What the stylish are wearing in Hawaii this vacation

What? Don’t yet have your own pair of $7,500 Barry Bling? Well don’t fret, you must be one of “the Little People” the Democrats are determined to enrich. Your own set’s in the mail.

These works of art, by the way, can be found in the “essentials” department of the official Barry Store web site. No mention whether you can use food stamps or unemployment checks for their purchase, but try.

As seen on TV!

As seen on TV!


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12 responses to “What the stylish are wearing in Hawaii this vacation

  1. Mark B.

    And I’m gonna buy a coin with Mary Lincoln and OJ Simpson on it cause why…?

  2. Cobra

    Expensive suppositories.

  3. armonk

    Check out the apparel, foxy, sassy lady.

  4. kc

    I’m pleased to see that they mention the metals that the medallions are made from although they should probably also give the weights. In the event of economic collapse, I guess you might consider melting your treasured keepsake if it’s not illegal or anything.

  5. I am having to control myself from being sick to my stomach at this! Tacky, tacky, tacky! But then what would you expect from this totally devoid of class president and his administration! This is plain and simple……garbage!

  6. AJ

    Al Sharpton shows us what a real medallion should look like:
    Rev Al

  7. AJ

    The set comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you know you’re buying cheese, albeit rather expensive cheese. It would look great right next to your Elvis plate ( a limited edition run, afterwhich the originals will be forever destroyed never to be issued again).

  8. LAK

    I’m satisfied with Michael Korrs!!

  9. Anonymous

    Did you overlook the $15 Barry tube sox?