This might finally stamp paid to warmists’ claims about our environment

Just two days into the year and we’re already experiencing the coldest temperatures since January, 2012. If you see Al Gore, tell him to shut up.


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26 responses to “This might finally stamp paid to warmists’ claims about our environment

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Today was witches tits cold. I think my dog shit ice cubes.

    I don’t pretend to be a weather expert, like you, but it certainly seems like we are having more weather extremes, doesn’t it? Something seems a tad bit off, right? Just like your writing! We had to cancel Halloween, for Pete’s sake!!

    Greater minds than mine will have to figure this out.

    I do know I am paying an ass ton of new taxes. Or is it a fuck ton? Which is more Dude? I hate this metric system. Don’t you? I think the Frogs came up with it, and except for the French Tickler, and the crueler, what the frig have they ever contributed? Let’s just go back to “a shit load more”. Everyone gets that.

    Anyhows, what were we talking about? I can’t remember.
    So never mind.
    Your Pal,

  2. AJ

    You think they haven’t thought of this? That people might start waking up and noticing that it’s cold outside and they don’t need no stinking carbon credits, cap and trade crap to save them from something that ain’t happening? Do you really think that when the destruction of the United States and global domination is your goal, you wouldn’t have an explantion for why when it’s getting colder it’s really getting hotter. Well look into my eye, and listen up:

    ‘Cold Winters Driven By Global Warming
    Melting Arctic ice is to blame for the change in weather patterns, scientists say.’

  3. AJ

    What we need is a good fighting song to raise our spirits and keep us strong in the battle against those who would enslave us:

    Oops, that’s their song.

  4. KJS

    I grew up in Old Greenwich, CT, as I recall. Must have been 50 years since I’ve been there, but it was getting too warm for me. The Mianus river was rising every year, and the pollution sucked. I left and moved to the high country in Montana, where global warming has no effect. I live at 5,700 ft and enjoy frigid temperatures year-round. Y’all can sit in your floodplains and wonder why a storm like Sandy wipes you off the face of the earth, and wish you had thought ahead. I’m high and dry.

    • Cos Cobber

      Its interesting how many former Gwich residents troll on this blog. Why is that? I’ve logged over 20 years in three other regions of the US and I dont bother looking back at those communities.

    • AJ

      I used to do a lot of skating on the Mianus River, plus the annual herring thing in the spring under the dam, plus launched a lot from the Cos Cob trailer ramp, but I never noticed the river rising unless you’re referring to the tide coming in. Whe I was a kid flood tides often came up to our driveway but never got higher than that; I always thought the flooding was fun.

      I never noticed any pollution except for the smoke at leaf burning time. If you go down to the picnic area at Tod’s, you can view NYC rising up out of the sound like Oz’s Emerald City, but under a bubble of brown haze shaped like one of those pheasant under glass, glass cover things. If you hate pollution you must be loving all those wood burning stoves you’ve got out there in Swaziland or is it East Jesus you’d be living in? I don’t know about you but I do miss water skiing through oil slicks out in the sound and jumping the big waves on my old Northland wood slalom ski.

      • I’d love to live in Montana, or at least I think I would, but I see no need to fear being floated out there by a rising Mianus River.

        • AJ

          I like living within ten minutes of half a dozen supermarkets, two minutes from a beach and trailer ramp, fifteen minutes from some of the best skiing between here and Mad River (the closest similar steep and narrow would be Jay Peak), thirty seconds from a huge bicycle path network; it’s very rural, yet I’m only fifteen minutes from the center of a major city, the nations capitol, with just about everything that major cities have. I don’t have to travel far to see bears or moose; just fifteen minutes from here I can stand on top of a mountain where I can see 100 miles north, and there’s not much betwen here and the North Pole except lots of trees and mountains.

  5. Speaking of a “shi* load more”, Al Gore doesn’t give a dang if you tell him to shut up. He’s rolling in even more dough after striking a deal to sell Current TV to Al Jazeera. And get this, Mr. Liberal Democrat forced the deal to be struck before December 31 so he wouldn’t be paying higher taxes on the money he got from the buyout!!!! Look up the word Hypocritical in the dictionary and you’ll find as a synonym, Democrat. Between that and the new fiscal cliff “deal” that further gives tax relief to Hollywood…..oy!

    • Not only did he structure the deal to evade higher taxes, the purchase was funded by global warming oil money.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        You do mean avoid, right?

        That is the terrible irony of our tax law system. The rich are in a position to pay professionals to arrange their finances in such a way as to minimize their tax exposure. As long as there exist accountants, tax lawyers and myriad investment managers operating funds that get favored tax treatment from corrupt politicians perpetually on the hunt for campaign contributions, we will have an unfair tax system that screws the upper middle and middle income classes in favor of the super rich and the basest poor.

  6. Artie

    You do realize that the whole “climate change/global warming” thing is about temperature fluctuation, not simply warming, right? I mean, everyone knows that by now, right?

    I think it’s a bunch of hooey, but they do claim that variations in temperature are what they were always talking about…

    • Now they claim that they were talking about temperature fluctuations, Artie, but that’s not what they were saying when this whole plot was first hatched. They’ve had to adjust their terminology: “global warming” to “climate change” to “severe weather” as their “scientific” model kept failing.
      In the meantime, Al Gore is fast on his way toward his 300 millionth dollar and college professors have made entire careers out of this bullshit. I don’t begrudge them their money, I just wish they wouldn’t bring down the world as they get rich.
      Off to try to find an incandescent light bulb.

    • Anon

      Polly, that Central Park website is over-the-top political. Is it a city funded website or is it hosted by someone who just bought the rights to I hope the latter.

  7. Peg

    The temperature of the earth has fluctuated for millions of years prior to man coming on the scene. Do we really think it would remain static, now that we’re around?

    The climate change people have defined their beliefs such that nothing whatsoever could deny its reality. That ain’t science; it’s religion!

  8. The Duke of Deception

    Warmest on record!!! What’s that, about 150 years?

    Quick quiz — why is Greenland called Greenland?

    • It’s all a part of these people’s hubris – nothing that happened before they came onto the globe has significance, and only they, as anointed ministers of the goddess Gaia, can save the world from fat people and other “others”.

  9. Anonymous

    Really, you can’t make this up:

    “Current Media was built based on a few key goals: To give voice to those who are not typically heard; to speak truth to power; to provide independent and diverse points of view; and to tell the stories that no one else is telling,” Gore and Hyatt said in the statement. “Al Jazeera, like Current, believes that facts and truth lead to a better understanding of the world around us.”

  10. Polly Pavel

    Duke of Deception-

    That is my point exactly. Chris points out that it is really cold somewhere in Alaska, Russia and Scotland (comparatively to the last 150 year). I am pointing out that is is really warm other places (comparatively to the last 150 years).

    “Climate Change” the climate is always changing. I am sure humans are impacting the climate in some way (if we weren’t here there wouldn’t be factories or cars etc that are obviously putting something in the air – if we weren’t here, that wouldn’t go into the air), but who really knows how we are changing it? Nobody does.

    To say that there IS climate change is just as ludicrous as to say that there is NOT climate change.