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Just one sale today

It takes a while for real estate activity to start up again after the holidays and so it’s not surprising that there were no broker open houses to see today and only one sale reported. Come back next week.

12 Cottontail Rd

12 Cottontail Rd

In the meantime, 12 Cottontail Road, off Stanwich, one acre in the two-are zone, sold for $875,000.  Nice land, if you can live within the penalties imposed by our floor area ratio scheme on “undersized” lots, and a house that could be fixed up, though probably won’t be.

And that’s all she wrote.


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Agenda? What agenda?

The perfect place from which to direct the robo-pen to sign unemployment benefit extensions

The perfect place from which to direct the robo-pen to sign unemployment benefit extensions

Last summer, Romney was savaged for vacationing at “elite” summer home in New Hampshire.

Mitt Romney is undergoing the same type of scrutiny that other presidential candidates have endured when they went on vacation at an expensive or exclusive spot during their bids for the White House.

Romney has been spending a long weekend with his wife, Ann, their five sons, five daughters-in-law, and 18 grandchidren at his $8 million estate on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. And the media have been on the case.

News organizations ranging from the New York Times to the Associated Press are calling attention not only to the Romney holiday but also the posh surroundings that he and his family are enjoying. A Sunday Times story said the Romneys were “ensconced” at a “multimillion-dollar lakefront compound” in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Local residents were quoted speaking positively about Romney as a man who was nice to everyone and didn’t flaunt his weath. But the Times also detected signs of an elitist sensibility.

Obummer has taken not one, but two Hawaiian vacations in the past three weeks with nary a peep from his adoring press. It’s all about the narrative: Obama and his Democrats, champions of the little people. Romney and the Republicans, racist, rich white elites.

Remember, by the way, when last year the EU Commission on Human Rights ruled that workers who get sick on vacation are entitled to another one, at their employer’s expense? That decision caused some snickering on this side of the Atlantic but not in the Oval Office, where the greediest huckster in the land took notice. When he was forced to fly home from Hawaii in the middle of his latest stay in paradise he sulked around town for three days and then declared a mulligan, and had the taxpayers fly him back to where he’d left off. Leadership, he and his press corp call it.


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Until now, I didn’t know what Peter Alexander was doing in Finland

But thanks to video surreptitiously recorded and shipped to FWIW by reader Don Laird, the secret’s out, he’s been giving new meaning to the term “lap dance” (the fun explodes at 2:07):


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Picket Home Depot

Shoot her before she kills again!

Stop her before she kills again!

FBI: more people are murdered with hammers each year than with rifles.


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Next we’ll learn that those damn blue bins cause dyslexia

Oh sh**t

Oh sh**t

Radiation from CFL bulbs is putting your child at risk for cancer.  Experts suggest shielding the bulbs by draping them with 100% organic hemp Whole Foods reusable bags, but concede that this, in turn, may increase the likelihood of fatal falls in the dark.


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What the stylish are wearing in Hawaii this vacation

What? Don’t yet have your own pair of $7,500 Barry Bling? Well don’t fret, you must be one of “the Little People” the Democrats are determined to enrich. Your own set’s in the mail.

These works of art, by the way, can be found in the “essentials” department of the official Barry Store web site. No mention whether you can use food stamps or unemployment checks for their purchase, but try.

As seen on TV!

As seen on TV!


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Maybe Tesei could at least pretend to respect these public servants?

Here’s a picture of a very bored Peter Tesei, slouched,  hand in pocket, swearing in our newest police officer.  If Tesei’s tired of this kind of duty he might want to delegate it to our other selectman Drew Marzullo. As an EMT, Drew can probably appreciate the new man’s upcoming service.

Yada yada yada, blah, blah blah, you're a cop. Now get out of my office, would ya?

Yada yada yada, blah, blah blah, you’re a cop. Now get out of my office, would ya?


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Sabotage in Riverside

Here’s a poser, sent in by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

HI Chris,

Last night at 11  pm the yellow excavator working to break up the rock under 86 Lockwood (the former little red house) BLEW UP.  Huge noise, lots of flames, many firetrucks, no one hurt.   The authorities commenced to reflect on who would have an interest in wrecking the excavator.   The builder, who appeared promptly, indicated he had no idea.

Puzzling- do we have eco-terrorists in Riverside?

As an aside, but while we’re in the neighborhood, I went down Hearthstone Drive yesterday and counted four, perhaps five houses in various stages of demolition. Can there really be that much demand for $3.4 million houses in this tiny section of Riverside? Guess we’ll see (86 Lockwood is a bespoke house, so it seems unlikely that one of the Hearthstone builders is trying to knock off a competitor – more likely, it was an act of vandalism committed by one of those Belle Haven/Brunswick kids wearing a Che T shirt. Or maybe a Choatie?).

UPDATE: Greenwich Time catches up with the story. Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Zack promises an investigation but he’s not off to a good start, judging from this:

“Zack said he had no information on whom the excavator belonged to or what it was doing there last night.”

I’m sure fire investigation is a complex task, with many clues to be unraveled, but if I saw an excavator perched by a foundation hole of a house under construction I’d at least entertain the notion that “what it was doing there” was connected to that work. As for who owned the machinery, Zack might have simply asked the contractor, who was right there beside him. GCs usually know the names of their subs.


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