Another contract that came in late New Year’s morning

Convenient to transportation

Convenient to transportation

37 Meadow Wood Drive, Belle Haven, asking $5.490, reduced from its year-ago price of $6.650 million. Interesting history on this property – it sold “direct” for $5.950 million in 2002, which proved a boon for the seller, because when those buyers exposed it to the real market in 2004 they had to price it at $5.3 million and finally sold it for just $4. We don’t know yet what it’s selling for this time, but it will probably be for more than that 2004 price, because the owners appear to have sunk a lot of money into it. That doesn’t always mean anything, of course, but ….

This is to my mind a pretty typical Belle Haven house, decorated in that Greenwich Awful look and enveloped by the noise of the Thruway to drown out the unpleasant whining of petulant, spoiled grandchildren. That’s a popular combination on the peninsula, though I don’t know why.


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23 responses to “Another contract that came in late New Year’s morning

  1. Pot Calling Kettle

    That is a stunning property in the most beautiful and exclusive part of town. That chip on your shoulder is getting so big that it probably prevents you from wandering around the peninsula and appreciating why it is so highly prized. Then again, your type would probably not be allowed in.

    • Hey, whaddya mean I wouldn’t be allowed in? I got my earmuffs, so I’m OSHA compliant, and I got a pickup truck which will get me past the gate as hired help.
      But thanks for writing and demonstrating why Belle Haven is so popular among the newly rich and their deep-seated insecurities. I’d been puzzled.

      • Pot Calling Kettle

        One further point about the “spoiled children” you seem to know so much about. Just because certain parents are fortunate enough to purchase properties in the most beautiful and elite part of town does not mean their children are spoiled. If parents have worked hard and been successful enough to buy into a lifestyle that most people dream about, and raise their children in a stunning environment, what is wrong with that? You spend all day writing about how this country should preserve the capitalist values where hard work should be rewarded, only to continually contradict yourself with jibes against those who have actually made it and choose to buy the lifestyle that manifests the American dream.

        • The fact that you think you can “buy” a lifestyle says it all. Good luck with that. And by the way, your desperation is showing.

        • The only thing that matters is....

          Obama has made bashing the rich America’s new pastime

        • Anonymous

          If the Mom lives in a new house, drives a Range Rover, shops at Richards, has a nice haircut from Warren Tricomi, works out at Equinox, sends her kids to Brunswick or Greenwich Academy she is a bitch with spoiled kids.

          I suppose if she has a 2001 Ford Explorer, shops at Stamford Mall, has a frazzled cut, is a bit overweight, sends her kids to Central Middle School, then the kids are all perfectly behaved future Peace Corps volunteers.

        • AJ

          Well, Jackie O bought all her bloomers at Woolworths and drove a beat up old Beamer 3.0 as is 3.0 s or si that looks like the old Bavarias, not the cs, csi, or csl, that looks like a hand hammered italian sports car — could that have something to do with Bertone?

  2. Anonymous

    belle haven residents are armed to the hilt…with cell phones.

  3. D

    haha! What a sad little Greenwich castle… I really do like Belle Haven, but not right on 95! Come on!

  4. Anonymous

    From the inside of a rolls Royce phantom, bell haven is something else.
    Put the top down and all you hear is engine breaking semi’s, drag racing ducati’s, and leaf blowers. Maybe the perfect place to muffle the sound of soon to be ex-wives being hacked to pieces.

    Too much?

  5. Anonymous

    DJIA up 300 points today!
    I don’t feel as bad about my upcoming island getaway!

  6. Anonymous

    Decorating is awful. House is nice. I have only met nice people there so far.

  7. Guest

    The houses in Belle Haven are beautiful – many prewar gems. I never liked the lack of privacy between most houses though. Almost like one continuous lawn. We moved to Greenwich to get the look of midcountry. We always dreamed of back country, but it is very far to commute to NYC.

  8. Anonymous

    I love when they (PCK) refer to their success as being from hard work.
    I’ve met many of these hard workers, they all come from multi generational piles of cash, and marry just the same.
    I have yet to meet anyone truly self made.

  9. Anonymous

    Well, I guess I’ve only been unfortunate enough to be hired by those used to having staff around.

  10. Anonymous

    i’m multigenerational middle class.

    anyone know where can i get a ’91 explorer to have as a train car? the prius is in the shop.


  11. Zombat

    This one made me laugh … “This is to my mind a pretty typical Belle Haven house, decorated in that Greenwich Awful look and enveloped by the noise of the Thruway to drown out the unpleasant whining of petulant, spoiled grandchildren.” Don’t worry, Chris. Your humor is not lost on all of us. My children are those grandchildren. I don’t consider them petulant nor spoiled but although my parents are not in Belle-Haven, we do have I-95 to drown them out when convenient🙂