And two more sales

Also from last year (Monday).

8 Indian Point Lane

8 Indian Point Lane

8 Indian Point Lane, Riverside, $2.350 million. That’s a steep drop from the $4.795 million estimated as its value 428 days ago (Have I mentioned that there is a very low, even non-existent entry barrier to this “profession”?) but seems just about right to me. This is a nothing-special house, dated, and most of its 1.5 acres is under the salt water pond you see in the background, but at this price the buyer can just live in it as is and be on a great street in a nice area for what in Riverside passes for not a lot of money. My favorite part of the agent-to-agent notes? “Early closing possible”. Ooops.

47 Indian Field Road, a 1900 home converted to multi=family and neglected ever since sold for $928,000. Rents being what they are these days, I suppose the new owner can do nothing to the building and collect a decent return. And when it falls down and he must rebuild, he’ll have a large lot on which to do so.


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5 responses to “And two more sales

  1. D

    Great to see some semblance of sanity in Riverside… they’ll enjoy this place.

  2. Anonymous

    How pathetic the town’s land assessment of $2.364 million!
    That means $3.377million market value.
    Someone must have interpolated the values of the surrounding dry land.

  3. D

    That’s a damn fine point – these guys should appeal their taxes asap. Any idea how hard that is in Greenwich? I’ve never heard or read anything about it…

  4. AJ

    On Indian Point, I kind of like the house: it doesn’t dominate the landscape, it looks comfortable, I love the view, great location, even the yard is not bad sized for Riverside — look at what people have paid for houses on some of the postage stamp sized lots on Riverside Avenue. Early closing possible? Somebody must play poker.