.

    Can someone explain to me why liberals don’t comprehend what “broke” means – and all the consequences that flow from it? Or do we really have to run out of “other people’s money” before they “get it”?

  2. hmmm

    You can’t blame the dems they know how to stick together and last I checked loyalty and solidarity are great qualities

    The GOP sucks

    • Loyalty and solidarity are great qualities”. you obviously weren’t around during the late 60s and 70s when liberals dismantled the Congressional system of all-powerful committee chairmen (conservative Democrats all) in favor of liberal new congressmen gaiing independence. Now it’s a virtue again.
      It’s just like the movement afoot to kill filibusters, denounced as unAmerican and wicked just a few years ago when the Republicans proposed it, hailed now as necessary to save the republic. When you have no fixed principles, sooner or later you can’t keep up with the spinning.
      Although the media is doing its best to help you deny that any sort of shift in position has occurred – they just, like you, pretend that whatever the current position is has always been the democrat’s stand. I do believe George Orwell addressed this strategy half a century ago.
      Here’s an observation from someone else: Democrats, who for years said #GOP tax cuts are to blame for near economic collapse, just reversed course and said 98% of them good policy.

      • hmmm

        In no way do I think what is happening is good or okay I was just making a point about their ability to remain steadfast in their ways to the detrement of everything else.

        but they suck too

  3. Westchesterer

    Goodbye economy. The high tax rates of the post WWII era were used to pay down the debt incurred in saving the free world. The coming high taxes are being use to finance thugs that have been sucking the government nipple for a couple of decades and want a couple more. This isn’t a question of Democrat or Republican, it’s a question of whether or not any intelligent men exist, that want to do what’s right. It’s either that or, we, as the people, go back to wonderland and pretend nothing is awry. Reality isn’t as fun without monopoly money.

    The solution is so simple as getting rid of government dwellers and unleashing the power of the free market to move this country into an era of unprecedented prosperity. Government regulations have destroyed this economy and country.

    Going off the fiscal cliff would be the best thing to happen, economically, in the last 30 years. Spend what you make, no more. We all know that that won’t happen. They’re clowns running a circus.

  4. Anonymous

    Hmmmm: the entire tone of the country is set by our president who makes no bones about telling the world he HATES THE GOP!!!!! So why wouldn’t the GOP dig its heels in and be contrarians? They are in the unenviable position of being vilified by the press and are treated like 3-year-olds by Obama.
    And what does Obama do after the vote? He hops flight #666 of the F**k The Taxpayer Express back to Hawaii. And you think the GOP sucks???????????????????????????

    • hmmm

      please read my reply to cf above.

      every democrat voted for the healthcare act in 2010 when was the last time the gop banded together with that kind of solidarity?
      they should have dug in their heels, they didn’t that’s why they suck, now do you agree?

      they are going to be hated either way so dig in and worry about the consequences later that’s what the dems do and it never seems to catch up with them…

  5. Mickster

    Who cares anymore – your vote is meaningless – wealth continues to shift to the top 10% – and they’re buying real estate in Greenwich, baby!!!
    $210 MILLION spent on real estate in our little town of Greenwich in the last 30 days – we’re BAAACK!!

  6. Balzac

    Peg, you’re the best.

    Which of these propositions is more impactful to the voter:
    a) US government debt of $16 trillion, growing $1 trillion annually, is unsustainable and will lead to crisis in a decade, or
    b) my aunt Gertrude forgot to save for her retirement and her medicines and she is weak and old.

    b) will win everytime.

    Feeling overcomes thinking for most everyone, and the media’s main objective is to ensure we are feeling, not thinking.

  7. Peg

    You are nasty, Balzac. You want to put Aunt Gertrude out on an ice flow (sp?).

    Of course, since they are math-illiterate, they never seem to consider what might happen if EVERYONE decides to depend upon the government and “rich people.” As you say – that might involve THINKING…..