Agenda? What agenda?

The perfect place from which to direct the robo-pen to sign unemployment benefit extensions

The perfect place from which to direct the robo-pen to sign unemployment benefit extensions

Last summer, Romney was savaged for vacationing at “elite” summer home in New Hampshire.

Mitt Romney is undergoing the same type of scrutiny that other presidential candidates have endured when they went on vacation at an expensive or exclusive spot during their bids for the White House.

Romney has been spending a long weekend with his wife, Ann, their five sons, five daughters-in-law, and 18 grandchidren at his $8 million estate on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. And the media have been on the case.

News organizations ranging from the New York Times to the Associated Press are calling attention not only to the Romney holiday but also the posh surroundings that he and his family are enjoying. A Sunday Times story said the Romneys were “ensconced” at a “multimillion-dollar lakefront compound” in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Local residents were quoted speaking positively about Romney as a man who was nice to everyone and didn’t flaunt his weath. But the Times also detected signs of an elitist sensibility.

Obummer has taken not one, but two Hawaiian vacations in the past three weeks with nary a peep from his adoring press. It’s all about the narrative: Obama and his Democrats, champions of the little people. Romney and the Republicans, racist, rich white elites.

Remember, by the way, when last year the EU Commission on Human Rights ruled that workers who get sick on vacation are entitled to another one, at their employer’s expense? That decision caused some snickering on this side of the Atlantic but not in the Oval Office, where the greediest huckster in the land took notice. When he was forced to fly home from Hawaii in the middle of his latest stay in paradise he sulked around town for three days and then declared a mulligan, and had the taxpayers fly him back to where he’d left off. Leadership, he and his press corp call it.


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15 responses to “Agenda? What agenda?

  1. Balzac

    David Harsanyi comments brilliantly on the revelation to come soon from Obama and his media: “Low-information voters will soon be informed by Democrats that the debt ceiling, rather than debt, is the villain.”

  2. Anon

    The bigger sham the media floats is that the Obama’s like spending time together. Their body language and his love of playing six hours of golf a day tell the truth. These two could win an Oscar for Faking Love.

  3. Hypocrites, every last one of the Progressives! Wait until Obutthead really gets going and throws the MSM under the bus! His “Kingdom” has only just begun! You ain’t seen nothing yet! His Evilness will commence after the bought inauguration! He has nothing to lose now, the first 4 years were only the appetizer!

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Well at least the House of Representatives has maintained it’s Boehner.
    So there is that.
    Your Pal,

    • Anon

      LA: while I agree with you that Boehner is flaccid, the GOP would have even a harder time fighting with Obama if someone new came in now. The GOP needs a major overhaul, top down. Who would you have preferred as Leader?

  5. Walt

    LA –
    Not bad.

    How about “How can you have a Boehner with no balls”? Or maybe “Boehner gets snipped”?

    “Dem’s blow Boehner off the fiscal cliff”?

    “Pelosi crams down Boehner. Leaves satisfied”?

    “Obama pounces on Boehner”?
    Your Pal,

  6. Peg

    Oh Chris – sorry I got some BARF on your ‘puter!! I’ll send you a hanky so you can clean up after me ………………

  7. Anonymous

    Nobody cared about Mitt’s summer home just as most people don’t care about Obama going to Hawaii. You give the Liberal Media too much credit.

    • And nobody cared about W’s constant trips to Crawford, TX and virtually every weekend at Camp David. Obama takes a few days here and there, and the radical right goes nuts. Nobody cares…
      So let’s discuss something more interesting. John Boehner and his merlot habit…

      • Bob A, to say the “nobody cared” about Bush’s trips to Texas is either a blatant lie or a sign of rapidly developing Alzheimer’s, and assuming you’re a moan of honor and don’t lie, you should be seriously worried. Perhaps you’ll find Cindy Sheehan camped outside your doctor’s waiting room.

  8. Balzac

    The arrogance of Obama is breathtaking. Bob Woodward’s The Price of Politics quotes Obama as describing Boehner as a typical country club Republican. I’ll bet a nickel Obama plays more golf than Boehner, who was one of 10 kids whose father owned a bar in Ohio.

    If you’re an affirmative action president adored by all the cognoscenti, you’re relieved of actually having to think.