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Having shaken off the worst affects of a week of debauchery and determined to get at least a smidgen of work done before they close shop again for Martin Luther Kingdom Day (s), the staff at the Greenwich Association of Realtors straggled into the office this morning and have posted reports of a few real estate transactions that snuck in just under the new year’s tax increases.


79 Bush ave

79 Bush ave

79 Bush Avenue, Belle Haven, sold for $6.9 million, a mere $1 million below its asking price.

71 Baldwin Farms South sold for $3.050.

Accepted Offers:

652 Riversville Rd

652 Riversville Rd

652 Riversville Road, ranch on four acres, asking $1.995, no word yet on what it’s getting.

23 Chieftans, asked $3.250 million, down from its 2005 asking price of $4.250 and below its various other suggested prices in the intervening years. Owners paid $3.050 for it in 2003 and they may end up close to that number now. The allure of the Chieftans development has always eluded me, but some folks obviously like it.

Price Reduction:

128 Riverside ave

128 Riverside ave

128 Riverside Avenue is now at $995,000 (sold for $775 in 2001). Cute house, but tiny, with just one bathroom to serve all three “bedrooms” – two and a closet, actually – and even that bathroom, though updated, retains its 1929 size and layout. Perfect for a childless couple but if your family plans envision more than a cat or two, this may be too small for your purposes. I assume that if it were possible to expand this house someone already would have, so you probably shouldn’t plan on doing anything ambitious here.

Ye Olde Cottage, courtesy of Home Depot Sign Co.

Ye Olde Cottage, courtesy of Home Depot

UPDATE: Brother Anthony points out that this house (Anthony calls it “Stockbroker Tudor”) was a mere forty years old when we were growing up down the street and no one considered it then to be an “Old Cottage”. Perhaps this new signage is an attempt by the listing agent to make up for the prohibition against tasteful Realtor signs?


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4 responses to “Real estate news

  1. Cos Cobber

    $42MM to bury a line for less than 2 miles?

    Is this like the defense department charging the taxpayers $15,000 for a hammer? In other words, a means to transfer storm clean up costs into special assessments for transmission line improvements?

  2. D

    Wasn’t there a dumpy little house on Lake Drive that sold a year or so ago (owner/broker from Sothebys, right?)? Similar size to 128? Granted lake is a much better location than busier riverside ave, but interesting to see the market for such undersized homes.

  3. Anonymous

    Who the heck would pay 7 million to live on Bush Ave. with 95 in your back yard!!! There is an idiot born every minute!! Must be desperate to get into the Club!

  4. Anthony Fountain

    I’m pretty old and grew up in Riverside but never recall the garden variety stockbroker Tudor at 128 Riverside Avenue being known as “The Old Cottage,” hardly surprising since it was only built in 1928 and less than forty years old by the mid-sixties. It must have become known as “The Old Cottage” precisely the same time a more recent owner decided he wanted it called by that charming appellation, had a quaint little sign made and installed it in the front yard to gently remind passersby of his desire.