Dang it

8 Durkin Place

8 Durkin Place

A client of mine alerted me to the reported contract on 8 Durkin Place this morning and I’m frustrated I couldn’t sell it. Durkin’s a little cul de sac off of Linwood in Riverside, parallel to Lockwood Road, and mostly unknown – I grew up not far around the corner and I still had to use a map to find it on its first open house. This was an excellent deal, I think, because the house itself, while definitely needing some serious updating, is a good solid structure that could be made to work. I’d blow out the kitchen, chop off an unfortunate addition in the rear and reconfigure the upstairs and baths, etc., but at an asking price of $1.345, and 0.37 acres of good, flat land in the R-7 zone, there was plenty of room to put that kind of money into it and still be confident that you weren’t overbuilding for the neighborhood. This is going solely for the value of its land, and offers another example of perfectly good houses being given away – but not the dirt they sit on.

The client who saw the contract reported also saw the merits of this deal but it was just a tad out of his reach. A builder client I urged to look at the property never responded (yeah, you know who you are, chump) and other clients I’ve been working with don’t want a project. But someone did, and he’s done well snagging this one.


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  1. D

    Pretty weird that its south of the post road in Riverside, but is assigned to Dundee, right? There’s an awkward lookup feature on Greenwich’s school site – ever seen a map that delineates the boundaries of our elementary schools?

    • That’s a result of the last time we had a school redistricting and the reopened Dundee to accommodate a new wave of children. Linwood, Durkin, and a couple of other streets around there in both Riverside and Old Greenwich got switched over. From all reports I’ve heard, parents and children like Dundee and have no complaints. And they’re all reunited at Eastern by 6th grade. But it does point out the importance of the listing agent specifically locating a property in the correct school district (and buyers and their agents should double check). What might seem obvious isn’t necessarily so. Not dissimilar to an old stone wall on a property that “must” be the boundary. Maybe yes, maybe not. That’s what keeps surveyors (and litigation attorneys) busy.

  2. RR

    I once rented next to 8 Durkin at 6 Durkin. I have the best memories memories of my oldest daughter (now 14) first 2 years there. Our neighbor at #8 was a sweet man named Mr. White.

    • Amy Morgan

      I am touched by your kind words about our Dad. I’m his daughter and have lived in Fairfield the last 19 years. We had many wonderful memories growing up at 8 Durkin and hope the new owner will be as fortunate. Today is our Dad’s birthday…he would have been 97. He his smiling over your remembrance.

  3. FF

    Its like Riverside Lane and environs going to Cos Cob School, but Valley Road going to three schools (Cos Cob, North Street, North Mianus). The school map is odd, but no less odd than a political redistricting. Know the right people (we’re looking at you Round Hill Road and Belle Haven) and you dont have to go to the dirty school to the West. Nonetheless, someone has to fill the gap

  4. Anonymous

    I live on Crescent which abuts Durkin. Cute/charming house but we avoided it due to Dundee school (ranks way below Riverside plus inability to walk kids to school), which is most likely reason for price. Also, I hope buyers did their due dilly and know that #34 Crescent (driveway dumps into Durkin in front of #8) is splitting its lot and plans to squeeze another house between back of #34 and Durkin Pl? It will be tight squeeze plus living next to construction site. Check out town records and minute meetings for Joy Metalios + hubby, owners of #34.

    • Construction lasts a year, at most. Not a deal killer for most people, especially of someone’s planning on renovating or replacing Durkin – they can blast together.