Entitlement spending

Tax those who aren't friends of he Royal Court

Taxation for all who aren’t friends of the Royal Court

Fiscal crisis deferred for two months, the spending door left firmly, and safely ajar, Obama returns to Hawaii to resume his vacation.


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7 responses to “Entitlement spending

  1. trying to work out a deal on another birth certificate ???

  2. Balzac

    This puny, partial fiscal cliff “solution” shows once again that government can be expected to accomplish the minimum, at the last possible moment. This performance ought not to give anyone confidence that government (of either party) can be trusted with added duties and responsibilities in any domain (especially healthcare or education).

    Both parties have now made almost all the Bush tax cuts permanent, indicating that they concluded that the lower rates are essential to make our economy work. ($ Bill is screaming, but even the Democrats and Obama have agreed: Bush was right!) Today’s bipartisan consensus happens to be the opposite of the fairy tale which the Democrats and the media have been selling for a decade, that the tax cuts were unaffordable and only benefited the hyper-rich.

    That Democrat/liberal/media message is now abandoned by its backers. How much confidence should one have in their next crusade?

    • Anonymous

      At what point do we stop calling them Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and start calling them the Obama tax cuts for the wealthy???

      • Anon

        From Twitter: thought this was a good answer to the question at hand:
        @BethanyBowra: Surprised Obama hasn’t renamed the Bush tax cuts after himself so his name could be on the cuts that “will prevent another recession.”

  3. Betsy Young

    Of course he returned……why pass up yet another of his many joy trips! Honestly, this dude is an ass!

    Betsy Young ☺

  4. AJ

    “…The Obama family costs taxpayers more than every European royal house put together.

    And these dirtbags who inhabit D.C.’s House of Ill Repute still have hordes of cheering apostles who can’t wait to wash the feet of their Masters and lick the next plate of serf scraps thrown their way…”


  5. FF

    C’mon, the Republicans caved in like little wimpy sissies. and looked like fools doing it.
    That being said, I will happily begin a vote swapping movement. I will vote against my incumbent Democrat if someone else will be willing to vote against their incumbent Republican. I wouldnt be sad if in six years the House is 229-200 Democratic and the Senate 55-45 Republican provided 100% of them are new and different. The science says the only way anyone votes against an incumbent is if someone else will do the same to them. So, anyone in Michelle Bachman’s district interested in trading for a Jim Himes? Or, if its any better, I’ll recruit someone from Orlando and trade them an Alan Grayson………C’mon Peg, isnt that your district?